With such a blow to its head, the beast stopped looking at the shaman at the fire pond and turned to the direction the spear was thrown.

Up in the sky, there was an eagle. 

The beast let out an angry roar. 

The eagle shrieked back teasingly. It did not approach but did not leave either.

The beast growled. Perhaps it wanted to get rid of the eagle immediately but couldn't reach that high into the sky. 

The sudden appearance of the spear shocked the Gu people. They had no such weapon in their tribe, they had only seen the Flaming Horn people wield something like that. They saw the green weapons on them a few days ago. 

They looked at the eagle. The Flaming Horns who visited a few days ago had an eagle too.

Is it them? The Flaming Horn tribe? 

Didn't they leave? Why are they here again? 

The others were guessing but the shaman knew it was them. He could feel the Flaming Horn fire seed aura coming from the hidden tribe people in the forest. 


Another spear came flying towards the beast except this time the beast moved to dodge it. The spear was aimed at its eyes but it landed on its forehead which was the strongest part on its head. The skin cracked but no blood flowed. 

The skin cracked, it really cracked! 

This was the first time it bled since its appearance. 

The people near the beast had no time to move. With all its attention directed upwards, it moved backwards without thought. 

Bo Gu’s arm was injured because he stood too close to the beasts. The bones in his legs were cracked from the vibrations of the beast stomping around. He wanted to move out of the way but he fell instead. 

Just as he was about to touch the ground, a hand swiftly grabbed him by his shirt. He was then dragged and tossed far away by a strong force.
Bo Gu was speechless. 
Such roughness probably meant that it wasn’t someone from the Gu tribe. 

Bo Gu turned to see the figure that stood behind him. His eyes widened in shock. 

The Grand Elder of Flaming Horn? 

The person that threw Bo Gu was indeed Shao Xuan but he aimed Bo Gu towards the direction where other Gu tribe members were standing so they could catch him. 


Another step from the huge beast caused the gap in the ground to widen. 

Shao Xuan had already jumped up before the beast took another step. He grabbed onto a rope from the Gu tribe and spun himself mid-air to change his direction. He had to keep moving, it was dangerous to stay in one place for too long. 

The first spear was thrown by him, he couldn’t go and retrieve it, it was too risky. The beast has its guard up now, it wouldn’t let him near it. Shao Xuan had no confidence in facing a beast with such power currently and he was in no rush to get his spear back. 

They didn’t have any more spears to strike now but the distraction gave the Gu tribe members enough him to catch their breath. 

“Why are you here?” someone that was carrying Bo Gu asked a nearby Flaming Horn tribesperson. 

Luo didn’t look away from the beast while replying, “Our Grand Elder said that you may need our help so we’re here.” 

“Why would he think that?” 

“Because he is the Grand Elder.” 

This answer made it hard for Bo Gu to continue asking questions. He couldn’t tell what their intentions were but he was still grateful towards them. 

The truth was that most of the Flaming Horn tribe members wanted to stay anyway but after Shao Xuan did some knot divination, he immediately ordered the ships to change their course and head back. 

The shaman looked at Shao Xuan. Before he could convey his gratefulness, he made a decision. 


The Gu people that had just caught their breaths got up once again, the battle hasn’t ended. 

The beast had broken a lot of the nets but many were still on its body. However, those nets didn’t have much effect on it alone so they had to add on or repair the nets so that it worked efficiently.

Bo Gu’s position has already been replaced by someone else. He didn’t have any ability to fight now so he could only watch from afar. 

“Do you need any more help?” asked Tuo. 

“No, thank you so much, we can do the rest,” said Bo Gu.

The Flaming Horn tribe appeared at the correct moment to give the Gu tribe the time they needed. What they had to do now was just follow the shaman’s orders to add on the nets. Would they really succeed just like that? 

Bo Gu felt uneasy. Although they gained experience after the first wave of attacks, many of them were injured now so their movements were restricted. 

The beast was getting too close to the centre of the tribe. This didn’t leave much time for the others. 

“Do you really not need help?” Tuo asked again. They really wanted to do more. Although they weren’t sure they could kill it, they were willing to try. They did the same for similar beasts they found in the forest. 

Bo Gu shook his head and said, “No, you really can’t help us.” 

This made Tuo unhappy but they had to admit it was true. It wasn’t that beneficial for the Flaming Horn tribe people to move now. For starters, the Gu tribe fire seed aura was too strong for them in the centre. This would affect their strength greatly. 

They would need their full powers when facing a beast like this. Their years of hunting experience told them that any slight mistake here would cost them their lives. It wouldn't be worth it for them to lose their life over a battle that wasn’t theirs. 

Secondly, the Gu tribe was working as one unit despite the number of people. The Flaming Horn people would mess up their coordination if they joined. 

Knowing that, Tuo and the others didn’t move forwards but only helped the occasionally injured warrior out. No one could bad mouth the Flaming Horns for this. This was considered a very kind gesture compared to how other tribes would have acted.

For now, they could really only just watch and wait. 

No, something’s not right. Tuo realised something. Their Grand Elder wasn’t back yet!