Conquest - Chapter 117p2

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Alfred Carter lowered his voice. “Lord Shaar, this person is called Philip, chief of the Silver Python Warrior Group, also known as Venom Fang. He is a venomous man who commits unspeakable crimes… I’m afraid… The Silver Pythons are known for their ruthlessness and violence because of huge financial backing. I crippled his brother once, I’m afraid he isn’t going to back down…” 

Philip laughed heartily, within it was arrogance as he glared at Shaar. “And where are YOU from?! Hmmph, since you chose to travel with the Wolf Fangs, you’ve just got the worst luck! I hope you’ll make better friends in your next lifetime!” 

As he spoke, Philip lowered his head slightly and whispered to the magician. “Master, please attack when I sound the cue.” 

The magician looked arrogant too. He only nodded slightly and gave a ‘hmmph’ without another word. 

Philip was filled with confidence. Since the other side wasn’t speaking, he raised his silver sword in the air and yelled, “Archers! FIRE!” 

On his cue, more than ten Silver Python warriors outside the circle fired their arrows. A rain of arrows now headed towards Shaar’s group. 

The Lantis warriors had already protected Gu Luo and the other leaders in the middle with raised shields. With even more combat experience, the Wolf Fang warriors raised their shields and quickly dispersed, jerking their horses around to dodge the arrows. 

Tatara leapt off his horse the first moment and slid under a horse carriage. 

After the first round of arrows, about twenty arrows could be seen stabbed straight into wheels, carriages and shields. Only two or three warriors were shot. Philip shouted and the Silver Pythons let out a roar, charging ahead with their horses. 

Silver Python warriors charged from all directions like floodwaters. On Shaar’s side, Alfred Carter let out a roar and led the Wolf Fangs straight ahead, ignoring the enemies from other directions, right at Philip’s men! Alfred Carter’s intentions were obvious- to do his best to incapacitate Philip. Once the ringleader was dead, victory would be theirs. 

 Philip charged on his horse and as he watched Alfred also charging towards him, he could not help but lick his lips excitedly. The magician chanted two incantations quickly and an acceleration spell fell on Philip, bursting into magical light. Silver light erupted as he roared! His Qi had already reached the level of a seventh level warrior! 

Both sides collided hard into each other and the destruction was instant. Five or six frontliners fell off their horses upon the first impact and when they landed, they ignored their pains and leapt back up to thrust their weapons at the nearest enemy. 

The Wolf Fangs were more ruthless but Philip’s men had the advantage of numbers. Very soon, the Wolf Fang warriors were forced to scatter. Since there were more Silver Pythons, they could easily scatter the Wolf Fangs by driving themselves between the Wolf Fangs on their horses. At this point, the Lantis warriors kept retreating, using a few carriages as cover. The people in front unsheathed their swords while the people behind retaliated with their own bows and arrows. 

Alfred Carter was facing Philip head-on. After the moment both swords collided, it was obvious that Alfred was at a disadvantage. The Combat Qi from his sword was not as powerful as Philip’s and seemed to be slightly bent already. Alfred was not as strong in the first place and being on a horse rendered his advantage of being more agile useless. Philip seemed to be prepared because the moment the acceleration spell was cast, he became more nimble and fast, slashing his sword ruthlessly and repeatedly towards Alfred. Alfred was busy deflecting every hit and did not have the chance to get off his horse. Finally, with a shriek, Philip’s sword struck the black armoured warrior’s shoulder. Silver Combat Qi exploded and the piece of armour on his shoulder was pried off into the air together with a spray of blood. Alfred Carter flipped off his horse and landed, quickly dodging aside as he gritted his teeth in pain. Seeing this, Philip sneered and got off his horse in pursuit, silver Combat Qi brewing like a cloud in his hand, engulfing Alfred Carter within. 

Philip was not naturally agile as Alfred Carter but with the help of the spell, he surpassed Alfred. The black-armoured warrior did his best to defend himself under immense pain, trying to shake off his opponent using speed but Shadow Sword Arts was simply not powerful without the advantage of speed. After another few clashes, Philip’s sword stabbed into Alfred’s thigh and this time, the Combat Qi within the sword blasted a piece of flesh off his leg. Alfred Carter screamed in pain and hopelessness flashed in his eyes. Before he collapsed, mustered up all his strength and the sword in his hand suddenly turned into a ray of light shot directly at Philip. The Silver Python warrior was initially delighted with himself but his chest tightened the moment he saw the flash of lightning. He did a backflip, blocking his sword in front of himself. A crack sounded, he cut the ray of light in half but at the same time, half his sword broke off and brushed passed his cheek! 

Philip shrieked as a bloody slash appeared on his face, even his helmet had fallen off. He stumbled backwards, wiping his face. There was already a deep cut on his left cheek and a piece of skin had been sliced off. He was instantly drenched in cold sweat! If he did not dodge Alfred’s final strike, or had the help of the spell, his head would have been blasted off! 

After the initial surprise faded, anger rose within. He unleashed a roar and chased after Alfred, raising his sword to bring it down towards Alfred’s head. The black-armoured warrior had lost his weapon and spent all his Combat Qi on the previous strike. Without a way to defend himself, he closed his eyes and awaited the arrival of death! 

Philip was ecstatic as he brought his sword down, as if he could already see his enemy’s head sliced right off…

Suddenly, a ray of red light shot right at him and Philip felt a violent vibration in his hand. With a ‘shing’, he felt the sword lighten. It was instantly shorter!

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