Shao Xuan had just arrived in the dark realm when he was hit with a blast of hot air. Everything seemed to be on fire. 

Instinctively, he activated his fire seed to shield himself from large falling meteor-like fireballs with his own flames. 

This meant that during the time he was away, the Yi family had at least fought once. 

As he thought about it, a ball of flames shot right at Shao Xuan, straight as a spear.

Sensing the fast-approaching threat, Shao Xuan had almost no time to think, instinctively taking two steps back. The orange-red spear of fire almost brushed past Shao Xuan. He could even feel the scorching heat from the flames, he could have been burned if he was one second late. 

“You’re finally here,” came a hoarse, emotionless voice. 

Shao Xuan looked up to find that it was Yi Xiang. Compared to the previous nonchalance, this time, there was a murderous intent in his tone. 

The battlefield was still calm but anyone would know that a large-scale battle had just ended. On the Yi family’s side, several Bone Reading Beasts remained and several indistinguishable fireballs- making a total of twelve. Although he could not see their expressions, Shao Xuan could feel the suppressed frustration on their side. It was obvious they were not winning. Although their camp was huge and intimidating-looking, there was undeniable irritability. If one’s heart was irritable, that meant they were not confident in their abilities! 

Turning to the other side, where Yi Xiang was standing alone, he did not look much different from before. If Shao Xuan had not been observing Yi Cong and Yi Qi, or seen the residual flying flames, it would not have been obvious that Yi Xiang had just fought in a battle. 

In contrast to the shaky confidence in the Yi family camp, Yi Xiang looked too calm. There was an eerie chill in this tranquillity. 

The Yi family did not pay too much attention to Shao Xuan’s appearance. Most did not have the capacity to think about this tribesman who came and went as he pleased. Yi Tuan was the only one who stared at Shao Xuan for a few seconds, then turned cautiously to Yi Xiang, anticipating his next move. 

Yi Tuan was privately bitter and in grief that he still could not grasp Yi Xiang’s true capabilities despite the battle. Right now, he had an approximation and Yi Xiang was definitely more powerful than they thought. Even with a hundred people, they still suffered and could not tip the scales to their side. 

Yi Tuan also truly understood how the once-powerful Yi family had really started to decline. They were so weak beneath the mask of opulence and prosperity! 

He still had nothing to say in face of Yi Xiang’s first remark. “Your generation is useless”, he said. That was his first slap. How they wish to show him otherwise but after the battle, the reality came with another more painful slap! 

As for that Shao Xuan? Yi Tuan had no hopes that Shao Xuan would fight Yi Xiang. If they could not do it, then the tribesman couldn’t either. However, they probably could use this tribesman’s presence to their advantage. 

Despite Yi Tuan putting in his maximum effort, Yi Xiang still did not pay attention to their camp, instead he continued to stare at the spot where Shao Xuan appeared. 

Shao Xuan felt two rays of cold light pointing right at him. 

This person was coming after him! 

With killing intent! Worse than what he directed at the Yi family! 

Shao Xuan: “...” 

Do we have any past grudges? 

Although he had caused trouble at Rock Hill City before, turning Gan Qie into a ‘zombie’ and Yi Xiang had reasons to be displeased, Shao Xuan did not think that enmity would be worse between them compared to Yi Xiang and the Yi family. The Yi family had forced Yi Xiang to escape to the other continent years ago, even Yi Si said that Yi Xiang would surely exterminate the entire clan despite being of the same clan. 

But Yi Xiang’s killing intent towards Shao Xuan was much stronger! 

Shao Xuan wanted to check Yi Xiang’s abilities through their battle to estimate the strength of Rock Hill City’s mysterious leader. How could he have expected this? Previously, Yi Xiang did not react much to his presence. Unless something happened when he was not here? 

Shao Xuan’s confusion turned into caution, planning to retreat. He was here because Yi Xiang hated the Yi family more- now that Yi Xiang targeted him, there was no need to stay. This was their battlefield, it would be stupid to fight them on their turf! 

