Compared to the mighty beast, Yi Xiang looked tiny, not emitting any energy that felt particularly powerful. The beast displayed its power externally while Yi Xiang hid his potential, creating a strange contrast as if this was not a fair fight. Everyone secretly did not want to know which sides the scales were tipped to. 

Although the people far away could not feel it for the moment, Shao Xuan sensed that the way Yi Xiang lifted a hand was like an immense power locked within a limited frame, explaining why it felt like he was reserved. 


When the hand collided with the burning beast, indescribable energy rushed across space. 

The burning, manic beast was stopped just like that as if it had slammed into an invisible wall and could not go any further. 

The powerful vibrations from the impact even warped the dark illusory space, then powerful shockwaves erupted and threatened to destroy everything in its path! 

A powerful gust of wind rushed across the space. At that moment, an indomitable force rushed in all directions. 

Not only was the fiery beast stopped, but a crack also started to form where it collided with the wall, from its head, to its body, to its flaming tail! 

A ray of white light poured out of the cracks. Yi Xiang grabbed the light with his hand. 

His fingers curled into a tight fist. There was the sound of bones breaking but it did not come from his hand-- the sound came from the light he caught. 

The light went dark. 

After the sound of shattering bones, the giant flaming beast imploded from within in a shower of sparks. A powerful force intensified, as if shaking the entire illusory space they were in. A strong gale then suddenly burst from the centre of the battlefield along with the flying sparks!

Orange sparks flew like scattered fireworks from the centre of the battle to darkness far away while the brewing storm threatened to extinguish everyone in the space. 


Yes. By now, most of the figures had turned blurry since the vibrations, like fires about to be blown out. Even the three elderly figures blurred momentarily. 

Shao Xuan, far away from the battlefield, felt it too. He felt like he was trapped in a cage and someone was shaking this cage. His consciousness became fuzzy and even blacked out temporarily. 

It felt awful but Shao Xuan gritted his teeth to focus his mind. 

Although he suffered and became collateral damage, Shao Xuan learned something. The scene he saw had taught him a lot. Every bit of energy existed for a reason and Shao Xuan analysed their origins attentively. 

Shao Xuan realised that the collision between Yi Tuan’s Bone Reading Beast and Yi Xiang was a different kind of battling, it could be perceived as a battle between their consciousness. 


Shao Xuan might have figured out how to leave. But, this was not the time. He had taken so much effort to watch the battle and would be dissatisfied to leave now. He still had not seen how powerful Yi Xiang was and observing Yi Xiang had been one of his objectives. 

‘I’ll just continue watching,’ thought Shao Xuan. 

The flying sparks were hot but every Yi member felt a chill in their bones. 

Although it was just a test from Yi Tuan’s side, this test was no simple attack either. It was a fatal attack not to be underestimated, yet this Yi Xiang, who was currently walking slowly over, shattered it in just a second. 

The initially low morale plunged again into fear. The rumours were true, this Yi Xiang was powerful! But that was just a test. No one knew the extent of his capabilities. And the unknown was a terrifying thing to the Yi family. 

Yi Tuan’s figure flickered momentarily, as if in disbelief. Although Shao Xuan could not see his face in this form, he could guess Yi Tuan’s expression. 

That white light had been the source of the flame beast’s energy, its life force concentrated in a bone. Since the source had just been destroyed, then it no longer existed. 

At the same time, within the courtyard of Yi Residence, a piece of bone placed frontmost on the ground before Yi Tuan shattered. 

Amidst the pin drop silence, the sound of the shattered bone was oddly startling. Everyone standing around looked at it. 

A middle-aged man nearest to them widened his eyes so much they almost fell out of their sockets. He stared at the shattered bone. 

“It shattered… How could it shatter?!” A large bead of sweat dripped down his temple. 

It meant the bone was now useless. In the Yi family’s words, this piece of bone was now truly dead. There was no more life force within. 

While he had already expected this, the shattering had happened too soon. He felt even worse. 

Every bone chip used by Yi Tuan came from a powerful fearsome beast. The fact that they were still here today meant that the bone came from a very mighty beast with strong life force! Yet now it had been destroyed- turning into crumbs and powder so suddenly without warning. 

How long has it been?! 

This is bad! - this was what everyone thought. 

Within the infinite illusory space. 

Yi Xiang stopped for a moment after destroying the beast, scanning the crowd. “This generation… is useless.” 

His tone was flat and emotionless. No one knew what he felt. 

Other enemies might give off cold arrogance but Yi Xiang was different- an eerie calm. They could not tell what insanity hid behind the wall of calmness. 

It was the first time he spoke too. In layman terms: he was calling Yi Tuan and his people a bunch of useless idiots! 

This remark included all three elders and the entire Yi family, a tight slap across their faces. 

To face the disapproval of a senior clan member, also a traitor, was an insulting matter. Yi Tuan was utterly humiliated but had to admit exasperatedly that the test had left them speechless. 

When Yi Xiang finished, he turned his head towards Shao Xuan. Although there was no face, Shao Xuan felt his piercing glare going right through his heart and brain. He felt completely seen. 

Shao Xuan: “...” 

Why are you looking at me?! Just carry on with your fight! 

Shao Xuan was ready to run the moment anything felt wrong. This was the Yi family’s turf and he would be at a disadvantage. Fighting them would be a bad idea, especially Yi Xiang, who was currently an unknown variable. Shao Xuan would retreat immediately if they attacked. He was not a Yi family member, he was not restrained by family pride in the face of Yi Xiang. 

Luckily, Yi Xiang did not keep staring at Shao Xuan. After a look, he turned to Yi Tuan and the crowd again without a word and took another step forward. He continued walking mechanically like a machine- same pace, same steps. 

Shao Xuan felt as if Yi Xiang was a ticking time-bomb, his legs being the hands on the clock. When the clock ticked to its last second, there would be a destructive, terrifying explosion.