The Flaming Horns waited a few more days until the Hui, Mang and Eight Limbs tribes arrived. 

These three tribes were old friends and did not bring many people, adding up to fewer than five hundred in total. However, in terms of the entire fleet, this was a gigantic group. 

Two thousand from the Flaming River, two thousand from the Longboat tribe, five hundred from Hui, Mang and Eight Limbs made up a total of four thousand five hundred. 

While this number might not be large, to this side of the ocean, it was considered gigantic. The total number of tribesmen in many tribes was far lower than this number. 

They sent a hundred boats out these time, large and small. This included Flaming Horn’s own boats and the new ten boats they bought from the Longboats. 

If the Flaming Horns filled their boats to capacity with people, then they would not have enough space for supplies like sufficient food and water. That was why they still needed to borrow Longboat tribe’s boats. However, Shao Xuan did not expect Mu Fa to make such a grand gesture, mobilising eighty percent of all the Longboat tribe’s boats suited for long marine voyages. 

With such a dramatic show, Shao Xuan would never believe them if they said there was no reason for it. That was why he went to Mu Fa. 

Mu Fa said he wanted to capitalise on this opportunity to accomplish a few things: first is to show off, spread their name by displaying their impressive fleet, showing that they were experienced sailors. Second, Mu Fa wanted to look for business opportunities in the city. They had previously been trading only with smaller cities and trading groups. This time, he wanted to meet larger trading groups, he heard there were many famous ones in King City like the Black Bears that Shao Xuan knew. 

The Hui tribe was there purely because they were curious. The Mang tribe wanted to study the slave masters’ cultural exhibitions and exchange ideas. The Eight Limbs tribe wanted to see if King City’s silk products were better than theirs, taking this chance to learn from the city and improve on their silk technology. 

Every tribe had different goals but wanted to hitchhike with the Flaming Horns. Even Mu Fa, who was anxious about King City, felt a boost in confidence with the Flaming Horns. Especially with Shao Xuan, who seemed to be a great confidence booster.

When everyone they were waiting for arrived, the fleet finally left for the ocean. 

This route was different from the previous route they used to collect the Taihe tribe. This was a later-planned route because their destinations were different. Previously, they were aiming for the forest to collect the Taihe tribe. This time, they used the Longboat tribe’s usual trading route because while they could not be too near the cities, they must not be too far either. 

Ever since they started exploring the ocean, they had already opened up many marine routes, this was the most important route they had ever plotted, also the most used. 

Life at sea was uneventful. To many first-timers who did not know what being at sea would be like, it was a miserable experience. Especially those who suffered from sea-sickness, many warriors with stronger physiques became very weak. 

These people were handpicked by their tribes after all. Despite the initial discomfort, they slowly learned to suppress it. Strong swimmers were even brave enough to swim in the ocean. The ocean was different from the river so the Longboat warriors warned them about things they had to take note of. As long as they use their common sense, they should be fine. 

Shao Xuan also brought Caesar along. Due to the limited number of boats when they first set off from the tribe, Caesar ran on land by the boats. He only got on board once they had more boats from the Longboat tribe. 

During the voyage, Shao Xuan learned of coastal affairs from Mu Fa. Unfortunately, the Longboat tribe never truly entered the main areas and most of what they knew was hearsay so it was difficult to differentiate the truths and rumours. 

With their experience and boat improvements, the voyage was much shorter than Shao Xuan expected. 

When they saw land, many on board felt like they were reborn. 

“That is an important gathering point for Longboat,” pointed Mu Fa at a spot ahead, keeping his telescope. 

This telescope was gifted to him by Shao Xuan, his people had attempted to replicate it but never could produce something as good as this one. That was why Mu Fa continued carrying this telescope around. It had brought them a lot of convenience during voyages. 

Shao Xuan looked at the mainland appearing on the horizon. On this side, Mu Fa released smoke signals, and received a reply also as smoke signals on the other side. The port told them that everything was good and the fleet could dock without concern. 

The Longboat tribe put in a huge effort in building this port. 

Due to both continents gradually getting closer, more and more people knew of the other piece of land other than their own. That was why more people also tried to cross the ocean. 

In the beginning, everyone knew there was a spot where both continents almost touched. That route would be the safest, they did not have to worry about harsh weather and the occasional sea beast that would attack ships. However, now that place must be avoided due to the war between Rock Hill and King City. A long portion of the coast there was guarded by soldiers too, anyone who wanted to cross the ocean had to look for another point. 

After a while, more and more marine routes were discovered. The Longboat tribe was one of the tribes who had a conflict with local groups but the matter had been settled by force. Today, there were some groups who also knew of the Longboat tribe but after they tested the waters several times, they temporarily gave up on exterminating the Longboats. 

But they must still be careful. That was why Mu Fa needed the smoke signals to report the conditions. 

As the mainland approached, the people on the boat could see the coast clearly. 

The environment around this port was very similar to their headquarters on the other side. They had chosen this similar environment on purpose, building it up till this day. 

After they arrived, the fleet would recuperate for two days and then leave for the nearest city. 

The people who were not accustomed to the boats rested on land while the others rested inside. 

Mu Fa had described the terrain to Shao Xuan and brought them into the forest to gather food. This was not a dense forest with many animals so fearsome beasts were rare, just few wild animals. But now was not the time to be picky. 

“Shao Xuan, do you think King City has received your letter? Do they know you’re coming?” asked Mu Fa. 

Recalling the Changle people’s efficiency, Shao Xuan said with confidence, “Save for any mishaps, King City should have received news already. But I’m not sure if the other small and medium cities know.”