The blood was extracted, and the bronze casting was about to begin. 

They did not know how long the blood supply in the bamboo tube could last, nor were they sure that the blood quality would stay fresh, so they had to make preparations as fast as possible. 

In the casting room, irrelevant people were forced to stay out, and even if they wanted to look, they could only wait outside. Besides the two chiefs and the other three leaders, all the other minor leaders could only walk in circles outside waiting for them to finish. They couldn’t see anything even if they stretched their necks.  

They used the slave owners’ method of mud casting where they poured molten alloys into the cavity of the mould. 

Most of the moulds used were made of mud. However, it was different this time. Everyone had to be more cautious throughout the entire process. 

This was an attempt to use the blood of a green-faced fanged beast and it was an important turning point. If they succeed, the weapons used by the tribe would become more powerful, and stone tools would gradually be replaced. After all, if the new bronze was hard and sharp enough, and could break rocks as Gongjia Heng said, then many people would prefer bronze weapons over stone ones.

The moulds made of mud had been dried for a long time and went through a process where they were repeatedly hammered. They had been put to a temperature test, and the bronze weapons previously made also proved their usefulness. These moulds were not too wet and had no signs of air seeping through. It was suitable for casting bronze weapons. 

This time, the mud used for casting went through an even more stringent process which included sieving, rinsing, washing and other processes.

The process of ore smelting was still the same as before. Thick, black gas rose first, then yellow-white gas, blue-white gas, and finally when only green gas was left, the copper alloy would be completely melted. Then could they begin the casting. But this time was different. Before the casting, the blood of the green-faced fanged beast would be added.

The words that Shao Xuan saw carved on the mountain walls of Gongjia Valley instructed clearly when to add the beast blood but it didn’t explain in detail, so Shao Xuan could only depend on his own intuition. 

He pulled out the needle on the "syringe", and the green blood flowed out of the bamboo tube where the needle was connected, making a snorting noise.

“You’re… you’re just going to drip it inside?” The craftsman next to him stuttered nervously.

How else? 

It was impossible now for Shao Xuan to ask someone from the Gongjia family for advice. They could only try pouring it in. 

Shao Xuan erected the bamboo tube, allowing the animal blood in the tube to drip from the small hole of the connecting needle into the molten copper alloy liquid.

Everyone was extremely anxious. It was like their hearts were being seared on a hot stone plate. It was tormenting to watch. 

Tension, anxiety, and stiffness took over their bodies. No one dared to move or make the slightest noise. They were afraid they might disturb the process. 

The blood dripping into the copper alloy liquid made a sizzling sound but suddenly came to an abrupt halt. It did not evaporate as Shao Xuan and the others thought, but like a blooming beauty, it spread out in the alloy liquid.

As the blood gradually dripped, a green flame suddenly ignited from the alloy liquid. The flame did not burn high. It burned on the surface of the alloy and reached not over a pinky finger’s length. 

The fire in the stove burned as before, and the alloy was still melting. 

The blood in the bamboo tube dripped faster, and the surface of the alloy liquid was covered with a green flame. Simultaneously, the alloy liquid was coming to a boil, but yet no bubbles appeared. There was only a consistently burning green flame. 

The colour of the alloy liquid was changing, becoming darker and no longer golden. The colour became more uniform as the alloy liquid flowed and settled. 

As soon as the beast blood ran out and no blood dripped into the alloy liquid, the green flame would gradually disappear. That would be the time to pour the alloy into the mould. 

Outside the forge, minor leaders like Mai, Tuo, and Xiang Chen who knew about the secret of the weapon were all waiting outside. Initially, they wanted to listen to what was happening inside to satisfy their curiosity, but up till now, there was nothing inside they wanted to know about. 

The two leaders were too calm. Even a cry of exclamation would be better than staying quiet like this. 

After a long time.

A forging sound came from the room.

Forging, chiselling, annealing, grinding...

Although everyone was very nervous, all the work was carried out in an orderly fashion. 

Except for explaining the task and giving instructions, no one asked more and no one said more. The two leaders faded into the background and stared nervously with all their attention at the broad bronze knife that was almost complete. 

Now, although the knife looked slightly rough and wasn’t appealing, in the eyes of the people who were in the house, it was a peerless beauty.

It was different from all the weapons made before. Even though it had not been completed, it felt like a whole new state, a different level of existence!


In the sky outside the house, the setting sun moved from the top to the bottom. 

At dusk, the afterglow of the setting sun scattered everywhere, stretching the shadows of those who were waiting outside. 

Inside the house, Shao Xuan took the newly cast bronze sword and wiped it with animal skin.

The biggest and most obvious difference that distinguished this sword from the rest was its colour.

It was not golden yellow, nor was it silver-white, silver-grey or even a reddish colour of other different-coloured bronzes, but green!

The domineering wide fuller of the sword shined with a dark green tint. It was restrained, yet fierce. 

Shao Xuan stared at the length of the blade as the winter light reflected from its surface.  Tossing the animal skin to the side, his fingers traced along the edge of the blade. He then flicked it lightly. 

With the sound of a wind’s whistle, the sharp blade trembled as if the blade was being charged by the energy of the blood within it. 

Green bronze!

Most of the bronzes turn green after they oxidised, but now, this newly cast copper knife was already showing a dark green colour. A muted and intimidating green. 

Did they succeed? 

This was what everyone wanted to know.

The leaders and bosses knew nothing. Only Shao Xuan and the craftsmen who were responsible for hammering and chiselling just now knew that this blade was far stronger than the other bronzes!

Shao Xuan's eyes moved away from the knife and he looked toward Ao and Zheng Luo who had been standing silently beside him.

It wasn’t because the two leaders were not in a hurry but rather because they were too nervous and expectant they forgot to react. Now, seeing Shao Xuan looking over, Ao quickly took out a fist-sized stone and threw it. This was one of the stones used for testing blades in the forge. This was a medium grade stone. To test ordinary bronze, they only had to use medium to low-grade stones. After all, ordinary bronze was not as sharp and as hard as this one.  

Because he was too nervous, Ao's stone-throwing movement seemed very stiff. But no one cared about Ao's stone-throwing movement now. He stared at the thrown stone and looked at the sword in Shao Xuan's hand. His eyes swept quickly, afraid of missing the slightest detail. At that moment, they all forgot to breathe. 

Shao Xuan held the big bronze sword with both hands, took a step forward, lifted it, then brought it towards the stone thrown into the air!


The blade cut harshly on the stone and the fist-sized stone broke in half. It was simple, neat, and smooth! 

On the blade, there was not even a scratch. 

In terms of both sharpness and hardness, it was really much stronger than the previous bronzes!