Within a few breaths, the entire Flaming River Trading Point was flooded by the flame torrent. All the architecture seemed blurry inside the trading point. 

All those people from the other tribes who still remained inside the trading point were all frightened. The sudden pressure made them tremble with fear. At this moment, their leaders who were still inside the Flaming River Castle were all suddenly caught off guard and lost their backbones. They didn’t know what to do, so they could only huddle with their team, like little chicks gathering together in the strong winds, gritting their teeth while trying to fight off the cold. 

They were all worried about what happened inside the castle and worried what might have happened to their leader, but even now, they did not hear any whistles! 

They did not dare to act recklessly on their own will without hearing any whistle cues. Their chief had emphasized this more than a few times. They were not to act recklessly. Now, something unexpected had happened, so even if they heard the whistle from another tribe, they would also rush over immediately because their own chief might also be facing the same trouble. Maybe an accident happened and their chief couldn’t blow the whistle. 

But now, out of all the major tribes that came here, they didn’t hear a single whistle! 

The people who were observing from outside the trading point were all shocked when they saw the entire trading point bathed in bright fire. If they didn’t sense that this unusual light came from something similar to a fire seed, and knew that it wouldn’t injure anyone or anything, they would have rushed in right away. 

“What’s happening in there?!” someone yelled. 

Even if it wasn’t an unusual fire seed and wouldn’t hurt anyone or anything, it still had a repelling force towards all the other tribes. This made them feel very uncomfortable. It wasn’t there before, why did it suddenly appear?

“What should we do? Should we go over and look?”

“Wait! We can’t go in yet!” another person tried his best to speak through gritted teeth. 

They didn’t hear any whistles, and there was no way the chiefs of those few tribes were all destroyed. Even if they didn’t believe anything else, they still had faith in their own chief and hunt leaders. How could their own leaders be so useless?!


We can only wait!

Wait for the sound of the whistle, or wait for the situation over there to calm down first. 

About another half an hour had passed. The bright light from the flames slowly dimmed and disappeared. 

Inside the Flaming River Castle, the enormous flame giant also slowly faded away and disappeared. 

The energy from the Flaming Horn fire seed that filled the entire atmosphere also disappeared. Seeing this, the people from other tribes who chose to stay behind were finally able to relax. 

Is it finally….. over?

They were not sure, but they had been shocked. Who knows what was going to happen next?

Some people who stood on the roads belonged to the Flaming Horn tribe. After the light from the fire had disappeared, they felt refreshed and full of energy. There was still unfading excitement in their eyes, and they looked like believers who had just been bathed in holy light. This was completely opposite to the tense faces of the people from the other tribes. 

The people from the Zhi tribe who were still hiding inside the house also peeked out from behind the blinds. Although they noticed that the situation outside had calmed down, they still didn’t dare to come out. They were timid and cautious, and they had to be sure that there was no longer any threat outside. Then they would come out. 

The people who were left outside the Flaming River Castle also rushed toward the beast fang gate. They wanted to make sure that their chiefs were alive and well. 

When they saw the people come out from the inside, they finally relaxed. Although they did not appear to be very happy, they were not hurt. That was enough for them. 

They found their spines, so they were no longer worried. Now they were just waiting for their chiefs’ orders. 

The Flaming Horns inside the castle were all cleaning up after the sacrifice, but the people from the other tribes no longer had the mood to stay any longer. They led their teams out with stern expressions. They greeted the people outside the beast fang gate and headed back to the courtyard that the Flaming Horns had prepared for them. 

The people of the Mang tribe returned to their courtyard. After hearing the reports from his subordinates, he waved his hands and gestured for the others to leave. Only Huang Ye was allowed to stay behind. 

“Did you feel it just now?” Fu Gui asked. 

Huang Ye was startled. He did not understand what the chief meant.

“According to the people who came to report, regardless of whether the Flaming Horn tribespeople were inside the trading point or outside, they experienced the same changes,” Fu Gui said. 

“So what you mean is…..” Huang Ye made a burning gesture with his hands. 

Fu Gui nodded. “Not just them. I even heard from the people who were observing the Flaming Horn headquarters that the people there also experienced the same changes.”

Huang Ye’s eyes widened, “They’re so far though! It’s on the other side of the river. Even them?!” 

“This is also what I care about,” Fu Gui’s eyes expressed their deep contemplation. He was becoming more and more curious about the fire seed’s other form. 

“Doesn’t matter. We will not follow our original plan. I plan to stay here for a little longer,” Fu Gui said. 

Initially, they only wanted to see what the Flaming River Trading Point looked like and also find out the Flaming Horn tribe’s true strength. They wanted to see whether they could really host such a grand feast. In their plan, they did not want to stay here for too long. They were not familiar with the Flaming River area, and rarely did they send any expedition teams here. This place had always been a far place marked with poverty. If they could not obtain enough information about a place, they naturally did not stay for too long. 

But now, Fu Gui suddenly had a change of plans. He no longer cared about the food they had in the Flaming River Grand Feast. Now, the only things he cared about were: first, the green weapons in the Flaming Horn’s hands. Second, and also the most important, what he cared about the most, the fire seed’s alternative form! 

Fu Gui had a feeling that he would regret if he didn’t clear up his doubts and questions about this. 

“Maybe, our tribe might end up making the same decision the Flaming Horns made,” Fu Gui sighed. 

Huang Ye understood what Fu Gui meant by “the same decision”. He couldn’t help but worry, “But, the fire seed is a matter concerning the entire tribe. We should think more about it before making the decision.” 

