At first, they speculated that it was a delayed rejection of the True Eye but they never expected such a thing to happen. 

So the third eye was the reason behind all of Caesar’s strange actions. 

Shao Xuan just couldn’t understand why this was happening. He thought that the True Eye could only regenerate one eye. The Jing shaman and the others only grew a third eye because both of their eyes were normal, but how come Caesar grew another eye even after his right eye was regenerated? When he inserted the eye into Caesar’s eye socket, he only put it inside his right eye socket. 

How was this third eye different from his other two eyes? 

Too bad Caesar didn’t know how to speak. He couldn’t express his feelings to Shao Xuan even if he wanted to. 

Shao Xuan no longer wanted to bring him back immediately. Caesar was not irritated at all and was emotionally stable. He was not hitting his head on the ground anymore. 

He was a little uncertain. 

Shao Xuan was a little uncertain too. 

After Shao Xuan blew the whistle, Caesar probably understood his orders, because he saw how Caesar was walking towards him. He only stopped because his third eye opened. 

After Shao Xuan understood the reason behind all of Caesar’s strange actions, he was finally able to relax. It wasn’t a late rejection, and both of his other eyes were perfectly fine too. 

As Shao Xuan was thinking, Caesar suddenly tilted his head. All three of his eyes looked toward the bushes on the side. He growled at the bushes. 

There was a nocturnal beast hiding behind the bushes, waiting to ambush. It thought that it hid well, and was ready to pounce on Caesar. He never thought that Caesar noticed him so soon. To the beast hiding behind the bushes, his growl meant: ‘I noticed you, leave when you can!’

Actually, when Shao Xuan first saw the third eye on Caesar’s forehead, he felt a familiar feeling. It was similar to the feeling he felt when the Jing shaman and Miu looked at him. Even though the green glow in his eyes made it harder to see his eyes clearly, it was very similar to the gaze he felt before, but it was not completely the same, probably because the owner was different and had different emotions. Was this why it made people feel different? 

Caesar’s third eye made people feel like even if they hid behind bushes or trees, they could still be sensed. Perhaps this was why the nocturnal beasts that came over didn’t dare approach him. Those beasts liked to sneak up to their prey. If they were noticed, then they wouldn’t even have the chance to pounce on their prey. They enjoyed killing with a single move, so if they were unsure they wouldn’t act brashly. 

That was why the beasts around them didn’t attack them right away after Caesar growled. Even though they had not left, they continued to wait for the right moment to attack. 

The nocturnal beasts around them wouldn’t make a move right now. Shao Xuan looked at Caesar. He blew out the same tune three times, the same tune as before. 

Caesar finally walked over to Shao Xuan. He was a little hesitant and didn’t seem like he was willing to approach him. Shao Xuan even felt a doubtful gaze coming from his eyes. 

Why was he doubtful? 

Did he see something? 

Shao Xuan recalled the Jing shaman telling him about the “figure” behind him. Caesar’s third eye was similar to the Jing shaman’s. Did this mean that Caesar could see the figure behind him as well? Was this why he hesitated when he heard the tune? 

However, even if Caesar saw something that he couldn’t see before, he still followed Shao Xuan’s orders and walked over, but as he walked over, he cried out doubtfully. 

When Shao Xuan heard this, he was sure that Caesar was already clearheaded and well. He had some injuries and this was not a suitable place for him, so Shao Xuan looked for a place to tend to his wounds. 

“Let’s go,” Shao Xuan turned around and walked in the direction he came from. 

At first, Shao Xuan didn’t walk fast. After he heard something move behind him, he sped up, and he also blew a whistle at the sky, signalling Cha Cha, who was following them from above, to also speed up. 

It was already nighttime, and Caesar was injured. He also ran for so long, so he was probably tired. But he was not the only one who was tired. Cha Cha also needed to rest. Nighttime was not the best time for Cha Cha to fly, so Shao Xuan found a place for them to rest and tended to Caesar’s wounds. 

He didn’t bring any medicinal bags, and he didn’t have a lot of medicine on him, so he could only utilise what he had. Luckily, even though Caesar’s injuries looked quite scary, they weren’t serious. Most of his injuries had already scabbed, and most of the severe injuries were on his back and his head. The injuries on his back were from when he fought with other fearsome beasts. The ones on his head were self-induced. 

As they rested, Shao Xuan took the chance to get a closer look at Caesar’s third eye. Caesar seemed unable to control the new eye on his forehead. He was only able to shut it after a whole day had passed. It was like a rusted machine and wasn’t flexible at all, and it couldn’t match his other eyes’ movements. The flesh around his new eye was also hardened. Shao Xuan only noticed this when he was applying medicine on Caesar’s head. It reminded him of the time when he first caught the True Eye. When they first opened up the True Eye, there was also a layer of hardened meat surrounding it. 

He wasn’t sure if that was the reason behind Caesar’s hardened skin that was surrounding his eye. He had to check with the Jing shaman in the future to make sure. 

