Within the Gu tribe. When the beast walked into the village, it was already covered in nets. However, these rope nets weren’t strong enough to stop it from walking. There was no way they would be able to catch it with just the nets! 

Just to put on more nets, the Gu tribe had to pay a hefty price, tens of their people had died. Currently, if they continue to hold on like this, the death toll would only increase. 

Sustaining major injuries would be considered the best-case scenario when facing a beast like this. 

The shaman watched as the beast got closer and closer, his calm eyes suddenly showing more and more worry.  

Not enough!

It really wasn’t enough! 
This really wasn’t enough nets to get the results he wanted! Even with preparations, the shaman had underestimated the beast. 

The people working the nets were trying their best, the shaman couldn’t tell them to do anything else. The root cause of this was their inexperience, they had missed too many opportunities to act. 

The shaman looked at the beast carefully. 

Is that it? 

No, there’s still a gap! If we can fill it, we can make it. 

Two warriors struck from above, each carrying a rope. 

Although they were quick, the beast was quicker. When the two noticed the sound of the wind whooshing, they tried to avoid the claw aiming at them but sadly they failed. 
The two fell from the sky like shooting stars, heading head down into the forest, leaving a path of red in the sky. 

It was too late! 

The people holding the nets were at their limits. 

The shaman looked at the approaching beast and took a step back. 

They didn’t have any better weapons, they didn’t have strength like the Flaming Horn warriors, their nets couldn’t tame this wild beast but they still had one last trick up their sleeve. 



All the nets were lit on fire. 

Its head, neck, body and limbs that were wrapped by nets were set ablaze. 

The fire seemed to come from the nets itself. The nets didn’t seem to burn away like wood did, they kept their shape with only the colour turning slightly redder. 

To lure, chase, trap, capture and burn were the basic steps of the Gu tribe way of hunting. They rarely used the last step as it really was just a preventative measure. Even their ancestors rarely used the last step during their hunts. 

Unfortunately, after a thousand years later, they were forced to use this step. Most of the warriors had no experience with this move. For many of them, this was their first time in battle. 
The aura of the fire seed immediately was felt by everyone there, especially by the beast. The area was currently the place where the aura was strongest other than the fire pond. 

The ancient fire seed was meant to protect the people and this naturally would scare any beasts. 

The moment the ropes burst into flames, loud howls from all over the place suddenly stopped, the only one that was heard came from the beast that was very close to the fire pond now. 

The tough scales that stone tools weren’t able to break open were darkening at beneath the flames.  

This was the power of the ancient fire seed! 

The beast stopped in its tracks from the pain it felt from the fire. It let out a chain of painful roars. 

The strong current in the air caused the roof of the house to go flying up. 

Did it work? 

Did we succeed? 

Bo Gu and the rest felt joy and relief. The stone that was weighing them down was gone. 

But as soon as they let out that breath, the situation changed again. 

Beast’s eyes shot open with intense hatred and bloodlust. With a long cry, its entire body of scales bristled. There was a subtle change that came with the long, sharp cry that ended within a moment.

The people holding the nets felt a strong vibration coming from the nets. 


Then the next moment after that thought flashed through the warrior’s mind, sounds of bones breaking were heard. Fresh blood gushed out from their hands, the gap between their index fingers and thumbs split open revealing white bones. 


The first part of the rope broke. The damage was too much for the shaman to repair it. 

Like a chain reaction, the rest of the rope started doing the same. 

Snap! Snap! Snap!

The continuous snaps sounded like fireworks going off. 

The nets fell off the beast, dropping or exploding in all directions, bringing along some warriors with it. 

“How… How is this happening?!” 

Bo Gu couldn’t believe what he was seeing. 
The “burn” move was known as the killer move of the Gu tribe. Nothing was supposed to be able to escape from it. 

The chilly eyes of the beast swept the room, stopping at the figure at the fire pond. 


The stomp on the ground split opened the ground, sending stones and dirt flying everywhere. 

Another long whistle was let loose, the huge beast stomped a foot onto the ground. It radiated an aura that could only be described as murderous.  


With a sound  as if the sky cracked open, the beast's head was knocked to the side causing it to lose the aura it had been building up. 

A green spear sliced through the beast's face from its eyelid to its lip. It nearly got its eye. 

The handle of the spear was as thick as a person's arm made from some unknown wood. The spearhead had an odd green to it that had it seem extra cold in the hot sun. 

Dark red blood came gushing out. 

The stone tools that the Gu tribe had used didn't manage to cut open the skin but this spear did it. 

The huge beast turned its focus to this spear. It seemed that it didn't expect to get injured by humans either.