The pterosaur was so small! Shao Xuan couldn’t be sure if this pterosaur was still a hatchling, but was it possible that an adult pterosaur was this size?

After its body finally warmed up and its blood started flowing, its heart was also beating at a steady rate. After it opened up its wings, the creature’s eyes finally opened. 

As a reptile, its glare was sharp with murderous intent, but it didn’t feel as cold as a snake’s or crocodile’s stare. 

The pterosaur was still a little confused when it opened its eyes. It couldn’t adapt right away to what it was seeing. 

Well, it had been frozen for ages. It made sense if the creature’s brain was not functioning properly right away. 

After a while, the pterosaur stretched its neck and moved its head from side to side. It twisted its head and looked at itself, and as if it was shocked, it tried to move back, but struggled and fell backwards. 

Even though it could move around after the frozen parts of its body started to melt, it didn’t yet have the ability to move freely. 

Noticing that it couldn’t move, the creature opened its mouth loudly and screeched in protest. Its mouth was lined with sharp teeth. Some pterosaurs had teeth, while others didn’t. This one did and it looked very aggressive. 

Shao Xuan observed the changes in the creature’s body. As the temperature started to rise within the pterosaur’s body, it was becoming slightly different from other reptiles. It was more like a bird now. When its body reached a certain temperature, it maintained at the same level and no longer rose with the temperature around it. 

Its organs had also begun to move. It was vigilant and also knew how to threaten others. The creature’s brain also regained a sense of self-consciousness. Now, it had finally awakened from its long frozen state. 

This was different from Shao Xuan’s expectations. Initially, he only wanted to test his guesses on this creature’s bones, but he never thought something like this would happen. 

But this wasn’t too bad either. This was a very ancient creature after all. Shao Xuan was very curious about this creature and the era it lived in. Since this one survived, could it be possible that there were more ancient giant beasts residing somewhere in the world no one knew about?

There were only some small holes in the secret room that served as ventilators. They weren’t large enough for the creature to escape, so Shao Xuan wasn’t worried about it escaping, not to mention it had just recovered. Most parts of its body were still trying to return to their normal states. It was even hard for the creature to crawl now, so he really wasn’t worried.

Shao Xuan walked to the other table and left the creature there to fight its struggles. He walked over to examine the Gomphos that had been slaughtered not too long ago. 

After comparing it with the other half-rotten one, Shao Xuan decided to try it on this one. 
Just when he was about to start, Shao Xuan felt a strong gaze watching him from his side. He turned his head over to look. It was the pterosaur. The creature was trying to get to its feet, and was watching him closely. No, to be exact, it was watching the Gomphos under his hands. 


After being sealed in the ice for so long, hunger was inevitable. Eating was indeed a great way to help it recover. Eating was also a wild beast’s intrinsic nature. 

He sliced off a piece of meat from the Gomphos’ body and brought it over to the pterosaur, who was still struggling to get up on the table. 

When Shao Xuan got close, the pterosaur retreated in fright. It almost lost its balance again. Its front limb was growing weak, and its wings and claws had also lost their flexibility and agility. 

However, the hunger within the creature left it no choice but to accept the food that was served to it. The pterosaur quickly bit onto the meat in Shao Xuan’s hands and gulped it down after closing its mouth on the meat. The next moment, it reached out to bite on Shao Xuan’s hand. This was getting serious. 

However, right when it almost bit down on Shao Xuan’s finger, it stopped. 

It wasn’t because it wanted to stop. It had no choice. It had no control over its own body. 

“Get down.” 

Following Shao Xuan’s order, the pterosaur dropped down to its fours and stayed down low. Its wings were widely spread and its hind legs were also sprawled. Its body laid flat on the table. 


The sharp cry was so loud it filled the room. 

This was the scream made by the pterosaur as it was forced to go down on all fours. No one would be able to relax if they lost control over their own bodies, not to mention a creature that came from ancient times. 

Shao Xuan glanced at the pterosaur once more before he looked away. 

This was actually a special enslavement style. Compared to the other enslavement methods, this method was more suitable for humans or creatures that no longer had a self-consciousness because it would give the slave master complete control over the slave’s body. The slave would lose control over its body’s movements, and only its master could control it. 

This was why enslavement would work better on slaves without self-consciousness. The success rates would be higher too, and after enslavement, the slave master would gain complete control over the slave. 

The normal enslavement method did not allow the slave master to have complete control over his slave. It was just like the case of Sapphire the beetle. Shao Xuan could sense where exactly it was and the conditions within its body. He could influence the energy within the beetle. After all, he was the one who gave it power during the enslavement. This pterosaur was different though. Even though it also relied on Shao Xuan’s power to regain its energy to be able to stand on its feet again, the energy seeped through every single bone in its body. This allowed Shao Xuan to control every single bone on the creature’s body. This was also why Shao Xuan didn’t tie it up and let it move around freely. 

Shao Xuan didn’t care what the pterosaur was thinking since he could stop its actions anytime. He could even pull apart every single one of its bones without even touching it. 

However, compared to normal slaves, this special method required a more refined energy. 

The pterosaur screeched out loud for a while, but very soon, its eyes were averted by the Gomphos that was freshly slaughtered. The smell of blood was still strong, so the pterosaur looked at it attentively, and then looked over again at Shao Xuan with a vigilant glare. Very quickly, it turned back to look at the Gomphos again. 

Shao Xuan ignored the creature. He continued what he was doing and used the same enslavement method on the Gomphos that had lost its self-consciousness. 

Shao Xuan didn’t remove its internal organs. He was just performing a test and he wasn’t planning on using it afterwards, so he didn’t do any extra work. 

The Gomphos didn’t die too long ago, so the active potential within its bones was still very high. It had also lost its self-consciousness, so everything was still going smoothly. 

A moment ago, the pterosaur was still thinking about how it should eat the Gomphos, but suddenly, flames appeared in Shao Xuan’s hands and the pterosaur shrieked with a noise even louder than before. It was a noise filled with fear and terror, and this scream was even louder than when Shao Xuan forced it to lay down flat on the ground. 

Shao Xuan frowned but he didn’t stop what he was doing. He completely ignored the pterosaur’s cries. 

The Gomphos that was slowly losing its life force was changing at a rapid speed. This change wasn’t happening on the outside but within the creature. 


The Gomphos was obviously dead but its stiff body parts suddenly regained a new life force. The creature got up on its feet effortlessly and when it moved, Shao Xuan could hear the sound of its dead muscles being forcefully pulled into action by the creaking of its bones.