Conquest - Chapter 117p4

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After what he had just seen, Philip was already in utter shock. How could he still have any courage left?!

This guy killed the magician so effortlessly and he had just been defeated badly… After such a bad hit, would Philip still have the courage to bother them anymore? 

When he saw Shaar’s murderous eyes directed at himself, he shivered and yelled, “Fall back! Fall back!!” 

He quickly slashed his blade down on a Wolf Fang warrior next to him, then ran to hop on a horse, kicked the horse twice and ran for his life. 

When the Silver Pythons saw their leader run off, they naturally did not stay either. In a hush, the troops scattered. 

The Wolf Fangs had fewer numbers and did not have the ability to pursue the enemy. They merely watched as the troops escaped. They only had half their initial number left, everyone was bloody and they all collapsed with exhaustion. 

The battlefield was in chaos. More than thirty bodies were strewn haphazardly- there were more than ten Wolf Fang deaths and less than ten of them remained. There were six or seven Lantis casualties and the rest of the deaths were Silver Pythons. 

Gu Luo yelled when the enemy retreated so the Lantis warriors raised their bows to fire at the running soldiers. The rain of arrows shot a few Silver Pythons off their horses soon after. It was only when the Silver Pythons were far away when everyone finally put down their weapons, their faces contorted as they panted heavily. 

Tatara had long run out of the carriage, sprinting to Shaar’s side to help him up. “Master, are you alright?!” 

Shaar was hurting all over and could barely stand. He leaned heavily on Tatara, his breathing rugged. He tossed the magician’s head aside, guffawed three times, then his eyes rolled back and he slumped on Tatara’s back. 

Soythe was slightly injured too. He was the bald man Kevin’s squire after all and knew a bit of combat. He fought alongside the Lantis warriors and was not too hurt so he tossed his sword and ran over to help carry Shaar with Tatara, bringing Shaar to sit down in a corner. When Shaar finally regained his breath, enduring severe pain, he looked around to ensure that the threat was gone and finally shook his head to curse. 

“UGH! Magicians are indeed hard to deal with. I almost died right here… All magicians deserve to be killed!” 

Although this was just Shaar venting his anger, Tatara could not help but shrink

A group of people started to help the wounded while the remaining Lantis and Wolf Fangs cleaned up the battlefield. The black-armoured Alfred Carter was severely wounded and was lying down after his wounds had been bandaged. 

Tatara was a cunning man, his first reaction was to drag the dead magician’s body over and then slowly pull all the rings off the magician’s fingers. 

He looked very excited as he stole the rings, whispering to Shaar, “Master, we’re rich! Rich! These are good stuff!” 

Shaar looked up, “Good stuff?” 

Tatara suppressed his excitement, “Of course they’re good stuff, Master! In your hands, they might not be worth much, maybe you could get them for a bit of cash but in MY hands… they can be very powerful treasures!” 


Tatara gulped and whispered, “Master, the magician you killed just now was using an extremely rare spell called ‘Life Curse Technique’! This type of magic is extremely rare even in the world of magic!” 

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