He willed his consciousness to take him out but after several attempts, he found that it was useless! 

He! Can’t! Get! Out! 

“Now that you’re here, might as well stay.” 

Yi Xiang’s voice echoed, hoarse as the desert wind, like a predator hidden beneath the yellow sand finally revealing its fangs. 

A stark contrast from his past nonchalance, Yi Xiang had begun to move before he spoke, not giving Shao Xuan or Yi Tuan to react. 

The tall wall of fire in front of Yi Xiang that the Bone Reading Beasts could not pass erupted as tall as the sky, like a rumbling volcano that finally erupted! 

With the fiery wall as the centre, scorching heat and red-white fire spread in all directions, further and further! 

The true storm was finally here. 

Even the Bone Reading Beasts were forced back in face of the surging heat. 

The previous battle had been half of this! 

Powerful and precise! 

Killing intent without a shred of hesitation! 

Perhaps this Yi Xiang at this moment was the true Yi Xiang! 

Although Yi Tuan and his family’s faces could not be seen, they must be filled with shock. 

But what came next shocked them even more. 

The wall of fire that extended infinitely upwards started to change. 

At the very top, it extended horizontally in all directions like a giant umbrella. Below, beneath their feet, a sea of flames started to spread quickly too. 

“No!” Yi Tuan yelled. 

“He’s trapping us!” gasped another next to Yi Tuan. 

These were all the elites of the Yi family’s main branch, they all held prominent statuses in the family. Yi Tuan dared not imagine how much danger the Yi family would be in if none of them returned. 

The six aristocratic families of King City maintained the balance of power. If one side weakened, the other five would turn into starving wolves, immediately swallowing the weak, stopping it from rising again! 

The only thing Yi Tuan could think of was--- extermination! 

Yi Xiang really wanted to kill the entire clan! 

Yi Xiang had dragged the battle on before unleashing his true powers because he was obviously waiting for Shao Xuan. He wanted to trap Shao Xuan and the Yi family here together1 

While he did not know why Yi Xiang targeted Shao Xuan, Yi Tuan was only thinking of a way to send his family out. Even if only one-tenth of them succeeded, he could still cut losses. 

At this moment, Yi Xiang seemed to turn into a different person. Although his face could not be seen, he felt like a ferocious storm. 

Within the dark realm, Yi Xiang’s wall of fire seemed to engulf the entire world. 

“RETREAT!” yelled Yi Tuan. 

But it was already too late. 

They had no way to get out. The Yi family finally realised this. 

The sea of flames was rapidly extending beneath Shao Xuan’s feet. He wanted to run but no matter how far he ran, he was still in the same spot. He was about to be trapped together with the Yi family. 

The world of consciousness was different from reality, just like the giants he found at Eagle Mountain. Distance was a blurry concept. 

Retreat? Where would he go?! 

Chills ran down their spines. They were like animals trapped in a cage waiting to be slaughtered. Exhausted, hopeless. 

Yi Xiang’s silhouette became clearer than ever, even his facial expression could be seen. Everyone only had fiery figures without faces but at this moment, Yi Xiang’s face was so clear that his eyes, nose and mouth could be seen. The minor movements of his sleeves could also be discerned-- every detail was clearer than they could imagine! 

This meant that Yi Xiang was previously saving his energy. One could even say that he was only defending and not attacking. Under the three elders’ leadership, the crowd of one-hundred could not even touch Yi Xiang. And right now, they could forget about it unless they got help. 

Within the dark realm, Yi Xiang stood alone, radiating power and arrogance. He was the dictator, the true king of this sealed world! 

Due to the instincts of being blood-related, these Yi family members could not help but revere the formidable Yi Xiang. Unfortunately, he still showed no mercy. Although the crowd was terrified, they still could not retaliate psychologically. 

Shao Xuan felt like he had brought this upon himself.