Shao Xuan rode on Caesar as he sped across the forest, tracking Chang Di by his scent. 

It was already nighttime and most people in the team couldn’t see well in the dark. Even if they could see the things nearby, they were no match for those who went on night missions often. Plus, the forest was very dangerous at night. If they weren’t careful, they might lose their lives. That was why Shao Xuan pushed Lu Zhai back into the cave when he tried to come out. The Thunder Mountain people weren’t night people. 

Caesar ran so fast that Shao Xuan could already hear the sounds of the people fighting and roars ahead. 

It was Chang Di. 

Chang Di already pressed a person down to the ground, beating him up as he asked, “Where is my son? Where did you kidnappers bring him?! Speak!” 

“I don’t know… Aaah!” 

Chang Di punched him again, “Speak! Where did you guys bring the people! If you don’t speak, I’ll beat you to death!” 

“I really don’t know. You found the wrong person!” the person on the ground explained frantically. 

“No way! It has to be you!” 

Chang Di slowly rose from the ground. His shoulders quivered from the punches he threw before. The muscles on his back bulged and his fist was like a lightning hammer with whizzing winds and electric energy ready to strike down on his target. When he lifted his fist, a visible electric wave flashed down his arms. 

Another punch landed on the person’s chest. Rib bones cracked with a crisp and clear sound. 

However strong that punch may have seemed, every punch he threw wasn’t deadly. After all, he didn’t want to kill this person before he got a clear answer from him. 

“I… already… told you! I don’t know! You… have mistaken…” 

The person on the ground said fearfully. Slowly, his fear turned into a cold laugh and a cruel look flashed across his bloodshot eyes. 

A figure appeared behind Chang Di. The person’s movements were so gentle and undetectable, like a shadow in the night. He crept up behind Chang Di without him noticing his presence at all. No light reflected from his blade when he drew it out. Chang Di felt the hairs on his neck stand on ends and sensed the murderous energy behind him, but he had no time to react. 

The shadowy figure’s blade sliced down. Suddenly, something flashed across the air and hit his blade. 


The sound was so loud that Chang Di felt his ears ring. 

The person behind Chang Di felt his finger bones go numb. The pain shot up his whole arm and he didn’t even have the time to realise what had happened. His other hand was also on the hilt of his blade. He lifted the blade to block the attack, but it was already too late for him to dodge. He could only try to stop the attack and then find a chance to dodge later. 


A stone the size of a human head flew across the air and deflected his blade. 

The person who was holding the blade with both hands felt both his hands go numb. His right arm had only recovered a little from the previous assault but it was suddenly numb again. His left arm was also trembling. In the blink of an eye, his opponent already arrived in front of him. 

He felt like a giant rock had hit him. He flew out so fast and so hard and landed painfully on the trunk of an ancient tree. 


The person flew across the air and slammed into an ancient tree trunk, breaking the tree where he hit it. He seemed like he had temporarily lost the strength to move. 

The person who was pressed to the ground by Chang Di noticed that Chang Di was distracted. He broke free from Chang Di’s grip and slipped out like a slippery eel, running for his life. 

“Stay there!” Shao Xuan yelled. 

Chang Di hesitated, but he still obeyed. He gritted his teeth and stood where he was as he sensed the movements around him with his ears. He couldn’t see far in the dark, so he could only guess what was happening by the sounds. He was worried that some others might appear beside him. All he wanted to ask was what had happened to his son. He forgot about the other dangers around him and he was almost beheaded by someone else. Only now did he realise how careless he was. The only way for him to find out where his son went was for him to survive. If he died, there would really be no more hope. 

The person who broke free from Chang Di’s grip had not run far. He knew that he could not outrun Shao Xuan, so he sidestepped and took a turn. He had perfect timing and ran around the ancient tree that had fallen. He had no time to care for his companion who had fainted by the tree. He couldn’t even save himself. How could he manage to save someone else? It was better if he escaped first. He could find a chance to come back and save him later. 

That person calculated very well. If someone else was chasing him, he would’ve tripped at the tree trunk. Even if he didn’t run into the tree, the obstacle would’ve slowed him down. 

As he ran, the person took a quick glance behind him. When Shao Xuan’s arm touched the heavy tree trunk, it instantly blasted aside and Shao Xuan used this tree to propel him forward. Where his feet landed, his force drilled holes in the ground. The air whistled as he ran at lightning speed. 


The person spat out blood as he sprawled across the ground. He flew even faster than his companion before and slammed into another ancient tree. 

He was already quite beaten up by Chang Di. Now, after suffering such a strong blow from Shao Xuan, he almost lost his life. 

Crack, crack---

The tree snapped and made creaking sounds as it collapsed. 