When Cha Cha saw Caesar, he was even more shocked compared to back then when he saw Caesar lose his right eye. It hadn’t even been long since he last saw him, but Caesar had evolved from a wolf with a single eye to a wolf with three eyes! 

Fearsome beasts recovered much faster than wild beasts. Within a single night, Caesar’s injuries had all scabbed and the bloody stench on his body had also faded. 

Caesar felt a lot better when he woke up the next day. He was more clearheaded than before. He was just still not used to his third eye and would still try to scratch it with his paws sometimes. 

Shao Xuan thought that Caesar was scratching his head the past few days because there were problems with his two eyes. Now, it was clear that he wanted to scratch the part where the third eye grew. That was why he kept running into trees and bumped his head into the ground and mountain. He wanted to hit that spot. Now that the third eye finished growing, he was getting used to it, so he no longer went around wildly to bump into different things. 
Perhaps he would get used to his third eye after some more time had passed. 

Caesar wasted quite a lot of energy because of his third eye. He was ready to hunt for food again when he was feeling better. Now, he didn’t take as long to hunt compared to before, but sometimes he still gazed at Shao Xuan doubtfully. No, to be specific, he was looking at the figure behind Shao Xuan. 

“Is there someone behind me?” Shao Xuan said to Caesar as he took a bite from a wild fruit. 

Caesar only cried out twice and looked fearfully behind Shao Xuan. He was not that worried because he was familiar with Shao Xuan. 

“Just ignore him. I’ll try to figure out who he is soon.” 

Shao Xuan looked up at the sky. Cha Cha had already finished hunting for his food. He removed the traces he left on the ground and said, “Let’s go back.” 

There were people guarding on the post along the borders of their tribe. It was Lang Ga’s group. They were probably worried about Shao Xuan, so they were keeping guard there. All of them even had luggage on their backs. Their entire team was ready to leave if any accidents happened to him. 

Lang Ga’s team was excited when they saw an eagle in the sky. However, Shao Xuan was not on its back. Instead, he ran alongside Caesar. Caesar was injured, and because his third eye had not fully recovered, Shao Xuan had to watch over him. 

“The Grand Elder is back!” someone said as he looked forward. 

“Caesar is back too!” 

“It’s good that all of them are back safe.” 

Lang Ga was so happy that he ran forward to welcome them. He was the one who brought Caesar back to the tribe back then, so he had a close connection with the beast. He was also worried when Caesar felt unwell and went over to visit him quite a few times. Seeing how Caesar was running back with Shao Xuan and was no longer as crazy as the day before, he ran over immediately to welcome them. However, when he saw Caesar, he felt like something wasn’t right. 

As Caesar approached him, Lang Ga's initial smile faded and his expression grew tense. He even rubbed his eyes and looked again. 

The other people were no different from him. 

They heard that Caesar’s sickness was caused by his newly regenerated right eye. Some people were even discussing how they could cure Caesar, and they even came up with plans like removing his newly grown eye, so when Caesar came back, all of them were focused on his right eye. 

They noticed that his right eye was perfectly fine. 

They then turned to look on his left eye. It was fine too. Both of his eyes were fine, but something was strange. All the hairs on their backs stood up on their ends. They took a closer look. Damn! What the heck! 

Caesar couldn’t control his third eye yet, so it was still wide open when he came back to the tribe, and it was vertically oriented too. His normal fearsome beast eyes were already as intelligent as a human gaz. This combination made him look even more terrifying. When his eye looked at them, even his gaze felt different from his normal eyes. This was why they were so shocked when they saw Caesar’s third eye. 

But not just Lang Ga’s team. Everyone who saw Caesar after Shao Xuan brought him back looked confused. 

A lot of people had already come by to watch when his right eye was regenerated, but now, there were more people. After all, they had seen quite a lot of wolves with two eyes. Even if he regenerated a right eye, Caesar was still a normal wolf. However, they had never seen any three-eyed wolves. 

“I can’t believe it!” 

“I thought only humans could grow three eyes. Can’t believe wolves can do it too!” 

Duo Li also wanted to take a close look, but Caesar didn’t let anyone touch his third eye. 

A few days after his third eye appeared, Caesar was back to normal again. He was no longer showing any signs of irritation or scratched his eyes. At first, his third eye couldn’t shut so it remained wide open, but very soon, it started becoming more flexible, so Caesar could finally control its blinking now. 

However, Caesar never opened his third eye in the tribe because he noticed that everyone seemed to dislike it. He even noticed how they were all anxious around him when they felt his gaze. 

So as he learned to control his third eye’s movements, he kept it shut while he was in the tribe. He only opened it if he went out to hunt or patrolled with Shao Xuan. When his third eye was closed, there was not even a trace left on his forehead, and no one would be able to tell if there was an eye there. 

If Miu was here, he would definitely tell Shao Xuan how this eye was so similar to his own third eye.