“Of course. But I have a feeling that at the end, we will still decide to take the path the Flaming Horns took,” Fu Gui was disappointed, but seeing how Huang Ye’s face was still full of disagreement, he said, “Why do you think the Flaming Horn tribe publicised this secret?”

It had been so long. They didn’t even say it back when they were still in the Fearsome Beast Forest. Why did they suddenly decide to publicise it?

“The Flaming Horns want to show off? Or, they want to use this matter to get something from the major tribes?” Huang Ye tried to guess the answer. 

Fu Gui couldn’t help but smile, “No, that’s not it.” 

With those words, Fu Gui lifted his hands and pointed in one direction. That was where the desert was located. 

“Rock Hill City?” Huang Ye asked.

“More than that!”

Fu Gui’s expression was very unusual. Huang Ye had never seen him like this before. He looked like he was anticipating something, but he also looked worried. But more anticipation than worry. 

“The other side of the sea!”

The Mang tribe was different from the other stronger tribes. Every single one of their chiefs had always been carefully selected. They were probably not the strongest tribe and might not even make it to the top three in strength, but one thing was for sure, they were smart and farsighted. 

They did not know when this began, but it had always been the method they used to select a chief in the Mang tribe. 

If Shao Xuan knew about this, he would definitely express his admiration. No wonder they were one of the most powerful tribes in the central region. Not every tribe could achieve this kind of understanding, and it was clear now how the Mang tribe had been able to develop so steadily.  

Even though the chief of the Mang tribe might not be able to do everything perfectly, they were not at all limited in their thinking. Sometimes, they had to admit that their leader, be it the chief of the shaman, had a very keen “sense of smell”. 

He continued to speak even before Huang Ye could figure out what “on the other side of the sea” meant. “The tribes in the Flaming River region will definitely stand beside the Flaming Horns and plead to be their ally after today’s incident. Others did not matter, but all those tribes that came over today are definitely on the Flaming Horn’s side.” 

Huang Ye completely agreed with Fu Gui’s words. 

Perhaps some people were thinking how unbelievable it was that the Flaming Horn tribe were able to attract all those people by a simple meal. But to them who had once also hosted a “showing-off” feast, they knew clearly that the poorer a tribe was, the easier it was for them to be attracted by a simple meal. This was why many tribes that had power chose to host grand feasts rather than battles. A simple meal could help them achieve their goals. How easy was that? But these small tribes were not stupid. They could tell immediately whether a tribe was really powerful. 

The Flaming Horn’s grand feast made them all satisfied, and especially after experiencing today’s giant “fire”, although those people were afraid back when it was happening, their desire to side with the Flaming Horns would only grow stronger. The stronger the Flaming Horns were, the safer they felt. 

Many of the other tribespeople didn’t think too much. They only believed in what they had seen or experienced, and if they wanted to persuade them to fight the Flaming Horn tribe, it was not very likely in a short period of time. This was the weird characteristic of many tribesmen. Sometimes they were just so stubborn and “stupid” that there was nothing to be done. 

“If the Flaming Horn tribe could gather and unite all the tribes in this area, it would also be a massive threat,” this Huang Ye understood. 

“We both know the Flaming Horn’s power. They are not any weaker than us, but if they unite all of these tribes, they no longer have to fear any other tribes. But! They still chose to publicise this secret about the fire seed! Because they are afraid!” Fu Gui looked toward Huang Ye, “What do you think, where did those Flaming Horns that walked out from the desert come from?” 

“Of course from the des--…..” Huang Ye suddenly stopped, his eyes widened in shock, “You mean, they came from the other side of the sea?”

Fu Gui did not reply, but his expression already gave away an affirmative answer. 

Fu Gui’s guess was not wrong. 

Actually, the Flaming Horn tribe also decided to publicise this secret after many discussions. Before, they wanted to keep it a secret from all the other tribes and only tell it to their allies. They even thought about getting more benefits from other tribes through this secret, but at the end, they still decided to use this method. 

The two continents were already getting closer to each other. It was only a matter of time before they would find out. Conflict would break out sooner or later. By then, it would be too difficult if the Flaming Horns were to face it alone. There were still too few people in the Flaming Horn tribe, and they couldn’t even be compared with an ordinary city over there.

And on the other side of the sea, the six aristocrats united as one rope. Every aristocrat in the cities also brought in some tribes, but the tribes over there were quite different from the tribes here. It was impossible for them to give up on the aristocrats and support the people here.

And the tribes here, according to what Shao Xuan knew about them, although there was a lot of friction between them in the past, once slave owners were involved, they would definitely stand on the same side even if they were the Longboat tribe and Tianshan tribe. No matter how much they despised seeing the Flaming Horns, between the slave masters and them, they would still choose the Flaming Horns. 

Tonight, the people from the major tribes that were still staying inside the trading area did not sleep well. They all had their own guesses, and were getting even closer to the truth. 

The matter about the fire seed made them frustrated. 

The ancient fire seed had disappeared, but the fire seed still existed. But it just took another form, one in which blood and fire came from the same source. This the Flaming Horn tribe already proved to them. 

Innovation was always accompanied by fear. Choosing this meant that they had to give up other things that they had long been accustomed to. This was a great challenge for the tribesmen.

They worried and thought deeply. They were not sure if the new change was good or bad for their tribe. It might be a perfect option for other tribes, but it might not suit them well. 

The ancient fire seed protected the entire tribe but also limited them. Many things they did were limited because of it. But one day if it was possible for the fire seed to not be limited to one place, and if everyone in the tribe did not need to gather in the same place throughout the entire year, if they could enjoy such freedom, what would the future be like?

The Flaming Horns had chosen such a revolutionary path, and even the Drumming tribe and Rain tribe followed in their steps. Who’s next?