Initially, Dian Dian was being attacked in her consciousness, and the Di fish’s flames were surrounding her. When her own flames suddenly surged upward, the gap grew wider until the Di tribe’s flames broke free from the siege. 

The battle continued, even more, intense than before. 

Dian Dian had only felt slightly better, but suddenly, an unbearable pain shot through all the sores on her body. She endured the pain through gritted teeth. 

Did the fire seed’s repulsion cause it? 

No, that wasn’t the repulsion. The new flame in her consciousness was not the reason behind this sudden pain. Instead, it was because the two totemic powers in her body had started to fight again! 

The only difference between those who were sick and weren’t suffering in the Di tribe- no, to be precise, those who had a severe illness and those that were less ill- was that the two totemic energies in the former could not coexist, so they were fighting to survive. Dian Dian belonged to the former group. The latter, on the other hand, was still not in a critical condition. The energies within their bodies were not fighting. He Bian belonged to the latter group. 

Now, as these two totemic powers battled each other, the Di tribe’s totemic energy was fighting back vigorously. Dian Dian was getting farther away from her predestined death. She was fighting to survive! 

He Bian wanted to get close when he saw Dian Dian in pain, but Gui Ze held him back. 

“Don’t worry. It’s not a bad sign.” 

He Bian couldn’t feel anything, but as the shamaness, Gui Ze could feel the energy of the Di tribe’s totemic flames strengthening. 

“It’s not a bad sign? But Dian Dian doesn’t seem like she’s fine!” He Bian was anxious. If it wasn’t for the fact that they were trying to merge their fire seed, he would have attacked Shao Xuan by now. 

“Wait there!” Dian Dian suddenly shouted. Her voice sounded constrained as if those words were forcefully summoned under immense pain but it was enough to show her determination. She would not allow He Bian to intervene. 

Thus, He Bian could only stand there and wait nervously. His eyes were affixed on Dian Dian, and he was worried that an accident might happen. There was no cure for Dian Dian’s sickness, and she was already on the brink of death. She probably only had ten days left to live, but every day was precious. It would be priceless if she could even live one more day. Couldn’t she stay alive for ten more days? 

However, no matter how worried He Bian was, he could not object to Dian Dian’s decision. 

After Dian Dian shouted for him to wait there, she no longer paid any attention to He Bian. The two totemic flames in Dian Dian’s consciousness fought even more intensely than before, but what’s strange was that the Di tribe’s totemic energy was strengthening greatly too.

Besides the time when she had just woken up, she had never felt such active totemic energy! 

The totemic energy within her body had been weak because she was sick for so long. It was retreating and giving in to the Di fish’s attacks. However, even though she was so ill, she suddenly felt like her energy peaked! The longer she fought, the stronger she became! 

It was unbelievable! 

Another unbelievable fact was that the white flame merely stayed on the side in her sea of consciousness. The two flames fought each other but never bothered even to pay any attention to that white flame. No matter how hard they fought, they didn’t make a single move on that flame. 

Usually, if any foreign tribe’s energy came within her body, there would be a strong repulsive reaction. Now, the white flames in her consciousness were foreign, but there was no repulsive reaction at all. Instead, Dian Dian felt that her totemic flames in her consciousness grew more robust in this white flame’s presence. 

But this was not the time to pay attention to that white flame anymore. Instead, she should be focusing all her attention on fighting back. 

In her consciousness, the Di tribe’s flames were inseparable from her. They were one and the same. Dian Dian’s thoughts and intentions could influence the flame’s behaviour. 

Ever since Dian Dian became sick, she felt immense pain whenever she tried to activate her totemic power. But now, Dian Dian couldn’t care anymore. It was either fight or die, so why not give it her all?! 

As her totemic energy peaked, the totemic lines surfaced under her festered skin. Even though she could hardly feel it due to the sores on her body, dark coloured blood flowed out from her festered wounds. 

This was not the first time this happened. Whenever her condition worsened, this would happen, but the blood flowed a lot faster than before. 

The clear water suddenly turned murky and dark in the stone fish tank as blood flowed from her wounds. Small delicate parts of her skin shed off into the water. 

