Shao Xuan’s feelings were correct. The people of the Gu tribe were indeed a little defensive towards them, but they did not show it directly. They probably tried to conceal their defensive feelings because they were afraid of the Flaming Horn tribe. 

Although Shao Xuan and the others saved Bo Luo-even if Chacha captured the person after saving him- it still counted as saving his life, but the Gu tribespeople were acting strange. It was as if they desperately wanted Shao Xuan and the others to leave. 

Shao Xuan could understand if it was their discrimination towards foreign tribes, especially tribes that were stronger than them. It would make them raise their guards, but Shao Xuan felt that there was something else besides all these reasons. 

Even so, the people of the Gu tribe also welcomed Shao Xuan’s group to their living headquarters. After all, they were the guests and even saved one of them. They didn’t need to draw such clear boundaries so soon. The Gu tribe didn’t want to fall out with the Flaming Horn tribe. 

The people of the Gu tribe were extremely cautious with Shao Xuan’s group. Bo Gu knew more about the Flaming Horn tribe because he had been to the trading point, so he was a little nervous when he saw Shao Xuan. 

Most of the Gu tribespeople wore linen clothing, and they were done quite fashionably. Some even had intricate designs. They probably made these clothes themselves, and they were as good as the Rain tribe. But on their linen clothing, there were also other tightly knitted tassel-like linen fibres attached. All of the Gu tribespeople were used to this fashion and didn’t feel at all troubled by the extra tassels on their clothing. 

When Bo Luo was brought onto their ship, his clothing was already tattered, so the linen fibres were not obvious, but seeing so many people of the Gu tribe now, they could finally see the overall characteristics of their tribe. 

Seeing Shao Xuan’s curiosity in the linen tassels, Bo Gu explained, “The Gu tribe is skilled in making nets, so we bring out nets with us wherever we go. Sometimes when the nets break during a hunt, we can use these to repair them.” 

“I see.” With Bo Gu’s explanation, Shao Xuan finally understood. 

Different nets were made from ropes with different thicknesses, so the Gu tribespeople always brought along the original materials to fix the nets with the same types of fibre right away. No wonder all of them had different kinds of fibre tassels. It’s probably because the materials used to make the nets were not all the same. These tassels could be seen as a fashion accessory but were also very useful. 

Shao Xuan and the others didn’t feel that anything was wrong, but some people in the Gu tribe looked at them with strange glances. 

By rights, Shao Xuan’s group saved Bo Gu’s son. It was reasonable that Bo Gu’s attitude towards them was decent, but those people in the Gu tribe who knew him were still surprised because he was too polite. 

Who was Bo Gu?

The current chief of the Gu tribe! 

Even though the chief could not be compared to the shaman in the Gu tribe, he was still chief. Bo Gu rarely initiated any social interactions with any foreign tribes, much less tried to explain anything. Before, Bo Gu had always been rude to other foreign tribes, but he was different today. Something was strange about his behaviour. 

When they led Shao Xuan’s group into their tribe, the people who came back with Bo Gu from the trading point had just been woken up by all the commotion. When they went out to look and saw Shao Xuan’s group, they were at first astonished and rubbed their eyes, thinking they were still not awake. After they confirmed that it was real, they also hurried over and looked at Shao Xuan from time to time with great interest. 

“Do you guys know me?” Shao Xuan asked suddenly. 

Bo Gu, who was thinking about how he should welcome the Flaming Horn people, looked over and saw what was going on. He didn’t try to hide anything. “We just came back from the trading point and we saw you there, Flaming Horn Grand Elder.” 

The Gu shaman, who was squeezed in the middle of the group, looked fiercely at Shao Xuan. Other Gu people seemed not to have understood anything. They looked at Shao Xuan, then at Bo Gu, then back at Shao Xuan. 

Grand Elder? 

This brat?

Bo Gu, you’re not mistaken, right?

Bo Luo, who had just been hit by his father, also suddenly forgot about his injuries. “What? He’s the Grand Elder?” 

The Gu tribe also had their elders, and they were the same in ranking as the elders in other tribes. 

This position was either taken by previous chiefs or shamans who had stepped down. Sometimes this title would be given to an elder who had significant influence and contributions, but Shao Xuan was so young! He’s already an elder? No, a Grand Elder?! The Flaming Horn Grand Elder? 

It was too much for them to take. 

No wonder Bo Gu treated him so politely! It was probably because he knew. 

The others were all making speculations, but the people who went with Bo Gu to the Flaming River Trading Point knew that the Grand Elder of the Flaming Horn tribe was an exceptional position. The Flaming Horns were all very respectful towards him, and when Bo Gu was at the trading point, he even heard that even people of other tribes, not just their tribe, feared this Grand Elder. When they mentioned the Grand Elder, it was as if they were talking about some scary beast.  

Shao Xuan brought a hundred of them into the Gu tribe, while the other hundred guarded beside the ships. 

The total headcount in the Gu tribe was slightly more than three thousand, and they were already considered big within medium-small tribes, but it was still a small number compared to the twenty-thousand population of the Flaming Horn tribe. 

The Gu tribe indeed did not suffer from any food shortage. The fresh beast meat was enough to fill their bellies. 

To express their gratitude for saving Bo Luo and also to welcome Shao Xuan’s group to their tribe, the Gu tribe set up a feast that afternoon on a vast grassland. It was not a “showing-off” level type of feast, just the ordinary type of welcoming dinner. They roasted meat on the fire piles and cooked soup in pots. 

During this time, the Gu shaman also had a small chat with Shao Xuan’s group, but he mainly asked about their purpose for coming here this time. 

When he found out that Shao Xuan and the others were only travelling along the Flaming River, the Gu shaman felt relieved. Although he didn’t express it, Shao Xuan could feel it. 

The people of the Gu tribe were indeed polite, but they gave them a feeling of “please leave as soon as you can”. The Gu shaman also shared some valuable information about the tribes that lived downstream from them, and even mentioned a tribe downstream that produced beautiful pearls. 

This made the group of Flaming Horns excited, especially Duo Li. His eyes lit up as soon as he heard this. 

“What kind of pearls?” Duo Li asked. 

The Gu shaman took out a thumbnail-sized pearl from his inner pocket. 

A Cat Eye Stone?

Shao Xuan seemed surprised. He took the pearl over for a closer look. It didn’t look like it was polished by humans. It was more likely a natural product. However, these pearls were slightly opaque, and the “eye” line in the middle of the stone was a little faint. 

But these were enough to please Duo Li and the others who came from the other side of the sea. Back when they lived there, stones that couldn’t be made into weapons were often more expensive than grains and beast hides because the slave masters loved all sorts of beautiful gemstones.

Seeing the Flaming Horn’s interest in the pearl, the Gu shaman’s eyes brightened with happiness. 

After their meal in the late afternoon, the sky had already darkened. The people of the Gu tribe were all heading to their respective homes, but Shao Xuan and the others did not reside in the cabins provided by the Gu tribe. Instead, they returned to their ships. Although the house was more comfortable, the Gu tribe’s fire seed would make it less comfortable there. So it was better for them to return and rest on their ships. 

However, when Shao Xuan and the others departed for the river, the Gu shaman said, “Be careful of the water at night.”