However, Yang Sui was worried again now because of his decision to move the tribe. 

He actually had the idea to move the tribe since he heard about Shao Xuan moving his tribe out from the desert but he didn’t know what to do with the fire seed. 

Moving the tribe’s location was something related to everyone in the tribe, he couldn’t make the decision himself. Although he had a high ranking in the tribe, he still had to discuss this with the other leaders. 

After a year of negotiations, he managed to persuade a large group of people so they decided to move. However, the new location of the tribe brought on another round of arguments. Someone proposed that they moved to the middle of the mainland where there was water supply, the weather was nice and the soil was fertile. 

That proposal was met with harsh rejection. 

Everyone knew how their battle abilities stood against the other tribes, especially in the middle of the mainland where all the big players were located. They wouldn’t be able to fight against them. 

Yang Sui felt sad at the mention of their powers. A long time ago, the Rain tribe was quite powerful but now that they would be laughed at if they mentioned it. The Rain tribe had since been in a steady decline. Even middle-tier tribes would be able to defeat them now. 

Yang Sui had also thought about seeking shelter from the Flaming Horn tribe. When they were discussing the moving plans, Flaming Horn had already defeated Wanshi. The Rain tribe could move near the Fearsome Beast Forest where the Flaming Horn tribe was. At least there were fewer tribes there. 

This was the reason for his visit to the Fearsome Beast Forest. Who would have imagined that the Flaming Horn tribe had moved again! 

Yang Sui recalled the pathway he took to the new location of the Flaming Horn tribe, it seemed to be safer. 

“Are you going to live here now?” asked Yang Sui. 

“Yes, we can’t stay in the Fearsome Beast Forest anymore.” Shao Xuan noticed Yang Sui’s eyes darting around, “Do you have anything to say?” 

“Yes, actually.” After a pause, “What do you think if the Rain tribe moved here?” 

“Here?” Shao Xuan pointed towards the ground and drew out a river. 
“No, no, no! I don’t mean the river!” said Yang Sui. He heard from the Drumming tribe that behind the Flaming Horn tribe was a forest that was similar to the Fearsome Beast Forest, if not more dangerous. 

The Rain tribe didn’t plan to fight the beasts for land like the Flaming Horn tribe. They just knew that less competition would be around if there was a dangerous forest. 

“I hear some tribes disappeared there.” Yang Sui pointed at the river, where the Drumming tribe was. 

“What do you mean?” Shao Xuan understood Yang Sui’s intention. The Rain tribe wanted to get those plots of land while there was no competition around. 

“Hehe.” Yang Sui knew this was a good place to be. Although the Drumming tribe seemed scary, they were a bunch that didn’t have big goals and were easy to get along with. They would also be under Flaming Horn’s protection here. The Flaming Horn tribe wasn’t interested in small tribes like them and their fire seed was gone so they wouldn’t feel the suppression from it. 

After reading and thinking for a long time, Yang Sui decided that the easiest way for them to survive was through getting help from another tribe. The mid-tier tribes were not suitable because too many people were relying on them already. Flaming Horn, on the other hand, was different and they knew them already. 

“We’ve known each other for quite some time, haha.” Yang Sui smiled. 

“That area isn’t our land so you make your own decision but let me remind you, even if there’s no competition for land, something might happen if you anger other people.” 

“Yes, yes. I understand.” 

After speaking to Shao Xuan for a while, Yang Sui went on to talk to the two shamans and chiefs then moved to the Drumming tribe to talk to them. 

The Drumming tribe didn’t mind them moving here, as long as they weren’t greedy, they had no problems with it. 

Another plus for the Rain tribe to move here was the water moon stones the Drumming tribe had. 

Do you Drumming tribe people eat grains? 

We have it and we plant a lot! 

What, you prefer meat over grains? 

We have them too. We keep a lot of animals. Which one do you like? We’ll sell them to you at a cheap price! 

Pots? Linen? 

We know how to make them! We know everything! If we don’t, we’ll learn it! 

Hence, while Shao Xuan was discussing with the chiefs and shamans, a warrior told them that the Drumming tribe and Rain tribe were already getting along well. 

“Looks like it’s very likely for them to move here,” said Shao Xuan. 

The shaman remembered something and said with a smile, “The Rain tribe has a long history, we should pay attention to their progress. They know a lot of things, it was just that their location limited their growth.” 

The Rain tribe wasn’t lying when they said they knew how to farm, rare animals, make pots etc. Their ancestors were masters of these trades except they slowly lost touch of them when they had no need for the skills. But now, they must revive those skills for their survival.