When the blood seeped into the stone fish tank, the three piranhas jumped wildly like mad flies and slammed themselves against the wall of the stone fish tank, making loud clanging sounds. Very soon, these clanging sounds weakened and faded until they no longer slammed themselves against the wall. 

He Bian craned his neck to look. The three piranhas were dead, and their overturned bodies floated to the surface of the murky water. Their eyes were bloodshot, and their tiny sharp fangs could be seen through their open mouths. 

Are they dead? 

Shao Xuan could feel the energies in Dian Dian’s body. He wanted to leave the battlefield, but whenever he tried to pull away from the white flame, the Di tribe’s flames would weaken. The closer his white flames were to the other flames, the stronger the Di tribe’s flames became. 

After he tested this several times, he noticed that it was similar to what happened before. That white flame could influence other totemic flames to become stronger and more active. 

Those white flames originated from another energy within Shao Xuan’s body. It was the bright light that covered his totemic flames. Its power was similar to that of the fire seed, but it would never cause any foreign fire seed’s to repel. This happened with the Drumming tribe, the Rain tribe, and other tribes. Dian Dian’s case once again confirmed this fact. 

The energy of totemic flames came from the fire seed. Even the fire seed wouldn’t repel this energy, so needless to say, totemic energies wouldn’t repel it either. In contrast, whenever he summoned this energy, all sorts of totemic energies, including the Flaming Horns and other tribes’, would become more active. Shao Xuan had been doubtful back then as to how the rain fell in the Rain tribe. 

How did the Drumming tribe’s water moon ancient stones transform into water moon stones in Shao Xuan’s hands? How did the water sun ancient stone become the water sun stone? These were all connected to that power in his body. Up till now, Shao Xuan couldn’t figure out what this energy was. 

Once again, Shao Xuan drew the white flame closer to the Di tribe’s totem. The closer he was, the stronger the Di tribe’s totemic flames became. In contrast, the Di fish’s totemic flames would weaken whenever his flames got close. 

Shao Xuan didn’t dare dive into the flames immediately. This would get out of control, so he slowly tested his power. This white flame was like a giant hand that influenced the battle. With one push from these flames, the Di tribe’s flames grew stronger as it fought back. 

The Di tribe’s totemic flames were changing as Shao Xuan drew the white flames closer. 

“Pull it out!” Dian Dian suddenly gasped. 

She didn’t mean for Shao Xuan to remove the white flame from her consciousness. Instead, she tried to tell Shao Xuan to pull it away from where the Di tribe’s totemic flames were. She tried to use the Di tribe’s flames to do exactly what the Di fish did to them! 

No, to be specific, this was Dian Dian’s plan. The Di fish was planning on swallowing her fire seed whole, but under Shao Xuan’s intervention, everything had changed. Dian Dian wanted to take this chance to take her revenge, and use the same method on the Di fish’s totemic flames! 

Shao Xuan could feel the murderous energy and hatred coming from the Di tribe’s flames in Dian Dian’s sea of consciousness. 

Now, the Di tribe’s flames were already surrounding the Di fish’s flames. 

Swallow it whole! 

The Di fish wanted to fight back, but now, the Di tribe’s flames were too strong. When the Di tribe’s flames surrounded them, the Di fish’s flames didn’t even have any space to fight back. They were surrounded. It was like a predator had swallowed them whole. 

Shao Xuan didn’t leave immediately. He waited patiently on the side for the Di tribe’s flames to grow stronger, until it was a confirmed win. 

Meanwhile, Shao Xuan also noticed that the totem had begun to change in Dian Dian’s sea of consciousness. 

The Di tribe and the Di fish had been sharing the same totem, so the totem would naturally move closer to the dominant flame. 

Now, the lines representing two eyes on the totem’s face were thickening, as if a pair of eyes were finally opening! 

The human face was growing wider in all directions. The scales of the fish and the fishtail were all moving! 

Amidst the rolling flames, the face that was initially covered by fish lines returned to its initial look. The human face was becoming more apparent, and the fish scales were shrinking and slowly disappearing. The fish mouth that was slowly forming also faded in the flames. 

The swallowing process usually took a long time, but now, it was happening at a speed observable by the naked eye! 

The swallowing process sped up even more as the Di tribe regained the energy it had lost before.