The flame giant was blurry and it was hard to see it clearly. Instead of watching the movements of the giant up above, why not just observe Shao Xuan? After all, Shao Xuan was the one acting on behalf of the ancestral flaming giant. 

The flame giant’s movements were all matching with Shao Xuan’s. 

So when the people of the Flaming Horn tribe could not tell clearly what the flame giant was about to do, they would look at Shao Xuan. 

What a strange sight! Even the mood of the entire place had changed. 

Although they couldn’t see the Flaming Horn people’s expressions clearly and felt that there was something wrong with them, the other tribes thought that they had very subtle expressions. From their perspective, they could not really see their expressions clearly, but they could still make out some of their expressions from the side. Because of this, they got even more confused. What were the Flaming Horns thinking?

Sudden anxiety spread throughout the entire place. 

Those who were either looking at the Flaming Horns or the giant flame figure in the sky all felt their muscles tense up. The totem power inside their bodies reached a climax and prepared them for anything that could happen. 

Could it be that when Gui He warned everyone to leave and told them “he wouldn’t recommend them staying here” because something dangerous was really going to happen?

If Gui He knew what they were thinking at that moment, he would definitely speak out for his innocence because as the current chief of the Flaming Horn tribe, he did not expect such a thing to happen either! And compared to these onlookers, the Flaming Horns were even more anxious!

At this moment, Abuli, who was hiding behind the beast fang gate of the Flaming River Castle had an ominous premonition. 

He was anxious, and they were even more vigilant and careful than all the other tribes. Simply put, they had been timid from the start. Even on normal days when they went out to hunt for food, a mere breeze blowing on grass could scare them away. 

Even though their tribe was not large and didn’t have much power to fight the other tribes for resources, they knew to depend on their vigilance, instinct, and ability to escape, so that was how they managed to stay alive in the forest till now. 

Since they felt that something unpleasant was about to happen, they stopped hesitating. Curiosity was not as important as their lives. 

Abuli held onto his wife and started running. He screamed, “Hide!”

The other members of the Zhi tribe were already waiting for this moment. When they heard his orders, they followed behind him. 

Outside the Flaming River Castle were houses that looked like courtyards. Back when they designed the place, Shao Xuan had already designed it to resemble a courtyard. 

After Abuli ran out of the beast fang gate, he jumped through the window of a house and hid inside. 

These houses were not assigned to any tribe, and the Flaming Horns who were inside all walked out, so no one else was inside these houses. 

Abuli chose this house and went to hide inside because he noticed this. The doors here were all shut, but the windows were open. There was nothing inside the house too. It was empty. 

The person who jumped in last through the window pulled on the wooden window blinds with his long arms and extended fingernails. Shutting them tightly, he pressed hard against the window panel. 

But some of the warriors of the Zhi tribe got stuck while they flipped through the window. It wasn’t because they were fat, but because they brought too many things. Those were all the food they didn’t finish eating from the feast. There was too much food and the window was too small. He couldn’t move all these food into the house, so he unwillingly set them down outside and shut the windows. 

It didn’t even take them a few blinks. Abuli and around a hundred of his people all hid inside the largest house in this courtyard. 

Even though this was already the largest house in this courtyard and all of these people could fit inside even after eating and drinking so much, it was still a little packed. The doors and windows were all tightly shut. The house was suddenly dark and light only came through from between the cracks in the tiles and the spaces between the window blinds. 

The darkness made them anxious. 


It was a long, soft sound. 

Abuli sniffed the air. His face turned green, “Who farted!”

“Sorry, ate too much, couldn’t hold it in,” an apologetic voice spoke from a place not far from Abuli. 

At a time like this, they couldn’t even open the window and leave so they had to hold it in. 

Meanwhile, inside the arena of the Flaming River Castle, right after Abuli and his group hid into the house, something huge happened. 

Shao Xuan lifted both his arms, but this time, it was different from the cheering posture from before. Instead, after he lifted them up, he opened his arms wide and spread them in opposite directions. Then, like a person standing in the wind, he shook his sleeves. 

At the same time, the flame giant opened his arms wide and did exactly what Shao Xuan did. He shook his sleeves, and in the next instant, it was like a strong wind blew past them, stretching the body of the flame giant. On the side of his arms, two broad fire sleeves, like the ones on a normal human shirt, was blown up by the wind. 

But this was just the beginning. 

The “sleeve” continued to stretch, and the flame giant’s entire body was stretched too. It looked like a flame blown by the wind, and the tails of the flame stretched out. However, it was different from a normal torch in the sense that the figure of the flame giant was still there. It had not faded or shortened. On the contrary, countless flames flew out from the figure, forming torrents of fire that rushed into the distance. 

The flame giant was already taller than all the buildings in the trading point. The flame torrents gushing from it effortlessly passed above the buildings inside the Flaming River Castle. They could not block the flaming torrents and it immediately shot out beyond the castle into the trading point. It spread far and wide, like the gush of a waterfall, and it was ready to flush away everything inside the Flaming River Trading Point. 

But the strange thing was, the flooding torrent of flames went around the people of the Flaming Horn tribe, but Gui He and Gui Ze who were standing beside Shao Xuan could still feel an obvious flowing torrent of fire flow past them. It looked like a raging torrent of flames, but they did not sense the slightest wind or wave. 

It wasn’t just them though. All the architecture and tools inside the trading point remained untouched and intact, without any bumps or cracks. It was like everything never happened. 

However, those people from the other tribes who remained inside the trading point all suffered. Especially those who stood closest inside the arena of the Flaming River Castle, those onlookers. They suffered the most. 

At this time, it was as if they were in the middle of a thunderstorm, struggling to fight the natural forces, the wind and waves. 

The energy from another tribe’s fire seed was growing stronger and it was getting even harder for them to bear. It was like a person who liked salty food and disliked sweet food suddenly getting covered up with a shower of sugar, and not just a little bit of sugar, but a whole mountain of sugar. 

How could this make them feel good? 

Everyone was holding it in and resisting it. They were the ones who chose to stay and even stood so close. They made this decision, so they had to grit their teeth and persevere! 

In comparison, the people from the Zhi tribe who already hid inside were actually a lot safer. They kept a distance from the Flaming River Castle, and they were hiding inside a house, so the flooding energy of the flames did not directly come into contact with them, but the house suddenly felt suppressed from all corners and made many of them scared to the point that their teeth began to chatter. Inside the house, they could clearly hear the clucking sounds made from them trembling. 

Abuli’s jaw twitched. He wanted to control and stop his teeth from chattering, but his heart was going wild. 

What was happening?

What are the Flaming Horns doing? My legs are giving out!