Shao Xuan stood on the beast head that broke out from the ice, the wind whistling by him and bringing with it curling white smoke. Behind him were collapsed mountains, in their place stood gigantic beasts who did not belong to this era.
Their eyes were dull without light, none of the sharp glares from before remained. However, their gigantic sizes radiated cold violence, and that was enough. 

The sound of flapping wings approached from far. 

Chacha retracted his head, staying as quiet as a statue as he looked at those flying giants. He felt a strange sense of reverence for them. 

He did not recognise them, nor had he heard of them from his mates or other humans. If he had to draw from memory, these beasts were most similar to that ‘bird but not a bird’ animal Shao Xuan brought back from the ice. 

As the sound of heavy approached together with the flapping wings, all the sounds echoed together to form a strange sense of power, as if an ancient million-year-old battlefield had been awakened. 

The undead beasts charging from the front had no life force within them but still maintained the ferocity they had as the top of the marine food chain. 

On this ancient time-travelling battlefield, on one side was a modern ruler of the ocean, on the other side was an ancient prehistoric master. Both sides finally collided. 

Tough frozen soil and ice were ground into powder with every step. No part of the ground remained intact wherever the giants stepped. 


On the vast icy plains, countless ice and stones flew, tiny cracks threatening to shatter the lands. It was the apocalypse. 

The ground shook and the winds blew harder once again, this time, an ordinary person would cough up blood from the vigorous shaking, either get knocked out unconscious from the reverberations or die. Beast tails and claws flicked and swipe, generating swift gusts of air that could tear humans to pieces! 

Ice chips with sharp edges flew with the winds like flying blades. Each sharp crystal could wound a human being and yet, they shatter into crumbs upon hitting the giant beasts. Some lodged into the animal’s bodies but did not deepen. 

Although they were dead, and many did not have tough armour, the gigantic beast’s tough muscles and bones that could not be slashed by any sword could easily block these ice pieces. 

Forget about these corpses that felt no pain- even if they were alive, the ice chips were merely itches. 

A giant beast had bitten off another carnivorous beast’s thin front limb but the victim did not even react. Without hesitation or fear, it retaliated by biting its opponent, who still held its limb between its teeth. Its strong teeth became lodged in the other beast’s skull, and with brute force, it wrung its head and tore off the head from its neck. 

There was no blood, just the stench of rotten flesh. 

A smaller beast was being dragged by another, then tossed far away. It landed with a heavy thud that would have been as loud as thunder under regular circumstances, yet currently negligible in the battlefield. 

The cracking ice layer boomed with every impact. These giant beasts from the sky, land and ocean from both modern and ancient times fought like demons from hell, as if ready to tear the skies down with them. 

No blood flowed from the carcasses, all they did was tear off each other’s flesh and broke various bones. Broken limbs were strewn across the ground. 

Occasionally, the explosive bang of two giants ramming fiercely into each other would erupt. As controlled reanimated corpses, they could only use about twenty percent of what strength they used to have but even so, the lands were utterly destroyed from their fights. 

The vast land covered in ice and snow turned to a terrible battlefield, the shaking did not just come from the collision between two fire seeds but also physical collisions between giant beasts. 

Solid ice and rocks turned to powder beneath their giant feet. 

Pieces of ice broke into even smaller bits, falling off the ice shelf along with many icebergs and floating away into the ocean. The icebergs tossed and turned along with the air currents as they bobbed away. 

What used to be a congregation of icy mountains had broken off into icebergs.

 Shao Xuan’s totemic patterns were steaming white, his skin looked like it was about to tear apart, also blocking the freezing air currents around him. 

His eyes on the battlefield, he did not relax even for a moment. Although he had used the Founder Shaman’s powers to enslave these giant beasts, controlling such a large horde of them was costly in terms of mental and physical energy. At least the current scales were tipped in his favour. 

