Conquest - Chapter 123p2

There was a hallway on the other side of the hall. A tall officer-looking man walked out, clad in uniform and leather shoes but no decorations on his clothing. 

He looked in his forties, with cropped brown hair and a generally energetic demeanour. A square face and all smiles, he had very neat moustache and his eyes were friendly. He strode over and gave Ruhr a bear hug, thumping a fist on Ruhr’s chest, “Ha, you fat rabbit. It’s been a while.” 

Ruhr rubbed his chest and smiled bitterly. “You mad dog, you still like hitting people huh.” 

Ruhr then introduced him to Shaar, “General Green, known as the mad dog. He was my classmate at the military academy… Mm, a close associate of Duke Minas too.” There was a pause. “From the Eagles, he’s one of us.” 

Shaar understood immediately. 

Green smiled faintly. “What general? Hmmph, I haven’t been general in a while. Ruhr, I’m just a substitute instructor at the academy now.”

Ruhr laughed and winked at Shaar, whispering, “This guy almost killed Duke Moriack from Byzantine during the Eastern War four years ago.” 

“Hmmph, almost.” Green replied coldly, “It’s too bad I couldn’t kill that greedy rat.”

Ruhr looked left and right, then knitted his brows, “Green, you’re still reckless as ever. Let’s go, this is not the place to talk.”

The three of them continued walking and Ruhr pointed at Shar, “You must’ve guessed who he is, right? Hehe, he’s Shaar.”

“Oh?” Green’s eyes brightened as he regarded Shaar, giving him a sincere smile. He then saluted by thumping his chest, “Kid, I heard you’ve done well at the frontlines this time.” 

This sounded way more sincere than the last officer’s ‘deep respect’. After hearing that he had almost killed the empire’s most corrupt minister, Shaar gained a sense of respect for him. 

“Oh, right, I forgot. Green served in the Thirteenth Cavalry for two years too. But that was many years ago, he even almost became general of Rhodelia too. It’s too bad he was transferred because of an incident.” The fat man pitied him.

Green laughed, looking at Ruhr. “You’re now the general of the Thirteenth. So how do you feel leading such a solid army?”

The fat man pursed his lips and smiled bitterly. “That’s enough, you know how I’m like. Sigh, let’s not talk about this.” 

The three of them chatted happily as they walked out into the square outside. 

Ruhr smiled. “I’ve been here for a while but I still hadn’t seen you. Where did you go?” 

Green looked solemn. “Where else? This time, I had to submit so many reports because of the battle, begging for me to go to the frontlines, even to just be an officer or a soldier. But no one cared, all they did was order me to lead a bunch of new recruits and train them in the eastern department. I just returned yesterday to report myself to the military. Hmmph…”

Ruhr could see that Green was depressed and patted his shoulder with a smile. “That’s fine, at least you were still doing something. It’s better than where they send other demoted officers. It’s still good that you’re training new blood.”

Green’s eyes brightened as he smiled proudly, “Of course. People I train will never embarrass Duke Minas.” 

But then his face fell again when he whispered, “But I don’t know which corner those idiots at the top shove my graduates too. Sigh, I’ve seen too much, my passion has cooled. So many excellent officers have graduated from my academy but thrown to some far-off useless post. I have lost hope. But to be honest, I have a favour to ask. You’re a general of the cavalry, you must have a special list of names. I have a few good young men with me, please find a way to take them in. I guarantee that they are top-grade officers.” 

The fat man knitted his brows and sighed. He hesitated, “It’s not that I don’t want to help but the Eagles at the top have tightened their control. I already have very few names on my list. Mm, I cannot guarantee anything if there are too many but I can do ten. I’ll get you ten slots, it’s fine if they are bodyguards or even regular soldiers. I’ll put them as my subordinates, then find opportunities to promote them slowly. Sigh.” 

Green frowned, also sighing. “Fine, ten then. Better than nothing. Hmmph, what has become of this world.”

Both of them grew solemn, leaving Shaar confused and silent. 

When they arrived at the base of the water fountain, Green suddenly halted and pointed angrily at the statue, “If our ancestors were still around, if they found out how much their glorious army has declined…”

The fat man smirked, looking at the sentence at the bottom of the statue. “There is no end in the path to victory.”

He stroked his chin and fell silent for a few moments. “Victory, hmmph. With the current state of the military, are they even able to conquer anyone?” 

The two Eagle soldiers looked at each other, a sense of hopelessness flashing in their eyes. Then, they straightened their postures and looked up at the tall statue, giving a solemn military salute. 

At this moment, even the usually carefree fat man carried with him a tinge of sorrow. 

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