Shao Xuan rolled up the map and rushed out hurriedly from inside the cave.
Why were there suddenly flocks of birds at this time of the year? They did not hear any movements from the forest. What made the birds behave this way?
And he knew that if it were only a small flock, the soldiers keeping guard outside wouldn’t make such a huge fuss about it.
So Shao Xuan knew immediately that it was no small flock, and he was shocked to see that the numbers way exceeded his expectations.
The sky was clouded with tight, giant masses of birds. They were like rain clouds covering the entire sky. Even what was left of the setting sun was covered by the birds. 
“Why are there so many birds?!”
“Where did they all come from?!”
Even those who first opened up this hunting trail had never encountered such a situation.
“Before, when we first started opening up this trail, nothing of such scale happened!”
“What type of birds are those?”
“I can’t tell. They’re flying way too high!”
“It seems like they’re not small, and they’re fast too.”
“Even if they’re giant and fly fast, there are so many of them! Are they migrating?”
These were just words muttered by those who were observing the situation, but they suddenly gave Shao Xuan a clue.
If they were calculating according to the time in their tribe, autumn was arriving soon. The colder places were the earlier ones to warm up. 
Unless they’re trying to migrate to a warmer place?
They had no clue where those birds came from and where they were going, so the hunting team continued their work.
“We should all be more cautious,” Duo Kang told the others with a stern expression and then walked back into the cave. 
When Shao Xuan walked into the cave, Duo Kang hurried over. His face was no longer the stern look he carried when he talked to the others outside the cave. It was now replaced with a look of nervousness.
Duo Kang lowered his voice. Shao Xuan didn’t know if he was too excited because when he first started speaking, his voice was a little shaky. “Shao Xuan, what do you think about those birds? Why are they suddenly flocking in the sky? Is it… Can it be… anything abnormal?”
Shao Xuan was stunned, but he suddenly understood Duo Kang’s concern. He was worried that another disaster was about to happen. 
Shao Xuan could understand why he was so worried and terrified. After experiencing the disaster from before, they started seeing every part of nature as their enemy. Any similar occurrences would arouse suspicion. When they left their homeland, nature was changing. That time, birds also flew out from Fearsome Beast Forest. 
Shao Xuan thought hard. He didn’t sense anything similar to the feeling of fear and anxiety he felt during the last disaster. He then looked over at the green-faced fanged beasts that were sound asleep in the cave. They had just finished their meals. He then said, “Probably not.”
Duo Kang didn’t dare to relax and continued to look at Shao Xuan, “Can you try telling the fortune with your ropes?”
What he meant was that he wanted Shao Xuan to do a reading and confirm that his suspicions were not correct. 
“Sure.” They had already finished hunting for the day. Using a little energy from what he had left wouldn’t affect him much. 
Shao Xuan was about to look for his rope, but Duo Kang had already brought some over. 
Shao Xuan looked at the twine, and then looked over at Duo Kang. Usually, he didn’t use such a thin rope.
“Umm, this is because when we were making the ropes, there was extra material, so we made this thin rope for future use,” Duo Kang said. He didn’t use such thin ropes too, but after he knew Shao Xian’s ability, he made it a habit to keep some thin ropes that could easily be knotted around him so that when Shao Xuan didn’t have any ropes around him, he could provide some.”
It was not just Duo Kang, though. Even Zheng Luo, Ta, and Gui He had the same habit. They just hadn’t had the chance to provide Shao Xuan with their supply. 
Shao Xuan calmed his breathing and picked up the rope. Shutting his eyes, he began to work on the rope. 
He only wanted to know more about the flocks of birds in the sky. Where did they come from, and where were they going?
After a while, Shao Xuan opened his eyes and saw the finished knots in his hands. He read the signs and frowned.
“What.. what’s wrong?!” Duo Kang felt his teeth shaking from the nervousness. Was it bad news?
Shao Cuan shook his head, “It’s no big disaster.”
Duo Kang relaxed, letting out a long deep sigh of relief. 
“What?!” Duo Kang was just about to relax but was suddenly annoyed by Shao Xuan. He glared at him unhappily. 
“It’s a bit weird,” Shao Xuan said. 
“How is it weird?” Duo Kang was still worried. 
Shao Xuan pointed in one direction. “Telling the fortune with these ropes may not give us the most accurate information. I can only tell that these birds came from over there.” 
“Over there?” Duo Kang went over the map of the grounds in his mind. 
In Fearsome Beast Forest, besides the six hunting trails, there was a place that had been ignored by them, a place only roughly sketched on the map. Shao Xuan had been wondering what it was. 
But this forest was too large. Even if the Flaming Horn tribe settled here before for almost a thousand years, they were not familiar with the entire forest. This map was only of a small part of the woods. They only saw the tip of the iceberg. 
With this information, Duo Kang could not guess anything. 
Shao Xuan also couldn’t guess what was in that direction, so he let go of these thoughts for the time being. 
What surprised them was, after some time, they continued to see flocks of birds flying across the sky, and every time, they were of a different species. 
Plus, these birds were all flying in the same direction. Even after Shao Xuan returned to their tribe with the hunting team, he did not see any of those birds fly back. 
Seeing this, everyone was suspicious. What was happening?
When the hunting teams from the other five trails gathered and met with them, they started talking about this situation that they all witnessed. They had all seen the same thing, but there was just a slight difference in the time they saw the birds. After all, the trails were all quite far from each other. 
The Flaming Horn tribe had just settled down. This shared doubt made them all worried once again. 
The two shamans were also worried. They had not sensed any danger or change in weather. Why was this happening?
The beasts in the forests and the birds in the sky were always the first ones to react to the changes in nature. Because they knew this, everyone in the Flaming Horn tribe was worried. 
Why was this happening?
A cloud of anxiety hung over their heads. Some warriors had begun to sharpen their weapons. There was a shortage of bronze weapons, so they had to prepare more stone weapons for future use. 
The blacksmiths in the forge were once again put under pressure. Every day, their working hours increased. Be it natural disaster or war; they still had to be ready. 
Recently, they still saw flocks of birds flying from time to time. Even if the birds did not fly directly above their tribe, the people who stood high up on the watching towers or mountains could still observe the activities in the sky. 
After their observation, Shao Xuan noticed that the birds in the sky were giant. They were strong and flew fast. The birds that lived amongst fierce beasts were usually smaller in size and weaker. 
It was not until one day when Shao Xuan stood on the tower on the mountainside when he suddenly saw a green figure fly by.