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They stayed a few days at Malika City. When the weather finally improved, news came that the snow on the roads ahead had already melted. With the warmer temperatures, the path to Osgiliath had already been cleared by mobilised local soldiers. 

The group immediately set off to leave Malika City for Osgiliath. This time, joining them were Alfred Carter and his Wolf Fang Warrior Group. 

Alfred Carter was only an intermediate warrior in terms of capabilities. While it was not a low level, he could not be considered a true master either. But along his journey with Shaar, he gained a very special tool: experience! 

Compared to most of the warriors at his level, Alfred Carter had rich experience in real battle. This was not group combat tactics learned in the military, but warrior-to-warrior combat techniques. 

He had participated in several tournaments in Osgiliath after all, plus he made a living through fighting with his warrior group. He had too many battle opportunities to count and hence accumulated a lot of practical experience. 

While Shaar was quite powerful, he had a pitiful amount of experience in terms of actual combat. Soldiers trained their courage and group battle tactics on the battlefield. However, a general was not the best at close combat between two warriors. He only stepped into the real world when his old man died, having little experience prior to that.

During their discussions along the way, Alfred Carter did not hold too much back. He spoke frankly with Shaar. Little did he know that this ‘master’ was actually secretly learning from him?!

On the second day they left Malika city, they had already arrived at the edge of the Armenian Military Region. Based on Alfred Carter’s descriptions, they only had to travel ahead through a patch of forest and past an ancient city wall ruin to leave the Armenian Military Region. They would be entering Osgiliath, the Imperial Administrative Zone. This was also known as the Central Zone by the Byzantine Empire.

The line of people and horses travelled along slowly. The Wolf Fang Warrior Group was definitely capable, they had a horse for each person. Within the Byzantine Empire, to be able to ride a horse for long-distance journeys was considered a luxury.

There was an old saying: scholars remain poor, warriors become rich. This warrior group looked very capable. 

At noon, the group had just arrived at the forest by the border and were about to stop for rest when they heard a whistle from within the forest- then more than ten horses suddenly burst through the trees! The riders were clad in armour and wielded long swords, rushing to block the party right in the middle of the path! 

Around them and from both sides, several groups of riders rushed out of the woods and they totalled to more than a hundred people! Shaar’s group was immediately surrounded! 

More than ten warriors blocked their path in front. They were led by a middle-aged warrior clad in silver knight armour, he looked nonchalant with the silver-white sword on his hip. A pattern was carved on his chest armour, glowing faintly. It was a piece of armour enforced with rare magic!

Next to this warrior was an old man on a horse. He was in a hooded black cloak, his head hooded only to reveal his grey hair. He held a rope in both his hands and had different-coloured rings on all ten fingers. The gemstones were red, green, blue, etc and seemed to be shrouded by a thin black mist. His face was hidden in shadow but the silver sigil attached to his chest stated his identity: 

A magician! And a powerful intermediate magician too! 

The middle-aged warrior sat on the horse and stared at Shaar’s bunch with a smirk. His eyes lingered on Shaar and his men for a while, then fell on Alfred Carter when he yelled sternly, “Alfred Carter of Wolf Fang! Do you recognise me?!!” 

Alfred Carter’s expression fell the moment this warrior appeared. These people were equipped with more sophisticated weapons than Wolf Fang. Every warrior on his horse wore decent-quality iron armour and not cheap leather armour, carried military-grade steel swords with shields. Most importantly, there were a few archers waiting quietly outside the circle too. 

Magician, close-combat warriors, far-range archers… With such a complete setup, they were obviously much better equipped than Alfred Carter’s Wolf Fang Group. 

Alfred Carter looked at the warrior and clenched his teeth. “Philip, you snake! You and your men are in our way! Is this an ambush?!” 

The silver-armoured warrior laughed coldly, then glared at Alfred Carter with blatant hatred and venom. “In the last tournament, you cut my younger brother’s fingers right off! You should know that, for a warrior, no fingers mean never being able to wield a sword again! When you crippled him, did you ever expect me to avenge him one day?!” 

“What a joke!” roared Alfred. “It was a tournament, survival of the fittest! If I did not give my best, would your younger brother have shown me mercy? It was a fair fight, the outcome is up to fate. How dare you ambush us like this for revenge? Aren’t you afraid of being laughed at?” 

The silver-armoured warrior, Philip, merely smirked with cold eyes. 
Alfred Carter sighed privately, knowing that the day would not end without violence. He looked at Shaar next to him. When he saw Shaar’s silent, calm expression, he felt a boost of confidence and yelled, “Fine! You want your revenge? Come get it then! These carriages belong to traders escorted by us but it doesn’t matter. I’ll stay behind with my men! Let these irrelevant people go first!” 

“You’re not very bright, Alfred Carter.” Philip guffawed. “I chose this place to set up my ambush, naturally I don’t want news getting out! As for those people, well, it’s just their unlucky day! Who told them to make friends with scum like you?” 

This person grew more and more arrogant as he laughed. Tatara, who was hiding behind Shaar, couldn’t help but sigh. This idiot is dead. 

Indeed, Alfred Carter was about to say something when Shaar stopped him, at the same time pressing down on the fat Gu Luo, who was about to speak. Alfred spoke up loudly, “Hey, I think we need to talk about you first! Ambushing a trading party, robbery and murder… Aren’t you afraid of getting in trouble with the law?” 

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