When the flames from above and under merged and sealed them all, Shao Xuan felt a deep chill in his bones. He was trapped in flames but still felt like he was in a freezer. His blood flow slowed down, his strength weakening! 

Especially the powers he needed for getting out of here- they were ‘frozen’ the most! If he could not activate these powers, he would never be able to leave forever. 

Shao Xuan looked down at the floor of flames, denying him the possibility of escaping downwards. He knew that Yi Xiang planned to seal the entire crowd of one hundred here! They were like vegetables cooked in a pot while Yi Xiang turned up the fire. 

He shuddered. He still did not understand why Yi Xiang hated him so much. Yi Xiang did not even look at Yi Tuan’s camp with as much hatred. 

Of course, Shao Xuan regretted putting himself in this situation but there was no time for that. Might as well look for a way to escape. 

Shoa Xuan looked at the Yi camp. He was new to this world so it made sense that he could not leave. But those Yi people should be familiar with this place. So what will they do? 

If they had a solution, at least Shao Xuan would know in what direction he should proceed towards even if he could not replicate it. 

Of course, he did not place all hope on them. He too had to think of a way to get out. 

The sealed area was divided into two sections. With the firewall in front of Yi Xiang as the edge, Yi Xiang stood on one side while Shao Xuan and the Yi camp stood on the other. 

But Shao Xuan was alone so it looked more like there were only two parties fighting: Yi Xiang and the Yi clan.

The Yi people reacted quickly too. While the rest might not be as experienced, the three elders were already analysing the situation. Unfortunately, everything they observed was bad news. IN the end, Yi Tuan chose the most conservative solution. He did not plan to use all one hundred people to fight to their deaths here. They decided to leave. This was the first time the Yi family witnessed Yi Xiang’s true powers, they must retreat and think of another solution so he could not exterminate the entire clan! 

Yi Xiang had begun his next move. The wall no longer served as a quiet defence. He pushed a palm forward and the wall of fire started to rush forward with the might of ten thousand beasts, as if it would bulldoze and flatten every object in its way! 

This was not even a beast, this was a whole wall! There was nowhere to run here! 

Although this was not reality, Shao Xuan felt his back drenched in cold sweat. He looked at the approaching fire wall, there was nowhere to hide. Turning to the Yi camp, indeed the people in front had started to react. 

This time, the three elders did not use their Bone Reading Beasts. Yi Tuan lifted a hand holding something. It looked like a tortoiseshell. 

Rattle rattle rattle---

The rattling of bones colliding with each other sounded.  

Yi Tuan unleashed a mighty roar and the shell shot out of his hand, releasing a blinding light. It was not a spot of light like the beasts but a ball! 

This mass of light shot out like a meteor, changing by the second. 


At that moment, Shao Xuan felt as if a huge mountain was pressing on himself, his body fighting against a humongous weight. 


A roaring wind expanded in every direction across the entire realm. Even the mighty wall charging at them was pushed back. 


The sound of roaring wind and flames turned into the rumbling of thunder. 

Shao Xuan’s entire being shook along with the shaking realm. He saw boundless firelight pouring out of the mass of light, intertwining with flames when a giant figure materialised in the light. 

He stared at the giant figure, shocked. 

Is that a… tortoise? 

It was different from the regular tortoise he had seen. This tortoise had a more slender figure, neck and tail compared to the ones he had seen. There were spikes on the back of its neck, then more protruding spines on its tale. There were protruding mounds on its shell like hills, though different from the sharp, jagged shell of a snapping turtle. They looked like robust, heavy hills. 

Its physical features were secondary- Shao Xuan was more amazed by its sheer size. 

It’s huge! 

This was the same size as the giant beasts he saw at Eagle Mountain! 

As a comparison, Yi Tuan’s previous Bone Reading Beasts were merely the size of one claw.

A prehistoric giant beast! 

That was Shao Xuan’s first thought. He couldn’t believe the Yi family to own something like this! 

In reality, the Yi family did not own many fortune-telling tools made of prehistoric giant beasts, they were extremely rare. 

They either made their own tools or hired someone to do it, very few were heirlooms passed down generations. Yi Tuan was currently using one of the rare shells left behind by their ancestors. They had more but they were used up during various historical events and subsequently destroyed. This shell was one of the most precious treasures they owned. 

A tribe without a fire pond had their own graveyard for their clan. Five of the six aristocratic families had their own clan cemetery but the Yi family was an exception. Although they had their own cemetery, many members would choose their own place to be buried. The more powerful the person, the more likely they would get a grave of their own. When they felt like their time had come, they would leave the clan along with one fortune reading item to be buried together with them. It was just like how the Ji family members prepared grains in their own graves. The Yi family members were buried with their own fortune reading items. 

Anyone who had the capability to find a Yi family grave, then had the courage to break inside and was capable enough to control the buried item that had lost its owner, was very rare. 

That was why the clan did not have many ancestral treasures. Yi Xiang’s insulting remark was also true. The items they wielded truly did not compare to what their ancestors used to have. These were proof of their capabilities. 

Even Yi Tuan, one of the most powerful clan members, had to give up on his own bone treasures and use his ancestor’s bone treasures to save them. 

Yi Xiang did not look particularly strong but he was actually very powerful. Yi Tuan had no choice but to use this heirloom. The tortoiseshell was only as large as his palm but upon activation, its true form was revealed. 

The giant tortoise opened its jaws, stretched its neck and its throat vibrated. An ancient, hoarse roar was released, one that Shao Xuan never heard before. Its proud roar seemed to extend through infinite space and time, arriving in his ears. This scene was much more shocking than anything the ancestral records wrote about! 

A wave of oppression was unleashed with the roar. The weight crushing Shao Xuan became heavier as the mighty force slammed across the realm. Shao Xuan felt like a weak grasshopper in the face of such power, he could be squashed dead any time. 

Craning his head against the force, he saw the giant tortoise lift its limbs and charge at the wall of fire. The moment before it collided with the wall, it lifted its front two limbs.


The giant tortoise slammed its feet heavily into the ground, its body shaking from the impact, the flames making up its body erupting from the vibration. Countless sparks exploded from the wall. 

The sea of flames beneath their feet splashed and gurgled like boiling water from the powerful reverberations. 

Within the sealed space, the flames from the cracked fire wall, the boiling sea of fire below and the infinite firelight covering the skies, matched with the tortoise’s cry, seemed to bring these people back in time to a strange prehistoric battlefield! 

Shao Xuan’s knees bent from the shockwaves released from the collision, struggling to straighten his back. 

The collision between a terrifyingly powerful psychopath and a prehistoric beast threatened to turn everything else into ash! 

Shao Xuan was on the verge of disintegration in the face of such power. 

He thought he heard the bones in his body crackle from the oppression. 

He was not even close to the battlefield but the shockwaves from the impact were enough to flatten him! 

The war-drum-like roaring of the winds continued, while a huge force pressed on his crown and every part of his body.  Flames flew in every direction, dense as rain. Shoa Xuan could no longer see the giant tortoise properly. 

He felt like he was standing within the mouth of a bubbling volcano. All that surrounded him were scorching heat waves and roaring winds cutting like red-hot knives. The hot air burned the inside of his throat and steam poured out of every pore. 

The oppression on his body was still increasing, now the pressure on his body was at his limit. If this continued, there was only one result--- death! Unless he could force himself out of this situation! 

He must think of a solution! 

The Yi family’s solution against the fire wall was the giant tortoise. Now the most pressing problem was survival, not leaving! 

Did he have anything to protect himself like the Yi family? 

While he did not have any bones, he had his ancestors.