More and more giant beasts climbed out of the ocean, but on the other side, beasts were also clawing out of the icy ground. Some were enslaved by Shao Xuan, others controlled by Yi Xiang. Although Yi Xiang brought many beasts from the ocean and other places, compared to Shao Xuan’s herd, Yi Xiang’s army was still weaker. 

In the beginning, Yi Xiang had the upper hand but more and more giant beasts hurried from deep within the ice to turn the tables around. 

In terms of body strength, the modern oceanic beasts were as strong as the prehistoric giants. However, Shao Xuan had bigger numbers. He had unleashed all the Founder Shaman power in him when he slammed his palm into the ground at right now, a huge Founder Shaman Seal was burning brightly in the snow, like it was going to burn up the entire piece of land. 

The white flames looked like they burned without heat, for they did not melt the ice. However, they ‘awakened’ the prehistoric ancient beasts in deep slumber, injecting some life into this manless land. 

Yi Xiang wanted to also enslave more corpses in the area but the burning white flames blocked his own fire seed so he could not do anything here! 

This was a natural repulsion of his fire seed, something beyond his control! 

HIs fire seed seemed timid and avoidant of the Founder Shaman’s power, different from past conflicts with foreign fire seeds. It insisted on retreating! 

Previously, Yi Xiang felt like the fire seed energy within him far surpassed the Yi family’s fire seed, for the power within him had been strengthened. That was why his fire seed flames had more white than the Yi family’s fire seed. 

He had been wondering, how would his own fire seed compare with the Founder Shaman. Unfortunately, the Founder Shaman’s powers had not appeared for a very long time. There was a huge gap in their ancestral notes, he had even spent a huge amount of life force just to conduct a reading, in the end reaching a blurry answer. This blurry answer had in turn helped him extend his lifespan too. 

He had waited a thousand years! 

The Yi ancestral notes stated that a long time ago, the tribal fires seeds appeared not because they were made by the Yi ancestors but because the Founder Shaman had set them ablaze! 

The Yi ancestor said he was closest to the Founder Shaman; what he meant was that the first fire seed lighted by the Founder Shaman was the Yi tribe’s fire seed. That was why other than the Yi tribe’s founder, the Yi family treated the Founder Shaman as another founder of their tribe too. 

Yi Xiang had never stopped searching for the Founder Shaman’s power but in contrast to the reverence his Yi clan held towards it, what he felt resembled more like… a challenge? 

Yes, a challenge! 

Years ago, a few elders of the Yi family reprimanded him severely after knowing of his desires. 

Many people saw Shao Xuan of Flaming Horn as Yi Xiang’s greatest threat. However, Yi Xiang’s main goal was not to have Shao Xuan dead. He just wanted to test the Founder Shaman’s powers. Could his own powers defeat it? Yi Xiang saw himself as the most powerful Yi clansman ever to exist, he saw this as an opportunity to prove himself. 

However, reality now proved that-- your ancestors are respected as your ancestors for a reason. 

Although Shao Xuan was not the Founder Shaman and only had a portion of his powers, this bit was enough to defeat Yi Xiang. 

It happened the last time in the consciousness realm, this time in reality. 

Yi Xiang closed his eyes. He did not expect this outcome, for even his divination readings had not been able to give him an answer. This was also his first time clearly feeling the gap between his own abilities and the Founder Shaman. 

Not sure due to the fatigue from controlling the undead army or the stress from the losing battle, or even the intense emotional fluctuations, Yi Xiang trembled slightly, the finger on the wooden necklace moving the carved wooden ornaments slowly. Suddenly, his fingers tightened when his thumb pressed on a spherical wooden ornament. 

The pair of eyes in the shadow of his hood sprung open suddenly, glowing bright red, as if blood would flow from it soon. 

In that moment, as if the plug had been pulled, his entire undead beast horde stopped moving and collapsed on the ground. The beasts clawing their way up on land fell from the ice back into the ocean. 

Shao Xuan stared ahead. Now that the beasts were no longer blocking his view and he was standing on the head of a giant beast, he could naturally see Yi Xiang. 

Had he given up? Admitted defeat?