Shao Xuan and Luo carried the small beast the large beast was dangling from its mouth. It thought it had escaped from danger to only get killed by Shao Xuan. 

"Brother Xuan, you went out again tonight to hunt?"

Ah Guang and the other were still awake. For some reason they couldn't fall asleep, the anxiousness just didn't leave them. Hence, after they heard Shao Xuan and Luo went out they just stayed out of the ship waiting for them. 

"Is this for us to eat? That's great, I was hungry, hehe..."

Halfway through his snickering, as if something got stuck in his throat, he stopped. He stared blankly at the beast Shao Xuan threw over. 

The people on night watch also leaned in to look. They immediately saw the bite marks on the beast. 

Although the large beast didn't directly bite the smaller one, as it threw it over, it still left a sizable bite mark on it. This bunch of tribesmen were familiar with all sorts of beasts but they were no experts on bite marks so they could only guess. 

Kun Tu reached out to check the marks, "It's a huge one. I wonder why this little guy didn't get injured much." 

"I wonder too." Tuo let out a long sigh that seemed to squeeze out all his nervousness from his body. 

Kun Tu looked to Tuo and pointed to his own lip and asked, "What happened?" 

Tuo lifted his hand to rub his bloody lip, "Was surprised." 

Right before the beast left, Tuo gritted his teeth to maintain a calm appearance but he did it so hard that blood came gushing out from his gums. It didn’t show because his mouth was shut but as soon as he relaxed, it came flowing out. 

As soon as the beast left, all the pores in his skin opened following the muscles in his body relacing. Just in a few breaths, Tuo’s whole body was drenched in sweat. 

“That shocked the life out of me,” Tuo explained what he saw to the others. His view wasn’t as clear as Shao Xuan’s but it was still good enough to know the gist of what happened. 

“Brother Xuan, what should we do with this?” Ah Guang poked the small beast with his sword. 

“Are we eating it?” 

“No, leave it for now. I’ll bring it along for the discussion at Gu tribe tomorrow,” said Shao Xuan. 

“What are you going to discuss? Don’t they want us to leave as soon as possible?” Duo Li was intrigued by the beautiful pearls the shaman had mentioned but he could still read between the lines to know that the Gu tribe didn’t want them there. 

“I also want to know how they got into such a big mess.” Shao Xuan was still in confusion and the Gu tribe didn’t seem to want their help.  Maybe they didn’t want others to find out. 

A peculiar aura haunted the riverside for the night. Although Shao Xuan and Tuo had left the area, they knew the large beast didn’t rest and continued moving things. It was only until dawn came when the atmosphere loosened up a little. Some fish started swimming around in the river too. 

The beast Shao Xuan killed didn’t know how to swim but it was obvious that there was a reason the larger beast had moved them here and the Gu tribe had the answer to that question. 

The next day, Shao Xuan brought ten people to the Gu tribe while holding the beast he killed last night. 

“Is the chief in? I’m looking for him.” Shao Xuan saw the guard at the outskirts of the tribe. 

They didn’t expect the Flaming Horn people to show up again but they also didn’t want to cause delays so the guards quickly sent a message and brought the guests to Bo Gu’s house. 

The beast Shao Xuan carried caught the attention of many. Although it was just a small beast to the Flaming Tribe members, the people here rarely saw any kind of beasts. In addition to that, Shao Xuan was carrying that three-metre long beast as if he was carrying a shirt. 

It seemed that the rumour that the Flaming Horn tribe members are super strong was true! 

As Bo Gu noticed the beast Shao Xuan was carrying, he frowned and asked, “I assume you had a good night’s rest? Where did you get this?” 

“We just hunted it yesterday.” Shao Xuan said as he threw the beast down right in front of Bo Gu. 

The few closer to Bo Gu rushed to the floor to take a closer look at the beast. Their eyes were blank but a frown hung on their faces. It felt that they had something to say to Shao Xuan but weren't sure how to. 

Bo Gu closed his eyes to think of a reply then shifted his gaze to Shao Xuan, “It seems that there are more beasts here now, it is best for you to leave soon.” 

“We hunt more than we farm,” Shao Xuan looked at the Gu tribe members and saw that they didn’t have anything to say. “Fine. We’ll go soon, since you said so. This is for you.” 

Shao Xuan instructed the others to leave the tribe. As they were leaving, Duo Li looked at the Gu people and said to Shao Xuan, “If they wanted to hunt, they could just ask us for help. We have so much experience, this is a great opportunity for them.” 

Duo Li asked again, “Are we leaving now?” 

“Why? What are you thinking about?” asked Shao Xuan. 

“Nothing, I’m just curious how they would solve this.” 

Shao Xuan thought for a while and said, “Maybe they already have a plan, a huge one too.” 

“Really? Why not we stay for a few more days and see how they solve this. I really don’t know how the other tribes hunt.” Duo Li’s eyes were gleaming brighter than gemstones at this point. 

The other tribe members were curious too. It would be a great learning experience to observe how other tribes hunt. They were interested in knowing how the Gu tribe would hunt without the super strength the Flaming Horn members had. 

As the Flaming Horn people were still deciding whether to stay on to see how things play out, Bo Gu had already dismissed his tribe members while looking somberly at the beast on the ground. He then walked to the wooden frame at the bottom of his house.

The frame was surrounded by tightly coiled nets for privacy. Bo Gu walked to the centre of the frame and stomped three times. With every step, it felt that a wave was sent out in a circle, moving the grass as they passed. 

After three steps, Bo Gu stood still. As he felt a push from the ground, he took a step back. 

A thick wooden cover emerged on the spot he was originally standing at. It was covered by a thick layer of soil with some grass on top. 

It was an entrance to a cave! 

The entrance opened and someone appeared. His face was filthy. His nose poked out from the ground and before he fully came out of the hole, he laid beside the cave. With a yawn, he asked Bo Gu, “What now?” 

“Is it safe down there now?” asked Bo Gu. 

Impatiently, the man replied, “Of course, why else would I be able to sleep here? It gets noisy at night, you all are too loud.” 

The man spoke quickly, in a squeaky voice. It would be hard for people that weren’t familiar with him to understand what he was saying. However, Bo Gu seemed to have caught every word he said. 

Bo Gu didn’t seem to care about his complaints too and only said, “I’m glad it’s safe.” Then, he turned to leave. 

The person prepared to head back into the cave to sleep but suddenly remembered something and asked, “Were the Flaming Horn tribespeople here?” 


Bo Gu had a blank expression, he didn’t seem to want to continue speaking.

“I never met them before, I heard they looked like beasts, is it true? With fangs, claws and tails?” 

“No, there was nothing special about them.” 

“I don’t believe it, are they still here? I want to take a peek.” 

“No, they left.” 

“Why aren’t you asking for their help? I heard they were skilled hunters. If you had their help your life would be easier.” 

“This is a matter of the Gu tribe, we don’t need them interfering,” said Bo Gu blankly. 

“Oh, since it is a matter of the Gu tribe, then our tribe won’t interfere either.” The person saw that Bo Gu had no reaction to his statement and closed the entrance to the cave. The ground was back to its original state. 

Bo Gu took a deep breath and stopped himself from stomping around the entrance. Let’s see if he can sleep then!

With another deep breath, he headed to the shaman’s house.