Conquest - Chapter 126p2

This pitchfork was left behind by his old man and if this stone fit so well, it was obvious that it was supposed to be a set! But… Why would Calve Hill have this stone?
Calve Hill was an important figure in the capital, and apparently the most trusted advisor to the emperor, this meant… Did he personally know Shaar’s old man?!
Plagued by many questions, Shaar waved his pitchfork around. The stone fitted tightly in the handle, its irregular edges fitting perfectly in the hole so it did not roll out no matter how he waved it around.
Picking up the pitchfork casually, he cut the table’s corner gently. It was very sharp so a chunk of the table’s corner fell off silently, revealing a smooth cross-section.
But the pitchfork did not seem to change after adding the stone…
Shaar furrowed his brows and then had an idea. His eyes closed, then sprung open with a red glow in them. He activated his Crimson Rage Ki, staring at the table with the pitchfork in his hand…
Taking a deep breath, the Rage Ki tendrils slowly extended to the pitchfork as usual… But something odd was happening!
The stone flickered red every so slightly and if he hadn’t already been looking at it, he would not have noticed the change.
Then, he felt a magnetic force from the handle, madly sucking in the Crimson Rage Ki! It was so powerful that in a few moments, the handle had already absorbed all his Rage Ki! He felt the pitchfork grow heavier by tenfold.
Even holding the pitchfork was tiring now.
Then, the magnetic force continued and Shaar felt himself passing out, for his Crimson Rage Ki had been drained completely. His breathing was rugged and there was a sense of exhaustion similar to ‘Dragon Thorn’ activation! He immediately knew that this was bad news and had a bad feeling about the pitchfork.
Finally, the pitchfork was thrust towards the table.
The explosion seemed to come from a deep part of his mind. He felt his head tremble, making his vision dim, then he collapsed sitting on the ground! The pitchfork slipped and landed on the ground!
Shaar shook his head, and when he came to his senses and looked out, the hillbilly was stunned!
The table…
The table… was gone!
In the past, Shaar could split the table in half if he released his Crimson Rage Ki, or cut it into some pieces at maximum.
But now, the table had become…
White wood powder covering the floor!
Powder! It was not an exaggeration, for this was actual powder!
Shaar could not help but grab a fistful of it but like fine sand, the powder flowed slowly through his fingers.
He was absolutely stunned!
“Wow! What kind of power is this?!”
Soon after, a huge wave of exhaustion rushed over him and he felt like all his energy had been used up in one shot. Finally, he blacked out and fell backwards, his eyes shut tightly as he drifted into unconsciousness…
After he grew unconscious, he did not see that…
In the area where the pitchfork had been pointed at, thin cracks suddenly appeared on the wall in front of the desk, growing silently until stone and mud chips fell from the wall like similar fine sand!
A circular hole very quickly appeared in the wall! The thick wall had been punctured! This circular part of the wall had turned to powder!
Strangely, the edges of this hole were as smooth as a mirror without any gap or flaws! As if a craftsman had smoothed it out!

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