“Where are the two Robbers?” asked Duo Kang. 

“They got saved by other Robbers,” replied Shao Xuan. 

The four from Flaming Horn sighed. They didn’t manage to kill them both in one go, what a pity! 

However, they learned a lot from that scuffle. They knew they shouldn’t fight the Robbers using their speed, they should use other tactics against them. If the Robbers hadn’t gotten help from others, they might really just die from those trees. However, they couldn’t completely ignore the speed factor. The Robbers might run away before they even lifted a tree. 

Robbers were agile and fast, Flaming Horn tribespeople were much superior in the strength department! They had to face them with their strength. 

The members of the Hui tribe were even more spooked when they saw the other four’s expressions. They looked like they couldn’t wait to lift a few trees themselves. 

“Be careful, there are still other Robbers around,” said Shao Xuan. 

“Got it.” Everyone knew this wasn’t the time to be distracted. 

“Any news from the others?” asked Shao Xuan. 

“No.” Gu La shook his head. 

The Hui tribesmen sighed. 

Even the Robbers and people from Rock Hill City were here, why aren’t they out yet? Are they in trouble? 

The sun was starting to peek out in the sky. The three eagles came flying towards them with Gu La’s whistle. One of them wasn’t flying as naturally as the other two, that was the one that was injured. The other two seemed much happier to be flying out of the green-faced fanged beast territory. 

The Hui tribesmen decided to take the two eagles to check on them. 

The eagles were unwilling to go. They just escaped that hell and now they were heading back? 

With the tribesmen’s insistence they relented. 

When Gu La spoke to Shan Dao, the eagle, Shao Xuan couldn’t help but think about Cha Cha. He wondered what that eagle was doing now. 
After two hours, the sun was already out and about. The forest was much warmer now. That was when the two great mountain eagles appeared again. This time, they brought along many people with them. 

They were the warriors from other tribes that were severely injured. There were some that had lost their limbs, some had wounds that seemed to be blasted open with blood still flowing out of it. 

Knowing that the Hui tribe wouldn’t be able to handle all of them at once, Shao Xuan went over with his medicine and started to tend to the injured. 

“The others will arrive later.” Gu La’s face was filled with worry but he was thankful he left with the Flaming Horn tribesmen yesterday or he would have faced the same fate. 

Another hour passed, the sun was roasting the lands. Shao Xuan and the rest were resting under the shade when they heard the others. 

Everyone had colour drained from their faces. Well, it would be odd if they were happy. More than half of them were either injured or dead. 

This wasn’t even the worst-case scenario. Shao Xuan had taught them techniques to deal with the green-faced fanged beasts. However, they couldn’t use them much when they came all at once. 

The beasts in the horde were furious and insane. They didn’t care about anything, their minds only focused on attacking. They came like locusts attacking everything they saw, especially living things. 

The tribespeople regretted not leaving when they heard the first whistle. They were overly excited by the new information they received, messing up their priorities.

Who was to blame for this outcome? 

Everyone had doubts about each other. The trust levels between the tribes were too low. It wouldn't be out of the ordinary for the tribes to not tell each other routes to a place. 

Duo Kang didn’t budge as he held his axe. He rolled his eyes at the incomers and continued to guard the tribe’s beast. 

Shao Xuan noticed the returning tribes had two or three beasts. Eight Limbs tribes had the most with three beasts. The rest had two beasts. 

All the beasts were unconscious. Every tribe had their way to knock the beasts out. 

“Hey, Mu You, didn’t you have three? Why are there two now? Also, Gu Su didn’t you have four?” asked He She. 

He She’s confusion made the people around frown more.

“Don’t mention it. We met some Robbers on our way here. If we didn’t work together, we would have lost even more!” 

They finally escaped the nightmarish beasts to face those pesky Robbers soon after. 

“You met the Robbers too?!” Gu La was in shock. 

“Too? Did you all face them too?” Qu Ce caught on to what Gu La implied. 

The other tribesmen looked around and saw the nine unconscious green-faced fanged beasts lying there. 

Nine! There were only two tribes here! 

Why didn’t the Robbers take more from them? 

He She ignored the gazes from the crowd and briefly explained what happened. 

The tribesmen listened on while their faces twitched from time to time. 

“No wonder it was so quiet here,” said Qu Ce. 

All the birds and beasts were chased away, making it a perfect place to rest. 

It didn’t matter if they were satisfied or filled with regret. The past was the past. For now, no one would head back to the green-faced fanged beast territory in a long time. 

After resting for a day, everyone gained back some of their strength. Some thick faced members from other tribes asked the gang endless questions about the uses of the beast’s blood to which they only replied one-worded answers. 

The next day, they took off again on their journey home. Except everyone had a different mood when heading back. It was obvious the happiest ones were tribesmen from the Flaming Horn tribe.