Conquest - Chapter 122p1


A shadow burst through the door and the two thick wooden planks that used to be the doors were smashed into pieces. A muscular man in leather armour shot through the wooden chips and landed on the steps outside the yard, tumbling on the ground until he vomited blood, then died. 

A broad sword flew right out of the courtyard,then landed with a clang, sparks flying in all directions as it stabbed right in between the gaps of the stone tiles. 

On the streets, tens of armoured men stood outside the shops opposite to the courtyard, their faces falling when they saw the man who flew out of the courtyard. Many people had weapons in their hands but looked left and right at the other warriors, hesitating…

Within the courtyard, Shaar stood there with his long halberd, radiating killing intent, his eyes glaring fiercely as he stood magnificently…



Actually, Shaar was already extremely irritated!

This was because the man he kicked out was already the fourteenth victim of the day!

Since he moved into the room that Ruhr arranged for him, within hours, fourteen ‘challengers’ had broken right into his house. 

This is… this is ridiculous! 

These men were like flies, all arrogantly demanding to meet Shaar, “Where is Shaar, the man who defeated Hastings? I, XXX, challenge you to a duel!” 

More than ten hours had passed, and as such, more than ten ‘xxx’ had come! These people were all nobodies anyway so Shaar could defeat them with a few punches…. But he could not fight forever, could he?! 

Shaar had not rested since he moved in, hadn’t caught his breath, drank water, not even eaten a spoonful of rice yet!

Ugh, not even the time to go to the toilet! His abdomen was bloated from the pee he was holding in for half an hour, which he held in with a reddened face. When he finally kicked the fourteenth idiot out, his legs shook as he sprinted inside. Within two steps, another warrior with a long sword had leapt inside, yelling, 

“Where is the Shaar who defeated Hastings?! I, xxx, am here to challenge you!” 

In a rage, Shaar cursed this man and his mother! 

Bang, bang, slap! Crack! Ouch…

In a shriek of agony, the arrogant hero was thrown right out, his front teeth slamming into the steps outside. He leapt up and ran away, clutching his mouth. 

Another hero stepped forward, “Where is the Shaar…”

Shaar went to the toilet behind the house and had just pulled down his pants. He was so angry he shouted, “You just wait! I’ll beat you up in just a moment!” 

These challenges continued until the night time. Shaar was exhausted because he did not have time to eat a proper meal, only some roasted beef. After so many duels, he finally reached a breaking point! 

Holding an axe, he rushed out of the courtyard and shouted at all the people outside, “I AM SHAAR!”

Then, with a mighty roar, the hillbilly rushed into the crowd and killed seven or eight people with his axe. Everyone instantly dispersed and ran for their lives, to which Shaar replied, with arms akimbo, “Damn it! Anyone who bothers me will be killed! Do you think I’d show mercy to any of you?!”

When the flies outside finally left, Shaar relaxed, spat on the ground, then returned to his yard. 

Tatara and Soythe looked at each other, then fixed the collapsed door back up…

(Mm, they wouldn’t come back again, would they…) The hillbilly finally heaved a sigh of relief. Returning to his room, Tatara went to fetch a pail of warm water and Shaar took off his clothes to bathe. Just as his pants were coming off, he heard a yell and the door being kicked down once again, “Where is…”

Shaar had a mental breakdown immediately…

He finally understood what the fat man Ruhr was talking about. 

These people must be very bored! They were weak, yet so arrogant! Although they were weak opponents, they could kill Shaar with exhaustion! 

How could they be so shameless to challenge Shaar when they were so weak… They knew that they could not beat Shaar but somehow there was an unspoken agreement to ‘consecutively attack’ Shaar. 

It was as if they had one thought-- if this continues, Shaar must get tired at some point. Perhaps I will be the one who gets lucky! 

Absolutely driven insane, Shaar lifted up his pants and rushed out of the door. The man had not even announced his name when Shaar threw a punch that broke his nose, broke the man’s femur with a kick, then disposed of the man outside. 

The number of warriors outside the door had not decreased since the morning. In fact, there were more people at night. 

Seeing another ‘volunteer’ fall, the remaining men looked at each other. The smart ones deliberately started shouting and hyping up the atmosphere, others were starting to feel luckier. He should be tired by now… 

With the hyped atmosphere, the next volunteer mustered up his courage to rush into the house with his weapon, only to get thrown out next...

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