The Flaming Horn tribe had a good impression of the Drumming tribe. They didn’t say it outright but Shao Xuan knew that the Drumming tribe held a special place in the hearts of the Flaming Horn tribe. They were the first tribe they met after crossing the river after all. 

Hence, when the Flaming Horn shaman and chief read the animal scroll Fan Mu brought over, they immediately agreed. The Drumming tribe pledged to support the Flaming Horn tribe. If the two lands didn’t have any changes and still had that large distance between them, the tribes could continue with the current lifestyle but now, they weren’t sure of what would happen. One side had no problems but the other side had their hands and feet tied because of the ancient fire seed so it was obvious how things would play out. 

Helping the Drumming tribe was also helping themselves and they could even get some backup from them. 

“But…” Zheng Luo was worried, “Didn’t you mention that the water moon stones were from the Water Moon canal? Isn’t the Drumming Water Moon Canal formed because of their fire seed? If their fire seed is gone then are the water moon stones from their tribe gone too?” 

“I’ve asked them,” Shao Xuan said, “The shaman and Fan Mu looked quite confident about it.” 

To put it simply, the shaman and Fan Mu had thought about this problem and that this wasn’t that big of a deal. If Shao Xuan, an outsider, was able to make the water sun stone without powers, who's to say the Drumming tribe with years of experience of making water moon stones couldn’t do the same? 

With Shao Xuan as living proof, the Drumming tribe thought that they wouldn’t possibly fail. If this were the Rain tribe, they would have taken at least half a year to make a decision. From their perspective, for the Drumming tribe to make such a huge decision in such a short time was a foolish and hasty decision. 

However, Shao Xuan could tell from his conversation with them that they were serious. It could be possible that they had been waiting for this day for quite some time. Of course, each tribe had their own ways of doing things, which was how things lead to the current situation. 

Since they had already decided to tell the Drumming tribe about the fire seed, Shao Xuan didn’t delay any longer. He called in the Drumming tribe shaman, the two shamans from Flaming Horn and Gui Zhe for a meeting. The two Flaming Horn shamans told them about their experience and highlighted the important parts from the ancestors’ notes. Fusing the fire seed wasn’t easy, there were many details to consider. 

The Drumming tribe shaman stayed in the Flaming Horn tribe for three days. He didn’t have a wink of sleep for three days and nights to finish up his plans. Then, he went back with a nervous but excited heart. 

The crocodile sending the shaman back was the same one as before. It was different from the others, it was obvious when the other crocodiles were active but now this crocodile was particularly eye-catching. 

Every ten years, a crocodile like this would appear in the Drumming tribe. It wasn’t the leader of the group of crocodiles but it would follow the shaman around until the next special crocodile appeared. 

Shao Xuan didn’t pay much attention to the special crocodile. He was curious for a while but dismissed it to focus on the fusion of the fire seed. 

There weren't any enemies this winter so they didn’t have to worry about anyone attacking them, it was a good opportunity. 

The two shamans of Flaming Horn had told the Drumming tribe shaman that fusing the fire seed after winter would be safer since many tribes would be busy with their rituals then and the fire seed would be more active then. 

However, the suggestion was rejected and Flaming Horn didn’t insist on it. 

Hence on a cold winter day, when the sun appeared then hid for the rest of the time, the Drumming tribe held a very important ritual amidst the heavy snowing. 

For a small tribe like this, nobody paid much attention to them for their rituals but this time was different. 

In the snow, a white flame stood out. An image of a brown crocodile appeared in the sky. It was just an image of the totem for the Drumming tribe. 

The white flame wrapped the brown crocodile, adding a layer of coldness to the image. 

Even with a river between them, Shao Xuan could hear the low growls of the crocodiles that were supposed to be hibernating. 

The ritual wasn’t as elaborate as the one Flaming Horn tribe had but it still caused quite the commotion. The nearby tribes could feel the changes happening to the fire seed. Anyone alive could feel the fire seed when it was as active as this. 

“What is happening?!” 

Yang Sui, who was drinking his hot soup, accidentally dropped it on the floor as he rushed to the door. 

The Rain tribespeople looked out their windows in confusion. Yang Sui was in such a rush that he didn’t notice he hadn’t worn his shoes as he stepped on the snow. 

He looked in a direction and kept blinking with his mouth wide. He stared at it with his mouth agape, unable to form any words. 

Many moments later, he could only mutter two words. 

“Crazy b*stards!” 

As the shaman, Yang Sui could feel the changes very clearly. The scene that had been playing in his mind endlessly was playing out now right in front of him but instead of his tribe, it was the Drumming tribe! 

He hadn’t expected them to make the decision first! 

The Rain tribe was the first one to reach out to the Flaming Horn tribe, the first one to have the thoughts of fusing their fire seed but now these crocodiles that were supposed to be hibernating were fusing their fire seed! 

How long has it been? 

Aren’t they crazy for making a decision that quick?! 

Yang Sui was greeted with the chilling wind. His feet were covered with snow now but he didn’t seem cold. He just stared at the direction of the Drumming tribe, looking at what seemed like white flames dancing in the sky. 

After quite some time, the white flames disappeared and the aura of the fire seed subdued. He called over the chief and the few that kept rejecting his idea. 

“I don’t care what they’re doing, call them over now!” 

Yang Sui wanted to head back home but instead he collapsed straight on the ground. His two legs were numb from the cold so someone had to carry him back. He couldn’t help but think, “How could we let the Drumming tribe do it first?!”