When the wind finally stopped billowing outside, the enslavement of the seven green-faced fanged beasts was finally complete. 
However, the seven green-faced fanged beasts entered a coma right away, so they had to wait for them to wake up before knowing whether they had succeeded. 
Shao Xuan could feel the new connection formed between the seven beasts’ and his own consciousness. The connection was obviously not as strong as the one he had with his first slave, Sapphire the beetle, but he understood more about them through this connection. 
The enslavement was successful but the beasts may not be as obedient as everyone expected. Fortunately, these beasts had a strong vitality and could hold for two days without eating. Shao Xuan was sure about this. 
The next day, Shao Xuan received a report and came back to the place where the beasts were held captive. 
The seven green-faced fanged beasts had already woken up. Duo Kang and the others remained at a safe distance. Looking at the green-faced fanged beasts, they waited for Shao Xuan’s confirmation.
They were all nervous about how obedient these beasts had become. It would be best if they became as obedient as Sapphire the beetle. After all, green-faced fanged beasts were too aggressive, and their fangs were very dangerous. It would not be good if they injured other tribesmen. 
These seven beasts were obviously different from yesterday. Their eyes were not as fierce anymore. Especially after Shao Xuan appeared. They became much more tamed. 
Their nostrils flared at a slower rate compared to before, and when Shao Xuan approached them, they didn’t even struggle. This was a good sign. 
Shao Xuan walked over and once again picked out the one with the broken fang.  
As Shao Xuan drew closer, the green-faced fanged beast just wobbled, and it seemed as if it wanted to avoid him, but in the end, it did not move.
Shao Xuan reached out for the vine rope that was tied to the green-faced fanged beast. It just looked at him without any intention to attack.  
Seeing that everyone else in the house was ready to defend, Shao Xuan untied the vine rope on the beast. As he did so, he also paid close attention to the consciousness of the beast. Indeed, there was not a single sign of aggression.
The vine rope that bound the beast from head to hoof fell to the ground. It seemed like the beast wanted to run, but was held back by Shao Xuan.  Before, it definitely would have turned around and used its fang to attack Shao Xuan, but now it only struggled a little and stayed in the position Shao Xuan had forced it to be in. The fierceness in its eyes was replaced by a doubtful expression as if it didn’t understand why Shao Xuan wanted to hold it back here and not let it move. 
When they saw how tame the beasts became, the two chiefs and the other leaders were relieved and became happy. Regardless of the final result, they were now very satisfied with the enslavement. Compared with how they used to bare their teeth fiercely and snort heavily, they were much more obedient today. 
Seeing the success and how obedient they were, Shao Xuan decided to untie the vine rope that tied up its hind hooves. 
The green-faced fanged beast that had been tied for too long propped its hooves on the ground. It stood up uncomfortably. 
The chiefs and leaders on the side held the weapons in their hands tightly, their eyes fixed on the beast that had just stood up, ready to defend themselves just in case the beast attacked. 
Shao Xuan was also cautious. Although he sensed no intention to attack in the beast’s consciousness, it was still good to be cautious. 
The green-faced fanged beast finally stood up on its hooves. It was unclear whether it was too hungry or its movement was restrained for too long, but its movements were stiff. It walked a few steps unnaturally and then ran away with a swish sound. 
Shao Xuan put down his sword because he did not detect any intention to attack in the beast’s consciousness. The chiefs and leaders also noticed that the beast only wanted to run around and stretch out its muscles, not to attack. 
Shao Xuan gave the enslaved beasts a command- “Do not attack anyone from the Flaming Horn tribe.” The beast followed as instructed. It ran around the house like wind, and then went back beside Shao Xuan and looked directly at him. 
“What does it want to do?” Zheng Luo asked because he couldn't understand the beast’s behaviour. 
“It’s hungry,” Shao Xuan said, “It is saying, ‘I’m very hungry right now.’"
“Then what should we do?” Duo Kang scratched at his head anxiously.
“They don’t even eat the grass we feed them. They didn’t even bother to sniff the grass.” 
There was still some grass on the ground that Duo Kang cut early that morning, but the beast ran directly over that pile of grass. 
“Let’s not care about this one just yet. Ah Xuan, let’s untie the rest of them and see how they fare,” Mai said. They hadn’t even solved the first problem. How could they move onto the next one right away? They had to first be sure that the enslavement was successful. If any single one of them still attacked others like before, then they had no choice but to slaughter it. Today’s blood supply had not been extracted and the casting room was still waiting for it. 
“Alright.” Shao Xuan nodded, thinking the same way. 
Just like the previous one, Shao Xuan decided to untie the vine ropes tied to its front hooves first, and then untie the one behind. Although it was much safer to untie the hind hooves first, it wasn’t the best way to test the success of the enslavement. Untying the ropes in front would immediately impel the beasts to express their initial intention. When the head and neck of the beast was freed, the beast would immediately attack if it had the slightest intention to. This was a more accurate way to gauge their success. Even if the beast wanted to attack, with its hind hooves still tied up, its movements would be greatly restricted. 
Fortunately, the other six didn't show any intention to attack, at least not now.
Shao Xuan picked up the vine ropes on the ground, tied a rope around their necks one after the other, and then held the other end of the ropes.
“Okay, the first problem is solved. Now it's time to think about what to feed them.” Zheng Luo sighed.
In order to keep these beasts alive, they had to feed them, but with what? 
“The problem now is not what we want to feed them, but what they want to eat.” Shao Xuan pulled on a vine rope, instructing the green-faced fanged beasts not to move. “Their temper grew worse because they were starving.” 
Besides the type of grass from the forest, what else could they use to feed the beasts? This was a tough problem, and everyone in the house suddenly became silent, thinking hard about plants they had seen in the forest and which ones the green-faced fanged beasts might want to eat. 
The grains that grew around the tribe was a no. 
Freshly cut grass was a no. 
The fruits picked in the mountains was also a no. 
What do they eat?!

“Since we can't guess what they want to eat, we can only let them go look for food themselves.” Shao Xuan stood up and looked at the chiefs and leaders. “First, let’s bring them over to the grounds.” 

In order for these beasts to want to search for food on their farmlands, they had to first dismiss some irrelevant people who were there, especially those who had no totemic power. They were weaker and must be kept far away from these beasts or else they might accidentally get into trouble. These people were not strong enough to take any strikes from these beasts.