The beast, who was about to roar and charge right at the fire pond, suddenly felt a rush of chills. It felt every scale on its neck stand on its ends.

The next moment, scorching flames came rushing down. Without any preparation, the beast’s whole neck was set ablaze.   

The string around its neck was like a pair of hands on fire strangling it. Its loud cries soon became hoarse.   

Soon after the rough roars, the beast spat out a mouthful of blood.   

The shaman was shocked by the blood.   

He stood there speechless.   

Something was not right…   

This outsider that was standing in his tribe, used a foreign fire seed to burn their target.   

How was this possible!?   

But it just happened and he saw it himself.   

That moment, the beast’s neck was wrapped in red flames with the rest of the body covered in the yellower flames of the Gu tribe.   

Two different flames appeared on the same target!   

Although the two flames had a clear distinction between them, they didn’t repulse each other. 

What….. What?!
With the net burning up, it gave people the sense of completion for the net, which initially felt incomplete. The net was still a net, yes, but after the largest hole was repaired, it looked more complete. The aura radiating from a complete net was very different.  

All the pieces of the net merged into one gigantic net to capture one target.

The beast's body stiffened. It was hard to even lift its claw now.   

In Shao Xuan's special vision, he could see a blue flame that others couldn't see, it belonged to the shaman. He noticed it first when he first caught the stray piece of rope.   

The Gu tribespeople couldn't see the blue flame that was actually guiding the other flames. It covered the other flames on the net. Right at the middle of the net was the fire pond which was the source of the blue flame.   

The blue flame invisible to the naked eye was a key factor in lighting up the net.   

Shao Xuan's body also emitted a lot of flames that weren't visible to other people. They weren't the red totemic flames or the blue flames like the shaman's but it was white!   

The white flame was the one that triggered the fire seed energy in the blood that was on the string. It was very similar to a fire seed's flame.   

Shao Xuan could feel the flames pulsing through his string and the beast's neck. It was in sync with his heartbeat.   

With every movement the beast did, a large cracking noise was heard. Under the scales, the beast's injuries were getting worse.   

The beast let out a low growl for every breath it took as if something was hammering at its heart. 

It wasn’t enough! 

The beast was trying to free itself!   

Shao Xuan forced out more energy causing the white invisible light to expand its range. The flames around the beast's neck burned even brighter.   

"Stop staring! Add more power!" Shouted Shao Xuan.   

The shaman that was staring blankly at the scene suddenly snapped out of his trance. He focused the fire seed's energy for the attack just as he planned to. However, with Shao Xuan's help; he didn't need to risk his life.   

As the flames became more violent, the beast struggled even more. It let out cries of pain, trying as hard as it could to shrug the net off but its movements were as stiff as a rusted machine now. 

It wanted to use its claws to tear the net off but it failed.   

It left out more frustrated roars while throwing its upper body down to the ground.   

This move caused the whole ground to shake as if a giant ground dragon was turning in the soil. More gaps in the ground appeared dust flew everywhere, even the mountains were shaking!  

Everything in the area, stone, wooden foundations of the houses, roots of trees were all uprooted!   

Nobody could have imagined that the beast would be able to exert such a force while literally on fire. A gush of wind came so strongly as if it wanted to lift everyone up into the sky. 
The vibrations shook everyone to their core, even if it didn’t the shock itself would have done the trick. When the wind came, everyone’s soul seemed to have left their body.   
Shao Xuan who was tightly holding on to the string was thrown up once again before even landing.   
The beast’s body was expanding, sounds that were reminiscent of thunder came from within its body. Hot gas gushed out of its scales.   
It was trying to break free from the net!   
Shao Xuan could feel the blood pumping through his veins. The blood rushed through with the force of a great river especially for the blood vessel on his arm he was holding the string with. His bones whined from the stress as if they would explode any second.   
Whoever could last longer would be the winner of this battle.   

Finally, with one last cry of pain, the beast lifted its head and fell.  

It’s expanded body shrunk as air seemed to leak out of it.   

After who knew how long, the beast drew its last breath and stopped moving.