A piercing roar that sounded like two stones grinding onto each other asserted a pressure onto the forest as if a hand was pushing down on it. 

The sounds of the arrows hitting the beast never stopped. In reaction to that, the beast lifted up one claw and smashed everything blocking its way to vent its anger. 

Bo Gu realised that there was something weird about the beast’s claw. It was not whole, distorted like a part had been chopped off by someone. 

He was right, that was THE claw. A thousand years ago, when their ancestors were hunting this beast, it managed to escape but not fully, running away with only this half of its claw. Now, the wound was fully healed and some of it had grown back but it didn’t look like a claw so it looked off. This version of the claw was much weaker and less agile than the other claws it had. 

The beast seemed to remember the reason its claw was deformed in the first place so it let out another loud roar and went after the people shooting the arrows. 
The archers continued their volley of arrows and tried to lure the beast into their tribe. 

If it was any other species, they would drive it out from the back but this one was special. They had to lure it from the front, the beast had the upper hand in this fight. 

Trees tumbled down as a new ‘path’ was created. Wood chips and leaves flew everywhere with the trunks itself getting pushed down too. The only thing left was some tree roots and pathetic-looking stumps. 

This beast was not as big a thousand years ago, it was probably the same size as the smaller beasts they encountered a few days ago. Naturally, the hunting methods they used and their ancestors used were different. 

Hence, the beast was not familiar with the Gu tribe’s way of hunting. It could not remember the traditional methods too as a thousand years was quite a long time ago. After testing the tribe members, it decided that they weren’t that much of a threat. It still had a fear of them from the trauma a thousand years ago but all that fear had turned into anger. 

Kill! That was the only thing it was thinking of. 

It could see the Gu houses ahead.


A sound rang in the tribe people's minds. 

That was the next step. 


Ropes shout out from the top, bottom, left, right, all around the beast!

At the same time, right below its legs, a net sprung up. The soil and leaves covering it flew up with it. The moment it lifted its hind leg, the net closed, immediately binding its claw. 

The beast stopped in its tracks for a moment. With a powerful swing, it dragged up the whole patch of forest around it. The net had been attached to these trees. 

The hidden warriors were all exposed now, they quickly ran to set up the next net. 

That was only one of the first hidden nets, there were still many more to come. 

One net wouldn’t be able to do much, they needed many. The beast was already in their net zone, they had to continuously trap it here through one net after another. 
If Shao Xuan was here, he would recognise that the system here they were using was very similar to his consecutive trigger system but more complicated

If the system he used involved simple to mid-tier traps, the system here required mid-tier to advanced traps. 

To connect a net to another one and ensure its efficacy, one had to master the technique and have enough time and energy to complete it. It wasn’t too hard of a task. Currently, the people in charge of the nets in the Gu tribe were working like well-oiled machines without the commands of a leader to set up that huge net. Even people that usually didn't get along had set aside their differences for the mission. 

Other than that, the net itself didn’t receive much damage. The trees around it had broken but the net was still intact. The rope wasn’t that thick but it was very strong, there was some red peeking out at the beast’s foot where it was tied. 

That was the net that went through the ritual. This kind of net was usually used on tricky opponents. A thousand years ago, it was a common net for the Gu tribe but as they encountered fewer beasts throughout the years, they had no use for it. 

Now, a thousand years later, this net was back in use. 

More and more nets circled around the beast’s legs. More and more ropes went around its body. They all seemed insignificant compared to the beast’s size but the number of ropes and nets increased with every step the beast took.

The nets and ropes reminded the beast of several nasty experiences, causing it to get even crankier, its eyes getting wilder. 

The shaman looked at the beast stepping into the tribe and once again shouted, “Go!” 

Bo Gu jumped onto the beast’s back, his totemic powers surging through both of his arms. With one huge swing, he stabbed right into the beast’s neck with full force! 

If this was a normal beast, it would have dropped dead to the ground. 

This beast would surely at least get injured right? 
The moment the blade hit the beast, a sharp clang could heard and Bo Gu's arm immediately felt numb from its vibration. There was only a small scratch on the beast’s neck, there was no blood to be seen anywhere. 

With such a hit, the skin had still not cracked! 

Bo Gu looked at the sword in his hand, it had cracked and was useless now. 

Panic and fear struck into the Gu people’s minds. All of them were using stone tools, what were they going to do now? 

Even after knowing that their tools didn’t have much effect on the beast, they must continue their plan. 

Right at that moment, the two ships that were supposed to head downstream were heading back up.