Conquest - Chapter 119p5

Shaar sighed too. Poor Tatara, to have made such a huge sacrifice…

At this moment, Tatara’s face paled suddenly, his eyes shut and he fainted. The three bones in his palm disappeared. 

“Don’t worry, he’s just too emotional right now. The three bones will be the magical tools he’ll use to wield life force in the future, he can hide them in his being, only summoning them when he needs to cast magic.” 

“Foresight… life-robbing and healing.” Shaar knitted his brows. “Level 1, three types of magic. I understand this, the guy did not have extremely impressive talent in the first place so I guess he won’t have much life force. But… What determines the kind of magic he receives? Is that also further divided into sub-ranks?” 

“No…” Dora seemed to hesitate. “It’s probability, basically coincidence and luck. I don’t know how it works specifically but Life Magic all work the same. Every level upgrade means two additional types of magic, one support and one attack but you won’t know which you would get. It’s because the power comes from life force, that is why it would display the magician’s strongest aspect. The earliest magic received would be the magician’s own best strength.” 

After a pause, Dora elaborated, “Your servant received life-robbing and healing magic in his first level. This means that life force is already his best strength in his essence.” 

Shaar practically rolled his eyes!

Tatara’s physique was weak, how could life force be his best strength?! 

This meant...if you thought about the other types of life magic: courage, strength, speed…

Compared to his already weak life force, this dude’s courage, strength and speed are even worse!

This guy… this guy really is useless, isn’t he...

With this revelation, Shaar glanced at Tatara, a weight lifting when he saw that Tatara indeed only fainted and was in no trouble. 

“Eh? Didn’t he lose half his life force already? Why doesn’t he look aged?” Shaar was curious. 

“This is a characteristic of a Life Spell magic. Usually, the aging symptoms only appear at the last moment. Simply put, if the magician’s original lifespan was sixty years, after sacrificing half, he would only live till thirty. But he would only suddenly age extremely quickly the year he turns thirty, rapidly deteriorating within a year. However his face would still maintain the youth of the year he merged with the magic even before he died. Perhaps this is an equilibrium effect from the balance of the universe. You could say it’s immortality in a sense.” 

Shaar paused for a while. 

The hillbilly couldn’t help but think, ‘Eh? If that’s the case, Life Spells actually have other uses? I heard many women wish to keep their youth forever! If the girl cultivates Life Magic so she sacrifices one year of life force at twenty years old, she would only lose one year off her lifespan! But she would maintain her twenty-year-old face until she dies! I’m sure many women would be willing to make this sacrifice!” 

Dora was stunned for a moment, then she laughed exasperatedly, “You idiot, do you think you could find loopholes in the laws of life this easily? Hmmph! You must first cultivate Life Spell Magic if you wanted immortal youth! You would have to be at least a Level 1 magician! But do you think you only have to sacrifice one year of life force for that? Don’t forget, the guy in front of you sacrificed half his lifespan only to reach Level 1!” 

Shaar sighed. 

After a while, Shaar finally spoke, “No matter what… At least this guy has some powers now right? Hmm, healing and life-robbing are good ones. If I get injured in battles in the future, he would be able to treat me immediately. And when I’m up against enemies… Hehe! Life-robbing is a very powerful magic!” 

Dora merely replied with a strange, cold chuckle. 

There seemed to be contempt, a hint of mockery, and… enjoyment in his suffering?! 

This female dragon did not seem to… bear good intentions?! Why did it feel like he had fallen into a trap? 

Shaar was uncomfortable. 


When Tatara woke, he did not look much different, just that he was missing a finger on his left hand. After simple bandaging and some medicine, the magician could still bear the pain. 

Shaar, on the other hand, was a little excited. He could not help but beg Tatara to demonstrate his newly obtained magic… Tatara was exasperated. 

“Uh… My beloved Master, you must know… every time I cast this magic, it uses up life force…” Tatara was not sure to cry or laugh. 

Shaar was still a reasonable man. Asking his servant to lose a few years off his life just to satisfy his curiosity seemed too much so he dropped the subject. 

After sufficient rest, the group set off again. The black-armoured warrior, Alfred Carter, had sustained severe injuries and was in an extremely gloomy mood. His aim in bringing his people to the capital was to attain glory at the tournament based on him and his team’s capabilities. He would receive generous rewards and make his warrior group famous! 

However, they were greatly incapacitated from the ambush and so, he could not help but feel utterly depressed. 

After burying his dead comrades, Alfred had given up on going to participate in the tournament. The injury on his shoulder needed at least a few months to heal and the tournament was in a month. He would never make it. 

Alfred was one of their main fighters. Without him and half his warrior group- who were injured or dead- he had not much hope in the tournament. 

When his train of thought arrived at this point, he wanted to give up. Many of his comrades were injured and needed medical help at the nearest town. 

After Alfred Carter told him about this, Shaar thought for a while, then replied in a straightforward manner, “So many of your comrades died on this journey, are you going to give up just like that? Aren’t you even going to take revenge from the Silver Pythons?” 

Alfred Carter’s face paled, resentment flickering in his eyes as he gritted his teeth. “Why does it matter what I think. In terms of capabilities, the Silver Pythons are much more powerful than us. They’re rich and powerful while we’re just from a small town… that Philip has relations with some aristocrats and their warrior group is well-funded. I… I…” 

Shaar huffed and looked at him. “I don’t have any opinions on this matter, I’ll be fine if you want to give up… but I sure am not as forgiving as you are. If you don’t seek revenge, I will.” 

Alfred looked grateful when he heard this but before he spoke, Shaar waved, “Don’t thank me, I just want to do this because I can’t suffer the humiliation. That guy ambushed ME! Hmmph, how dare he! He won’t get off easily! But I have a question for you… do you have the guts to come with me?” 

Alfred Carter’s face glowed red as he puffed up his chest and declared, “Of course I do! Why would I be afraid?! I am no coward! I must avenge my dead brothers! I cannot suffer in silence either!” 

Shaar did not say anymore, patting Alfred lightly and turning to leave. 

“What are you trying to do? Adopting a disciple?” Dora mocked in his head. “Or do you plan to take over this little warrior group? I don’t understand why this small group is worth so much effort.” 

“Hmmph, I just want some compensation.” Shaar huffed, “You cunning spirit, do you really think everyone is always looking to cheat other people like you are? And about that Life Spell… Let’s not talk about that! You must be hiding something from me! I tricked the guy to learn his swordsmanship, I must give something in return. Plus how dare those Silver Python imbeciles ambush me like that, I almost died because of that magician. Of course I must retaliate!” 

Due to the many injured soldiers, their travels slowed greatly. 

Fortunately, they did not encounter anymore ambushes or obstacles along the way. Philip had been scared off because Shaar killed his magician, and so never returned looking for more trouble. 

But travelling took up a long time. They only arrived at their destination on the seventh day…

The imperial capital of the Byzantine Empire, the most prosperous city on the mainland, Osgiliath!

The group was walking along the main road at noon when they saw the city’s magnificent silhouette slowly rising up from the horizon. 

Shaar was riding on his horse. When this hillbilly witnessed the grand scale of this prospering city, he felt his chest tighten! 

His jaw dropped as his eyes widened, fixated on this man-made miracle! 

He shuddered, then muttered to himself. “Oh my goodness... this is magnificent! How did they build such a gigantic city?!”

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