New life emerged from destruction. 

There didn’t used to be a river here, then the ground cracked and formed an impossibly wide river which isolated the ancient Flaming Horn tribe from the rest of the tribes. Their ancestors could not return anymore.

Now, with nature’s magical forcers, the large river had become a small river. One side of the river sloping down, the other side elevated. The Flaming Horn tribe was located at the elevated side. 

They were so far up they could see white mist surrounding the mountains. A blanket of white mist covered the old fire pond. 

The Drumming tribe was on the other sloping side of the river. That was why, on this side, many tribes met their sad fates. Even the strongest fire seed wouldn't be able to continue burning if no one was there to add fuel to the fire. 

Yang Sui could feel that the nearby fire seeds had been extinguished. They weren’t strong fire seeds anyway so they went out fast. The Luo tribe was already buried deep beneath the ground. 

If the Rain tribe moved here, they wouldn’t clash with any other fire seeds. 

The thing was that tribes like the Luo tribe liked being close to the river but the Rain tribe was different. They wanted to plant crops so they would like flatlands for that. They could be further away from the river. Considering their past trauma, they weren’t exactly bold enough to be that close to a river too. They knew they would just allocate more land to themselves by adding the river bank to their territory too since they needed a water source to irrigate their crops. 

As Yang Sui decided on the area, he gave two bags of seashells to the Drumming tribe to ask them for their help in protecting the land until they got here again. 

The Rain tribe had left a good impression on the Drumming tribe. The two tribes liked water and got along well with each other. The Rain tribe’s totem was like ‘rain’. They worshipped water on a level way beyond the Flaming Horn people could imagine. That was why Yang Sui, who was able to call upon rain, had such a high position in the tribe. 

After settling on the land, Yang Sui promptly brought his men back. They needed to quickly move their tribe here to get ready for winter. 

It was much more complicated for the Rain tribe to move compared to the Flaming Horn tribe. The Flaming Horn tribe already merged with their fire seed but the Rain tribe had to be very careful while transporting it. There were many dangers to moving their fire seed. 

Yang Sui wanted to merge the fire seed with the people before moving but the plan came too suddenly for people to accept it. 

On their way back, Yang Shi could only sigh. He had to solve the moving problem first then settle with the people later! 

In the Flaming Horn tribe, the new buildings were getting completed. They were much grander than their old counterparts, many of them originating from Shao Xuan’s designs. 

Compared to the last time when the river was still huge, they had to take more preventative measures for any activity across the river. Although they seemingly had no enemies nearby, it was better to be safe than sorry. 

The tribespeople haven’t started planting the Thousand Grain Golds yet. It wasn’t the perfect time to plant it and the grains were precious. The tribespeople didn’t want to waste them. They just prepared the land for planting it next year. 

On the other side of the farmlands, they had already started planting crops. They had seeds from the cabbages they got from the Fearsome Beast Forest so they planted those. 

The mountains weren’t suitable to plant the Veins of the Sky so they fenced out another area just to plant them. As usual, the area was heavily guarded. 

The normal crops and special crops were planted in different areas. The normal crops were more common vegetations seen on the mainland, the wanderers worked in those fields too. The special crops farmland mostly had crops from Ji Ju. The Veins of the Sky would be planted here, as well as the Thousand Grain Gold. These crops had tribespeople specially selected by the leaders of the tribe to look after them. 

As the tribespeople slowly got into routine, the hunting team set up their hunting schedule too. The tribespeople were happy to be back in this area. 

The disaster caused the animals and beasts in the forest to change their resting places but this was no problem for the hunters. 

Every time they had excess game, they would trade with the Drumming tribe. However, the Drumming tribe was relatively poor now as they didn’t have any water moon stones but the Flaming Horn tribe didn’t mind. They fully trusted them to pay them back when they could. 

That day, after Shao Xuan got some blood and fed the green-faced fanged beasts, he heard a signal coming from the river while he was going to the casting room. 

From the guard’s report, the Rain tribe wasn’t in good condition after their long journey. They had many injured tribespeople with them and the others looked haggard. 

However, when they reached, the whole Rain tribe still shouted in joy. They were happy to start their new lives. 

Soon after Shao Xuan heard the news, Yang Sui had come to borrow some food. 

It was some time since they last met, Yang Sui looked much skinnier now, he was even carried here by someone. The trip must have been very taxing for him. As the shaman, it was his job to look after the fire seed. He had to build the fire pond later on too, which would require a lot of shamanic energy. 

The tough journey left this once rich tribe penniless. It was hard for them to produce another shell, they were either injured or hungry or both so they could only borrow from Flaming Horn. 

“Within a year, next year, we will be able to pay you back. No, half a year!” Although Yang Sui wasn’t in his best condition, he still carried a lot of hope for the future. 

Hence, Flaming Horn quickly became a loan provider soon after moving here.