Shao Xuan watched as Yi Xiang lifted the hand that stopped the beast again, then drew an arc before him parallel to the ground. In the next second, the fiery arc on his side expanded in both directions like a stream expanding into a flooding river, its flames heightening. His reserved aura quickly turned into the force of ten thousand beasts, ready to charge! 

The totem beneath him was previously normal-sized but right now was as large as the totem formed by one hundred people, similar to Yi Tuan’s side- perhaps even slightly bigger!

The fact that one person could do this alone made Yi Tuan anxious. He would not want to fight this person if he had a choice. But a battle was inevitable now. 

Shao Xuan’s eyebrow twitched. Although he was far away, he still felt the radiating power. His physical flesh might not be here but Shao Xuan felt goosebumps all over as if a chill had entered through every pore. 

This won’t do. 

Shao Xuan had already been affected by the first attack. Right now, the next attack will be more intense and Shao Xuan would also be collateral damage. The battle would truly begin now- powerful vs powerful, stubborn against stubborn. Shao Xuan would just be cannon fodder here. 

It’s unsafe here. Was it worth staying behind? 

After some thought, Shao Xuan decided to leave. He had an idea after the first attack and planned to try. If he could leave, great. If he couldn’t, then he would retreat to prepare himself for future shockwaves. 

Thinking about the similarities between controlling his consciousness and controlling the flame giant… Shao Xuan observed his own body using his consciousness. 

As if parting a mass of clouds, Shao Xuan ‘saw’ a spot of white. He suddenly recalled the beast created by Yi Tuan. 

Just like the beast, this white spot was like the core that allowed Shao Xuan to be here. It was similar- but not limited- to a powerful life force, like… a soul. 

At this moment, many flames wrapped around the dot of white! 

Shao Xuan had to remove all the flames wrapping around the white light. 

He used his consciousness to move whatever energy he could in this state. Although he seemed to be separated from his body, a lot of his powers could still be used, for example, totemic power and the other kind of energy in his body. Right now, he was using the Flaming Horn fire seed. 

White threads of light grew out of the white spot. Under his coaxing, they wrapped round and round as the flames dissipated slowly. 

One circle, two circles…

The threads of white light slowly circled, then accelerated into a vortex wrapping the flames and bringing the flames with it. The white threads were thickening while some red flames burned around the threats. 

This was all in his consciousness. Within the dark illusory space, Shao Xuan’s flaming human figure dimmed quickly from bottom to top in a very orderly manner. 

Yi Xiang, who was preparing to attack Yi Tuan, halted and turned to look at Shao Xuan. 

Yi Tuan did the same to notice that half of the figure was gone. 

Since Shao Xuan had been standing there alone, it was only natural they had been observing him. While most of Yi Tuan’s focus was on Yi Xiang, many Yi people were watching Shao Xuan. They did not trust tribesmen, especially not one from a tribe they had an old grudge with. 

The moment Shao Xuan’s figure dimmed, someone noticed that he was going to leave but they ignored him since Yi Xiang was more important. They did not expect Shao Xuan’s departure to attract Yi Xiang’s attention, causing him to stop walking towards them. 

When Shao Xuan’s figure disappeared completely, Yi Tuan felt the space and realised that he could no longer sense Shao Xuan’s presence. At this moment, only the Yi fire seed’s aura remained within this space. 

Previously, they wondered if Shao Xuan was the ‘accident’ from the fortune reading. Looks like he was not. Yi Tuan was not sure if he was relieved or disappointed. It was complicated. Shao Xuan of Flaming Horn did not have Yi blood in him and had different-coloured fire seed flames. Yi Tuan found him strange and unlikable upon the first impression. But this was not the time to think about it. 

That brat must have been worried about being injured by the battle and decided to run first. He must have been frightened by what just happened! 

“FOCUS!” roared Yi Tuan so these distracted minds would not wander off. 

Everyone focused on the battle ahead. It was good that the tribesman was gone anyway, they should not have another distraction. 

They now no longer have to worry about an outsider affecting their battle, nor were they worried that Shao Xuan would appear again. You think you can come and go from this space that easily? 

Most of the people had made great preparations before the battle because being in this state required a lot of energy. Although leaving was easier than entering, it was still not simple. Only a small portion of the Yi family could enter this state- this tribesman was only able to enter and leave once unscathed by luck. 

Shao Xuan’s appearance and disappearance was merely a pebble falling into a lake. It created minor ripples but no waves. 

On the other side, when Shao Xuan opened his eyes, he felt dizzy and almost blacked out. He was very tired and needed to recuperate. 

He looked around. Chacha was on a mountain slope nearby, pecking at a snake as thick as a human’s thigh while pressing it down with its claw. 

This snake was relatively small but large snakes were hard to come by here. 

Seeing Shao Xuan wake, Chacha tossed the half-dead snake at Shao Xuan and chirped twice. 

“Don’t worry, I’m just a little tired” Shao Xuanpatted Chacha’s head and got up to take two slow steps. The feeling of solid ground beneath his feet supporting his weight was very different. 

Shao Xuan turned to Yi Cong and Yi Qi, who were still sitting like before. In the tray before them, the jades had changed positions. The most obvious difference was the totem around them. Compared to before, the fire arc was larger, brighter and burned taller, emitting an even more intense oppression. The slaves around them stayed farther away. 

This was expected because their powers were combined with a hundred people. 

Forgetting about them. Shao Xuan felt too exhausted and so went off to hunt for food with Chacha. After a full meal, he slept for a long time. 

He woke fully refreshed. Shao Xuan thought for a bit, then sat and picked up a straw rope. He tried to enter the realm with his eight knots again. 

With his previous experience, Shao Xuan only failed three times before successfully gaining access to the space. 

The dark illusory space appeared again. He quickly stabilised himself and held back his discomfort. He had already taken a full meal and slept so the battle should be ending soon, right? However, when he looked at them, everyone, including Yi Xiang and Yi Tuan’s group, looked not so different from when he left. 

Everyone who had just focused their minds in preparation for the battle saw the tribesman appeared again. Yi Tuan, who was just about to toss another bone, stopped mid-air. 

Yi Xiang: “...”

Yi Tuan: “...” 

The Yi family: “...” 

Shao Xuan’s aura was different from theirs so they recognised him instantly 

Why is he here again?! 

How is that possible?  

One time was an anomaly, luck. But a second time? 

They thought this tribesman would be happy enough to run back and show off to his fellow tribespeople. But he’s here again! 

And this time, his figure was more solid and not as blurry as before, almost as clear as most of the Yi family members now. They could not believe that he would master this skill! 

Feeling everyone’s gazes, Yi Cong and Yi Qi yelled in unison, “Not us!” 

They really didn’t tell Shao Xuan how to get in! 

If it was not for the inappropriate timing and lack of time to explain, Yi Cong and Yi Qi would be swearing on their lives by now. 

The crowd, which had just settled for war, grew unsettled with Shao Xuan’s disappearance and reappearance again, especially for Yi Tuan. 

Since when could a tribesman do something that even the Yi family found hard to do? 

Yi Xiang did not speak but he too halted his actions. Everyone looked at the re-appeared Shao Xuan. 

Shao Xuan was equally confused. 

The battle hasn’t started?! 

Shao Xuan had previously noticed that something was off. He had been gone for so long, even taken a good rest before returning. And the battle hasn’t even begun?! 

A thought came to him. Time flows differently in this space.