Yang Sui? The shaman from the Rain tribe? Why was he here?

Shao Xuan was intrigued. He dropped what he was doing and walked over with Lang Ga to the river bank.

"Did he come alone?" asked Zhao Xuan. 

"No, there are a few of them. I didn't take a close look but they were all quite anxious," said Lang Ga.


Were they here because of their tribe or was it some other reason? 

When Shao Xuan reached the riverside, Yang Sui and his crew were already guided to the river bank. 

Because of the disaster, some mountains were elevated causing the side facing the river to be very steep. The new stairs and road were not yet completed by the warriors so the guests had to climb up the mountain. By the time they arrived, they were covered in mud and exhausted.

That being said, it was quite a distance from the Rain tribe. Seeing that they weren't the strongest people, if the Flaming Horn tribe warriors didn't help them get up, some of them may not even make it up here.

When he saw Shao Xuan, Yang Sui's face lit up. Then, he sat on the floor in exhaustion. 

"Let me catch my breath. Yang Sui looked like he couldn't wait to lie down. He was a shaman, he wasn't exactly known for being a strong warrior. 

Shao Xuan got some people to bring food over. Looking at their tired faces, he thought they would be hungry too. Water wouldn't be enough for them.  

"What is the purpose of your visit?" asked Zhao Xuan. 

"We were headed towards the Fearsome Beast Forest but we heard you moved so we've been asking around for your new location." Yang Sui looked at the calm Flaming Horn warriors. He expected the tribe to be in a worse state, seeing that they were forced to flee but they all seemed to be doing well. 

Yang Sui didn't state his purpose but Shao Xuan knew something was up for them to come all the way here. There were twenty or so Rain tribe tribespeople, all looking more worried than the Flaming Horn tribespeople, who had just migrated their entire tribe. They seemed to be holding their tongues for something urgent. 

Did the Raining tribe get destroyed too? 

After a short rest, Shao Xuan passed a message to the shamans and chiefs to inform them about the Rain tribe's arrival. As the roof of his house was completed, he brought them to his home but some had to stand outside because the house wasn't big enough for everyone. 

The place to entertain guests in the tribe has not started construction so they could only wait outside. However, the Rain tribe didn't mind.

Old Ke prepared a pot of meat soup for them then sat on the stone outside and chatted with the other tribespeople. He rarely met anyone from other tribes because it was inconvenient for him to move around so he was rather excited to talk to them. 

With no one else in the house, Yang Sui's calm facade came crumbling down. He grabbed his hair and said, "I'm afraid that we have to move our tribe this time!" 

“Why?” asked Shao Xuan. He thought that Yang Sui was here because of the disaster or to ask about the fire seed. It seems that there was something else. 

“Actually, the disaster that just passed didn’t affect us much. The effects were nowhere near those other tribes,” said Yang Sui. 

Buildings fell and some people flew from the ground but comparatively, the Rain tribe didn’t face any large problems. They were able to resume their daily lives rather quickly. Regarding the hot and dry winter that passed, the Rain tribe was already used to it. They were already experiencing very little rainfall each year. Even as Yang Sui was only able to gather rain clouds once every ten times, it was enough to sustain them, especially since they had rain stones. The thing they lacked the most was food but they had a large supply of grains to help them through their toughest periods. 

“Why do you want to move?” Shao Xuan paused then continued, “The desert?” 

With a bitter smile, Yang Sui replied, “What else?” 

Yang Sui continued, “We thought things would be better when Rock Hill City chased away the other slave masters. However, soon after the disaster, the slaves fled. Some of them came to our tribe to steal. We caught one and questioned him.” 

Then, Yang Sui had a weird expression as if he found the next part to be unbelievable. “They were slaves who ran away from their master who themselves were chased out by Rock Hill City. The slaves ran away into the desert, some of them grouped together to increase their chances of survival. When the earthquake struck, a lot of the desert were majorly affected. Some people were swallowed whole by the sand but that isn’t what I’m afraid of.” 

Yang Sui took a deep breath, “We caught two slaves who used to live near the sea. One of them said most of the people that lived by the sea were dead. They were sandwiched between the desert and the sea. A lot of areas disappeared suddenly but when they went to check, new land emerged from the ocean.” 

Yang Sui looked at Shao Xuan, seeing that Shao Xuan had no intention of replying, he continued, “With the desert destroyed and new lands emerging from the sea, Rock Hill City changed their target. They stopped going after the people in the desert, they are going after those by the sea. They want to clear the whole region and take the coastal area so all the people at the coast ran into the desert… I remember some of the Flaming Horn tribesmen coming out from the desert. You didn’t actually come from the desert, right? You came from the sea.” 

“That’s right.” Shao Xuan did not deny it. 

Yang Sui suddenly jolted upright, he couldn’t help but stand and ask, “What is other side of the sea like? Why are the Rock Hill City people acting like that?” The changes in the ocean wasn’t the reason for Yang Sui’s worries, the Rock Hill City people were. 

“If the slaves really saw the distance between both shores closing, then, it is a phenomenon that isn’t unheard of.” Shao Xuan couldn’t believe that something like this was happening, especially within a year they left. 

“There are tribes, slave masters and many slaves on the other side. As for whether Rock Hill City has any connection to the place...From what I know, the Shi family has an unresolved grudge with the other side.” 

“So that is the case!” Yang Sui pressed his forehead against his hands. The Rain tribe was located near the desert so they had a greater understanding of the slave masters. They had many records of them dating all the way back to thousands of years ago. In one of the records, it mentioned that the slave masters in the desert came from the sea. 

Yang Sui always knew that at the edge of the desert, the part near the sea, there were people there. Although it was quite far away, nobody had any news on them for the past thousand years. Even when Rock Hill City took over the desert nobody thought of them until Shao Xuan mentioned that the Flaming Horns came from the desert. That triggered Yang Sui to check all the records and contact Shao Xuan regarding the fire seed. 

Now, with more changes in the desert, Yang Sui was even more worried about Rock Hill City’s actions. He felt that it wasn’t safe for them to continue living there. He even had a dream where the fire seed was extinguished. He had lost a lot of weight that year.

After the disaster, Yang Sui decided to visit Shao Xuan to ask about the fire seed and learn more about the coastal area. He was serious about moving the tribe. The slave masters in Rock Hill City were too dangerous, they wouldn't stand a chance against them. There used to be enough slave masters in the desert to keep Rock Hill City in check but now, they were gone. 

Now that Shao Xuan said the Rock Hill City people hated the tribes on the other side, would they point their swords towards the tribes near the desert when they run out of slaves during war? As long as they extinguished the fire seed, tribespeople could easily become their slaves. 

Yang Sui didn’t care about the other tribes, he just wanted to save the Rain tribe. 

“So, what’s your decision?” Shao Xuan looked at Yang Sui. 

Yang Sui grit his teeth, “Move! We have to move!”