Shao Xuan rotated his shoulder joints and walked toward the first person he blasted away. He didn’t walk to the second person yet. 

He failed in his ambush on Chang Di and was even blasted into a tree by Shao Xuan. He had to fight the pain and crawl away from the falling tree to prevent it from crushing him. As soon as he saw Shao Xuan walk up to him, shivers spread through his body. He wanted to run, but felt the ache in his bones. He couldn’t move even if he wanted to. Negotiation was a better choice now. He could escape later. He had to buy more time. 

His leg was stretched and ready to sprint off, but he drew it back. He turned toward Shao Xuan and said, “Let’s talk this out. I know what questions you all have and I know some…” 

Before he even finished his sentence, Shao Xuan walked over with a giant step and reached for this person’s collar, lifting him off the ground. 

“I don’t want to hear it!” 

As Shao Xuan said this, he flung the person up into the air. Suddenly, a figure flashed by. 

This was the person Chang Di beat up. Initially, he felt lucky that Shao Xuan had not come in his direction. He had been watching both of them since they weren’t far and he also had night vision. When he heard his companion speak, he also thought this was the best way. These tribesmen must be eager to know the important information they knew. They wouldn’t kill them immediately. This tribesman was no different from the one who beat him up a few moments ago. He was just trying to scare them like the other tribesman did. He looked frightening but he had no intentions to kill them. If he did, where else could he get this information? 

However, what happened next crushed his hope. He watched as the tribesman flung his companion into the air and fed him to a giant wolf. The wolf dragged his companion to some woods nearby. At this moment, this tribesman didn’t seem like he was just messing with them. The wolf’s eyes glinted with a fierce murderous energy as it thought about how it would bite this person to death. 


Terrifying cries came from behind the woods. He heard the low roar of the fierce beast and smelled the bloody scent. A numbness shot through his body. Just the sound of the brutality was enough to paint a bloody scene in his mind. 

He didn’t want to die, but Shao Xuan was already walking in his direction. 

He knew that this tribesman wasn’t the same as the one from before. This one didn’t even care about listening to their explanations. 

The severe injuries greatly restricted his movement and he thought hard about a solution. The footsteps that were approaching him sounded no different from a life-threatening blade, ready to inflict a deadly blow on him. 

Shao Xuan continued to walk at the same pace. He wasn’t too slow or too fast, and he wasn’t even rushing. 

When he arrived in front of that person, Shao Xuan reached his hand out to grab him. 

As soon as he saw Shao Xuan’s hand, the person yelled strainedly, “Wait! I can tell you some important news! It’s really really important! It is related to you tribesmen! 

He was so nervous that his voice became sharp and ear-piercing. Every word he said was of a different pitch. 

He looked at Shao Xuan’s hands like they were blades dipped in poison. His eyes were filled with fear and anxiety. When those hands finally stopped moving, he felt slightly at ease, but instantly, it shot out at him again. He yelled. 

“Listen to me! Please! I can tell you some really important news! There are treasures in this forest! It’s true! There are treasures!” his voice cracked. The hoarseness in his voice was a clear mark of fear. He was extremely afraid for his life. 


The cold response interrupted the person’s cry. Hope flashed across his eyes as he said immediately, “It’s true. There are treasures here!” He mentioned the treasures again. 


“Yes! Yes! Treasures!” the person nodded quickly. 

“I don’t believe you,” Shao Xuan was about to fling the person into another tree. 

“Please! I’m telling you the truth! Even the Yi family is here! They’re all here for the treasures! We followed them into the forest!” 

The person was so nervous and afraid that Shao Xuan might feed him to the wolf that he spoke with words mixed with the language from the other side. 

Chang Di couldn’t understand what that person said. 

“People from the Yi family?” Shao Xuan looked at the person, “What is the Yi family trying to find here?” 

“I don’t know… It’s a worm! A worm!” The person didn’t want to tell him at first, but as soon as he felt Shao Xuan’s arms tighten around him, he immediately told him what he knew. 

“Why do they need this worm? What kind of worm is this?” Shao Xuan asked. 

“I don’t know… I only found out after eavesdropping on them.” 

“Since you don’t know anything, I’ll just feed you to my wolf,” Shao Xuan threw the person out. 

As the person shrieked, the last thing he remembered before he lost consciousness was the sight of a bloodthirsty wolf biting down on him. 

When Chang Di saw the person he beat up just now, the person was already unconscious. Caesar carried him in his mouth. If he bit down a little harder, the person would’ve been snapped into three parts. 

Shao Xuan was also carrying someone else in his arms. He was also unconscious, but he wasn’t torn and bitten like Chang Di imagined.