As they left the place they spent four years painstakingly rebuilding, the Flaming Horn tribe wept in their hearts. They were unsure what lay ahead of them and what dangers they might face. Emotions ran high.

After all, this was their place of origin, their home. This place was their root, and although there was no longer any fire seed left there, it was still their home. No matter what, it was different from other places. 
After they left, everyone felt anxious and confused. They walked with heavy steps and carried mixed feelings.
This was different from the previous large-scale migration. Last time, the Flaming Horn tribe migrated with a heart full of hope and longing. Before, their longing for a return to their homeland gave them such a powerful driving force and kept them moving forward. They wished to return to their roots, their home. But this time it was different. They suddenly empathised with their ancestors from a thousand years ago. 
Although they were depressed and knew that they were only leaving for the moment, they weren’t sure whether they could return in the future. Would this place still be the same when they return?
They had already harvested all the crops in the fields. Even those that were not mature were uprooted and brought along. 
The beasts that they reared in the animal circle were all slaughtered in advance and made into meat jerky, all except for the younger ones. Also, they made many wagons for the animals that they were bringing along. They had horses and cows to pull the wagons, and even some fearsome beasts could draw them. They had the experience from before and knew how to do so.  
This time, they made a lot of cars. The forest was full of natural resources, and they even had gold tools. Sometimes when the stone tools couldn’t be used, they used the metal tools instead. With these tools, their wagons were much more durable and sturdy.
Compared to their migration thousands of years ago, it was a little different this time. Their tribe had way more people and wagons. Amongst the wagons, there were some giant boxed-shaped ones that people were not allowed to approach. Besides a few people in the tribe, others who approached these cars would receive severe punishment.
Inside those wagons were the Veins of the Sky, once again dug out from the ground. The wagons acted as flower pots for the thousand-year-old plant. If the weather got any better, the soldiers who were guarding over it would remove the wooden board that covered the top and let the plant absorb some sunlight. The good thing was, the Veins of the Sky did not grow as big as the white cabbages. Only its roots became damaged on the way. After all, the most extended parts in these plants were their veinlike structured roots. 
In the core of their party, there were dozens of massive wagons full of food surrounded by many guards. The people in the group did not bring much food. Most of the food was transported together in the wagons.  The Flaming Horn tribe did not care too much about the wanderers. If they decided to leave with the Flaming Horns, they could follow in the team. If they did not wish to follow, they were free to go wherever they wanted. 
Some wanderers felt the Flaming Horns were reacting too dramatically. It wasn’t even that big of a problem. At least to them. They did not wish to leave and wanted to move into the forest as soon as the Flaming Horn tribe left. They could finally live in their houses! They had already thought about moving into those sturdy houses for a very long time. Now that the Flaming Horn tribe was leaving, no one was there to stop them. If they were lucky, they might even get to live in the shaman’s or the leader’s homes and enjoy their time there! 
Some wanderers still decided to follow the Flaming Horn tribe because they learned from their experience dealing with the previous changes. They knew it was the right thing to do, but not many of them followed along. This minority that followed knew the truth; they knew that they could either choose to stay or leave with the Flaming Horn tribe. If they chose neither of those options and decided to go to other places, it would definitely be more difficult for them to survive. 
The entire Flaming Horn tribe had more than ten thousand people. It was a pronounced migration, and they couldn’t hide from the sight of other tribes. 
It had only been four years, and now the Flaming Horns were moving once again!  
All the tribes who learned about this incident felt that the Flaming Horn tribe was crazy. Are they treating migration like a game? How long has it only been since their last migration? Why are they still migrating? Do they think the fire seed is a joke?  
Wait, speaking of which, where had they hid their fire seed? They could not sense its presence at all! 
However, during this time, the ground shook more frequently and the fight for water continued. Although many talked about the Flaming Horn tribe’s migration at the beginning, they stopped paying attention shortly after. After all, they still had to fight for the water, and there was still a lot to do. Of course, there were still some people trying to guess the Flaming Horn tribe’s intentions.
Shao Xuan had already sent someone to inform the Lu tribe. 
The Hui tribe was too far from them. Gui He could only send his snow falcon to inform them. After all, they were allies. They should be informed about the migration. They needed to know about this so they could be cautious. The reason their horses were so obedient was that the Hui tribe trained them. They were more reliable than those bought from other tribes, and they were calmer when it came to dangerous situations. 
Along the way, many attempted to rob the Flaming Horn tribe, but all of them were killed ruthlessly. Even gangs of robbers who originated from the same tribe dared to attack them. Because they could not win the fight for water, they decided to start a new way of living: robbery! 
Robbing as a gang was better and more efficient because they could have strategies, and their success rate was higher. Due to their previous successes, they gradually shifted to bigger targets, and this time, their target was the Flaming Horn tribe. It was partly because their large wagons full of food caught the robbers’ attention. The robbers could already smell its scent from afar even though it was covered with cloth. They were not willing to give up such a rare opportunity. 
But when dealing with robbers, the Flaming Horn tribe never hesitated to kill. 
Every single robber who dared to attack would be slaughtered. 
This year's rainy season lasted longer, so after it ended, the time for the two moons to merge was slowly approaching. Today was finally the day.
The two moons merged completely. Their light was as bright as daylight and illuminated the night. 
Ever since they came here, the Flaming Horns had not felt the terror from seeing the merging of the two moons. Fear once again enveloped their hearts. 
Shao Xuan felt his eyelids twitch. His felt a wave of anxiety suddenly flood over him, and his entire body was covered in cold sweat. It was like someone poured a bucket of water over him. He was suddenly frozen and stopped dead in his tracks. 
“Shao Xuan, what’s wrong?!” Zheng Luo asked from his side. It wasn’t because he was suspicious. He knew something was wrong. 
“It’s here!” Shao Xuan’s words came out of his mouth without any prior thinking. It was an instinctive reaction. 
Zheng Luo wanted to ask again, but the fierce beasts in the team that had been resting suddenly stood up in fright. Then, the cattle, horses, and other animals that were pulling the carts also became anxious. 
The ground trembled without warning. It shook violently from underneath and woke many who were sleeping. Many of them lost their balance and fell directly to the ground.  
Crack! Crack!
The sound of cracks forming in the ground shook the peace in their hearts.
They trembled with uncontrollable fear. Even if they had been told about what they might encounter and made mental preparations, they had never experienced anything like this. It was nothing like what they experienced before. 
Under the bright night, a gush of air rushed out from the cracks in the ground, filling the air with terror. The people were unable to resist or react rationally.   
This was not the power of a fierce beast. Even the king beasts, regarded as undefeatable by people, did not possess such destructive power. This was the power of heaven and earth!
This time, it was not like the sudden and short earthquakes from before.  
Following the cracks, they suddenly heard a loud explosion that was almost deafening. People who were in line in the team stared blankly at the path they had taken when they took a rest. Over there, they could see the endless rock wall suddenly emerge from the ground. It was as if a pair of hands split the earth in half.
The trembling ground caused the people to lose their rationality, and at that moment, their minds suddenly went blank. 
They didn’t know how destructive this strength was until they confronted it now. 
Before, they could not understand why their powerful ancestors were forced to leave their homeland. Now, they finally felt it. But this was just the beginning. 
The night turned into day, and everyone watched in horror.