Shao Xuan had already planned to drop by the Feng tribe to check upon them. The tribe also met many travellers so he hoped that they could help him spread the word about the trading point. 

Even though there wasn’t a formal invitation, Shao Xuan still told Yi Bei that they should visit the trading point someday and if they made it in time for the banquet it would be great but if not, they could still buy some animal skin. 

Not every tribe could afford to send out an expedition team and Feng tribe was one of them. They usually just stayed around the grass fields. They were shocked to hear what Shao Xuan had to say.

Building a trading point wasn’t something new, there were places like that already but what Shao Xuan said left them all speechless. 

Not just a trading point but a banquet? It wasn’t an easy task to hold one. Their food stocks were just enough to feed everyone in the tribe so they were envious to hear that another tribe had enough food to spare to hold a banquet. 

Holding a banquet was the sign of a successful tribe. 

Yi Bei took a deep breath. Shao Xuan was not in front of him anymore and the eagle in the sky was going further away from them by the moment. It was barely a dot now. 

“Sir, that person. Was everything he said true?” A warrior asked as he wasn’t too familiar with Shao Xuan. 

Yi Bei wanted to reply “how would I know” but he bit his tongue back as he looked at the huge fang he was holding. 

Yi Bei had to hold onto the fang in case the fang fell off the horse. Such a huge fang would cause the horse to be not able to walk properly if he directly hung it onto the horse as it weighed so much. 

With a fang that huge, he wondered how big the actual beast was. He hadn’t seen a beast like this in his years of experience. 

There were still some blood stains on the fang which meant it hadn’t been too long since it was extracted. When he caught the fang, his horse almost fell over. If he had been riding any other horse than this one, it would have run away already. 

He thought back to how casually Shao Xuan stood and threw the fangs to them… There were many people like him in the Flaming Horn tribe. It would make sense for them to be able to hold a banquet. 

In the eyes of the Feng tribe, the Flaming Horn tribe was still the new kids on the block. They had their time to shine such as when they destroyed the Wanshi tribe but they were still far from the larger tribes. However, it seemed that they needed to reevaluate now. 

Maybe they really had greatly underestimated that tribe. 

Out of the two fangs, Yi Bei caught one fang while the other dropped to the ground. The horses immediately stepped back when they could smell the fangs, it was their natural instinct. 

“Si-sir, what should we do with that?” 

After Shao Xuan left, the rest quickly got off their horses to touch the fang and closely feel the aura radiating from it. 

“Bring it back,” said Yi Bei. 

The two fangs from Shao Xuan were considered a gift from one tribe to another. “A figt from Shao Xuan of Flaming Horn to the Feng tribe” was carved on it, plus the flaming horn totem too. The fang was rock solid so it was hard to even carve anything on it, the characters were carved out flawlessly. 

Yi Bei wasn’t sure how Shao Xuan carved it but he wasn’t too concerned about that. He ran his hand across the smooth and shiny fang. It showed that these two fangs were in actual use and not decorative. It belonged to a true beast. 

“Flaming Horn tribe… Flaming River Trading Point?” 

Yi Bei wanted someone to bring the two fangs back to the tribe. 

Since it was a gift, they wouldn’t be able to sell it out for a high price. Yi Bei and the warriors were not willing to do so anyway. 

When they brought the fangs back, the chief could guess Shao Xuan’s motive. This was beneficial to the both of them. At the same time, he liked the fangs so much that he placed the pair at the door of his house. One on the left, one on the right. 

The chief even personally polished the fangs everyday. The fangs gleamed and were sharp enough to be used by the beast at any given moment. 

The two fangs brought a wave of excitement to the tribe. Every expedition team that passed by were attracted to the fangs but always felt disappointed when they found out the Feng tribe didn’t plan to sell them. 

A beast of such stature was hard to find in most of the mainland. One had to go to the Fearsome Beast Forest to get one but people rarely did as it was very dangerous.

The words on the fangs made people more aware of the Flaming Horn tribe. As long as someone mentioned the Flaming Horn tribe, travellers would link it to the huge fangs at the Feng tribe. 

As word of the Flaming Horn tribe spread, news of the Flaming River Trading Point did too. Shao Xuan carved out a simple map from the fields to the Flaming River Trading Point on the other fang. 

