Conquest - Chapter 126p3

When the sky lightened, Shaar finally sat up. He had slept on the floor all night and by the time he woke, his fingers and toes were cold and sneezed violently. Moving his numb limbs and shaking his head, he recalled what happened last night. When he saw the circular hole in the wall the size of a tub for face-washing, the hillbilly’s jaw dropped and he sat stunned for a while.
Looking at it again, he noticed that the hole was directly in front of the wooden powder and understood.
He picked up the pitchfork on the ground in awe and excitement.
This is awesome! Awesome!
Shaar wanted to leap up in joy but his vision dimmed and he felt his muscles go wobbly. Waves of fatigue flooded over him as if he had not slept for days.
Eh? Didn’t he just wake up?
Barely getting up, he shook himself a few times and got to his bed by supporting himself on other objects. However, this movement alone exhausted him to the point where he was gasping for breath.
Focusing his mind, he looked at his pitchfork in utter surprise.
This… this energy is powerful! But the energy consumption is… equally shocking?
After spacing out for a while, he whispered quickly, “Hey, Dora, Dora! Say something! What’s going on here?!”
But Dora did not reply. He then called her again but to no avail.
Frowning, he was about to say something when Tatara’s voice came from outside.
“Master, are you awake? I brought you some water to wash your face.”
As he spoke, the magician pushed the door open with a respectful smile but was stunned by the hole in the wall.
“What are you looking at?!” Shaar glared at him. “I couldn’t sleep so I made a hole for fun. Can’t I do that?”
Tatara shuddered and looked back immediately, carrying the wooden tub of water to him.
Shaar was panting. “Get a craftsman today to cover up the hole in the wall.”
Tatara did not dare ask more questions. He walked up to the hole but the moment his fingers touched the edge…
Suddenly, he heard tiny crackles and his chest tightened as he yelled, “Oh no!” when they all heard a loud boom!
On the wall, where the magician had casually touched, countless fine cracks had appeared along the sides and grew at alarming speed until the cracks covered the entire wall. With a loud boom, the wall collapsed into crumbs!
When one wall collapsed, the house wailed and more booms came, the three other walls collapsing together with the ceiling.
Dust and sand flew everywhere, covering the two men. Tatara and Shaar turned into sandmen instantly, covered in dust from head to toe.
In the room, the furniture was fine. All that happened was that the house collapsed around them and now they stood under the bare skies.
Everyone from the yard had rushed over upon hearing the commotion, realising that Shaar’s room was gone with Shaar sitting on an exposed bed. Tatara next to him had his eyes widened and mouth agape, his hand still mid-air, in the same posture as when he touched the wall. The two were surrounded by stone chips and dust.
They were all shocked to the core!
Finally, Tatara wailed loudly, “Master! Master Shaar, this wasn’t my fault! I only touched it!”
Shaar’s jaw was on the floor, for he had just witnessed his entire room collapse. He saw how the cracks grew and led to the eventual collapse!
His initial shock immediately turned to joy!
Struggling to stand, he stood amongst the rubble and looked around excitedly. He could not help but laughed heartily.
“Hahahaha! It collapsed! It collapsed! That was a good one! A good one! Hahahahaha!”
He then laughed a few more times and exhausted himself. With a crash, he fainted head-first into the ground!
All the guards around were stunned!
Is this Master sick in the head? How could he say ‘that was a good one’ when his room just collapsed?
When he fainted, everyone ran over to carry Shaar out while Tatara, half-crying, tried his best to defend himself, “I didn’t do it! I didn’t do anything!”

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