The sound of the ancient tree falling thundered, echoing across the forest. 

Two beasts fighting each other were shocked by the sound. They immediately dropped the prey they were fighting over. Their eyes swept the area in fear, ears perked up. Then, they tucked in their tails and ran away. 

There were fewer beasts in this area since it was still not far from green-faced fanged beasts territory. Normally in these territory borders, fewer predators lurked around. It was mostly populated by common beasts or animals. 

Therefore, Shao Xuan’s action didn’t attract any behemoths. It only scared away other wild creatures. 

Little creatures hidden in the forest were all scramming to escape. The already crowded coppice had its empty spaces become more narrow, damp and hot. The animals would even crash into each other from the lack of space. How could the two Robbers even escape now? 

Robber Six decided to find a hiding spot first. It was hard to avoid the tree that came crashing down, he even had to fight for space with all these little critters. A mountain cat even bared him its fangs in annoyance. If it were normal circumstances, he would have slashed the mountain cat already but he didn’t have time for that now. 

Only when most of the branches had fallen from the tree, Robber Six started to move again. Before he even got to move, another “crack” very similar to the sound produced when a Robber Seven broke the tree trunk was heard. He felt that same pressure coming from above him. 


“Hurry! That kid is at it again!” said Robber Seven. 

“Shut it!” Robber Six didn’t expect the Flaming Horn tribe to treat him like this. He knew they were strong but now he couldn’t play the terrain to his advantage. Was that guy a man or a monster to be able to move that tree trunk? 


The sound thundered the forest. Branches fell everywhere, completely ruining Robber Six’s escape plan. The ground was now littered with all sorts of branches. 

Half of the branches above them were gone. If it was the day, they would be directly exposed to the sunlight now. 

Luckily, it was still the night. Robber Six gathered his courage and leapt forward. He had no choice but to step on the broken branches. 

However, soon enough, another tree came crashing down. Robber Six wasn’t even able to escape in time as each tree covered too large of an area. He could only guess where a branch was about to fall by listening then react to it. 

The trees carried with them such force and accuracy! No matter where he ran, a tree would come soon after. 

“Didn’t they say tribesmen were blind at night?!” Robber Six tried hard to avoid the branches but bird poop still managed to find its way to his hair. 

“That kid!” Robber Seven was aching all over. He could barely speak those few words. 

“Out of all the people to provoke, you provoked HIM?!” roared Robber Six. Just like the others, he left when it felt that things were turning sour at the green-faced fanged beast territory. He didn’t expect to meet the members of the Flaming Horn tribe and Hui tribe carrying a few green-faced fanged beasts with them on his way back. 

Robber Six couldn’t let go of this great opportunity. It would be a shame to just go empty-handed but it was too dangerous for him to act alone. 

At that moment, Robber Seven appeared and proposed for them to work together. After some thought, Robber Six agreed. The surroundings were advantageous to him and he had someone to share the risk with, what could go wrong? 

Well, everything went wrong. If he knew this was going to happen, he would have been patient and stole from the other tribes. 

“Robber Seven, never ask me to steal from Flaming Horn with you again!” In his many years of stealing, this was the first time he had to run away like this! 

Robber Seven wanted to speak but that would risk him choking on his own blood. I won’t even approach them anymore. This crap is scary!  

In addition to the dangers above, Robber Six had to avoid the branches poking out while running. He accidentally cut his forehead causing his blood to drip around the shrubs. 

This won’t do! 

This burden was dragging him down too much, he had to get rid of it.

Robber Six let go of Robber Seven’s hand with every intention to leave him behind. 

Robber Seven seemed to notice it and quickly wrapped his entire body around Robber Six. 

Just as the two were running away in their embarrassing state, a hundred meters away, three figures were hidden on a tree, watching all the action going on. 

“Is that Flaming Horn? Are they even human?” said someone. 

“Do you think Robber Six and Seven are still alive?” 

“How pitiful. Why not you two go and help?” said the first person. 

“I won’t go even if you beat me to death! I’ll only go if those Flaming Horn tribesmen leave. What if they target us?” said the last one. “Also, Robber Six and Seven didn’t ask for our help anyway!” 

“If Robber Six and Seven died, don’t we all go up two ranks?” said one of them. The voice was so indifferent that one would wonder if they were speaking about people that were from the same tribe as them. 

Suddenly, a sharp whistle pierced through the night. 

The three immediately had their expressions changed. 

“They really are forced into a corner!” one of them murmured. 

Even though they all wish the two would die, they didn’t believe they would succumb to this level of helplessness. The two ranked in front of all three of them after all. 

The Robbers had their rules and liked to move about so they rarely met up. Naturally, they weren’t close to each other. It was common to not help each other when one was in need of help. They won’t simply ask for help either, especially the top ten. They had more resources than anyone and better skills too. If they were caught stealing, that would be an utter embarrassment for them. Hence, even if they were caught, they would find a way to escape alone. They only called for help as last resort.

That whistle for help meant they thoroughly failed, they would drop ranks. Hence, this meant that Robber Six and Seven would need to switch their code names soon. 

Robber Six in a moment of carelessness got knocked off balance by a falling branch from above. He fell to the ground with Robber Seven.

Sensing that Shao Xuan was close, they both sent out the whistle. The two were bitter, this was the first time for both of them to call for help. Robber Six saw Robber Seven’s bloodshot eyes that looked like he was about to kill him. 

Just as Shao Xuan stood upon the fallen tree, right where Robber Six and Seven were, two figures zoomed in with lightning speed and reached the fallen two on the floor. They quickly weaved through the branches and each grabbed one of the robbers. They went as soon as they came. 

Shao Xuan didn’t do anything. The people who saved Robber Six and Robber Seven probably ranked higher than them. 

Compared to chasing after those Robbers, he thought it was more important to guard his beasts. There are probably other Robbers around too. 

For Robber Six and Seven, they still had their chance to steal but first, they had to recover. 

Shao Xuan headed back with regret. He joined the circle to protect their game. However, the people from the Hui tribe had rather stiff expressions. They looked at Shao Xuan as if he was a monster.