Many expedition teams copied the map down, some brave ones even headed towards it. 

This was all planned out by Shao Xuan. When the Feng tribe and expedition teams talked about the tribe and the trading point, Shao Xuan had already reached the Hui tribe. 

The Hui tribe had a large grass field and endless connections of mountains within their territory. 

When he was near the border of the Hui tribe, Shao Xuan had noticed some eagles flying around guarding the area. An eagle screeched at Chacha without recognising him. They knew each other from the trip to the eagle mountain but Chacha had changed so much that the eagle hadn’t recognised him. 

Chacha ignored the warning and replied with a loud and sharp cry. 

However, Shao Xuan knew this wasn’t a place where he could just fly in, so he took out a stone badge to show to the guard. He got it as a gift from a Hui tribe eagle when he went to the eagle mountain.

“Please help inform them that Shao Xuan from the Flaming Horn tribe is here for a visit,” shouted Shao Xuan. 

The warrior standing guard was rather young. He thought that Shao Xuan was an enemy but upon seeing the stone badge, he was confused. If Shao Xuan had walked or rode any other kind of animal here, the guard wouldn’t have believed the badge was real.

“Flaming Horn tribe?” 

The guard knew that his tribe had worked together with Flaming Horn before but he always thought that the latter tribe was unqualified to work with them. However, seeing this huge eagle before him made him question himself. That eagle was much larger than “Shan Dao”, who went to the eagle mountain once. 

“Wait a moment.” The warrior didn’t reach for a whistle but shook his head twice and a white bone whistle appeared in his mouth. 

The produced a sound not unlike an eagle’s screech with a certain rhythm to it. 

The previous screech by the eagle had attracted some other guards in the area but they couldn’t make any decisions because they couldn’t verify Shao Xuan’s identity. 

As they waited for orders, the rift between the guards and Shao Xuan was obvious as they hovered in the sky. 

“You’re Shao Xuan?” asked a Hui tribe warrior. 

Shao Xuan was a well known name in the Hui tribe. Many expedition teams brought back a story and the most frequently mentioned name was Shao Xuan from the Flaming Horn tribe. 

The eagles flew back to increase the distance between them and the other eagle as if they didn’t feel safe around Chacha. 

This wasn’t a common sight for the eagles here. Great mountain eagles got into fights easily when they were in a good mood but even more when they were in a bad mood. The eagle before them didn’t seem to be having a good time. 

No wonder the eagles kept their distance. The few here hadn’t been to the eagle mountain and it was obvious the one in front of them was out of their league. Even though they had the advantage in numbers, the one eagle might still beat them all. 

Luckily, the eagle didn’t seem interested in picking a fight. It was just in a bad mood. 

The warriors didn’t know that the reason why Chacha hadn’t picked a fight was because Shao Xuan had tapped Chacha with his feet to tell him that this wasn’t the time to pick a fight, especially since the eagles here were rather young. 

An eagle’s caw came from afar, followed by a few more coming from different directions. 

They were people from other areas that heard the commotion and came to check it out. Two of the eagles didn’t have people riding them, they probably heard the screech and came without being told. 

The first caw was from Shan Dao and the person on top was Gu La. 

“Haha, Shao Xuan, I didn’t expect it to be you!” 

Gu La didn’t recognise Chacha at first, he only knew that the person riding it was Shao Xuan. 

“I’m here to pass you an invitation.” Shao Xuan let Chacha fly closer and passed the scroll to Gu La. 

Gu La dragged his attention to the scroll instead of Chacha and quickly skimmed through it. The smile on his face stiffened as if he didn’t understand. He re-read it a few times to make sure he didn’t get it wrong. 

Didn't the Flaming Horn tribe move away because of the disaster? 

Shouldn't a tribe that was chased away from their land be having a hard time now? How did they build a trading point and plan to hold a banquet? If this didn’t mean that they were doing good, what else could it mean? 

It didn’t matter how things ended up like this, now wasn’t the time to get into details. 

“You must be tired from your journey, do you want to take a rest first?” asked Gu La. 

“Yes please,” said Shao Xuan. 

Gu La patted Shan Dao, “Let’s go home.” 

Chacha followed suit.