Conquest - Chapter 119p3

The crowd rested for a night in the woods. This ambush had resulted in many severe injuries, Alfred Carter’s Wolf Fang Warrior Group had lost half its manpower. One could easily predict that the visit to the capital would not yield great results at the tournament. 

The Lantis warriors did not seem too upset about it though. Gu Luo even graciously sent some medicine over but Shaar needed to rest because of his injuries and did not speak much to him. 

The next morning, Shaar called the magician-helper out. It was obvious that Tatara had not slept all night because his eyes were bloodshot. 

“First, I need to set things straight.” Shaar looked into Tatara’s eyes. “You must know more about the Life Spells than me, since you call yourself a magician… uh, fine, don’t look at me like that, you ARE a magician. Then you must know that the spell spends your own life force too. The methods that Fihar left behind were not complete, so if you cultivate this magic, you might… No, you WILL lose a portion of your lifespan. Are you willing for that to happen? 

Tatara’s perverted face was determined, for he answered without hesitation, “Yes!” 

“...Why?” The magician’s courage was surprising. This guy was usually just a greedy coward. 

Tatara suddenly puffed up his chest and his ugly, perverted face suddenly glowed. Clenching both fists, he declared, “Because I am a magician! I, Tatara, am a magician! A powerful, respectable magician! A magician is no coachman or blacksmith! A magician is a powerful and noble presence! A magician is a master who stands amongst the clouds! We do not roll in the mud like stray dogs!” 

Shaar looked at him with a half-smile. “Eh? Looks like there’s a lot of resentment towards me accumulated in you.”

 Tatara retracted his neck immediately, forcing his features into a respectful smile, “No way! I would never! Master, even though I am a magician, I am still your lowly servant and squire…” 

“Then… you’ll get as you wish!” 

Shaar’s decision was music to his ears. Delighted, Tatara leapt and cheered, almost about to kiss the hillbilly out of joy. 

Thankfully, the hillbilly kicked him away just in time. Although he was injured, he still had the strength to kick Tatara away. 

In the morning, Shaar and Tatara separated from the rest and snuck into the deepest part of the forest. He gave a very clear explanation to Gu Luo and the rest: my helper requires a quiet place to cast his magic. 

Gu Luo and the rest understood and naturally would not send their people to watch them. Secretly watching a magician was a dangerous thing to do. And since Shaar had given this command, Gu Luo would not cross him. 

When they arrived at the deepest part of the woods, Shaar took out a sheet of lambskin paper. 

The other object found on the dead magician was a magic scroll- a simple contract document. 

Shaar tossed the agreement before Tatara and stroked his chin, grinning. “You recognise this, don’t you?”

Tatara gave one look and his face turned sour. He fell silent and smiled bitterly. “I know this is a magical contract. Once signed, it is stored in the soul and one cannot break it, or the magic would engulf the traitor and suck his powers…”

“It’s simple.” Shaar did not hide his intentions. “You’re my squire, I know where your loyalty lies- but I am still just slightly wary. You want power, so you must pay some price, right? I am a fair person. I killed the magician, his belongings are my war spoils. You did not contribute at all. It is completely up to me to decide whether you get anything. I would not give you such a huge gift without expecting anything, right?” 

Tatara sighed. “I understand.” 

“That’s why I’m giving you the chance to make a choice now. If you’re unwilling, I’ll keep the stuff. You will continue being my squire. In the future, when you have saved up enough money, you can buy your freedom and you don’t have to follow me around anymore. But if you do want this Life Spell, then I must ensure your loyalty to me. These are my war spoils, you must pay a price for them… this is fair.” 

“It is fair.” Tatara calmed down and no longer hesitated. He immediately picked the magical scroll up, unrolled it and shook it gently. The magic within activated and the scroll self-combusted, a strange silver glow cast on Tatara and Shaar. 

“I, Tatara, sign this magical contract that as long as I live, I will be a loyal servant to Mr Shaar and will never betray him.” 

After chanting this twice in Magic language and the common tongue, Shaar nodded and also declared loudly in Magic language, “Deal.” 

He had learned his word from Dora last night. 

Very soon, the scroll stopped burning and the silver glow dissipated. 

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