Conquest - Chapter 130p1

The fearless hillbilly was silenced at the name of the elves.

If one were to name the race that despised humans the most, it wouldn’t be the dragons, dwarves or goblins…but elves!

Dwarves hated social contact and refused to interact with other races so they preferred to hide in the wilderness and valleys, digging massive caves and burrows as their houses. Dragons placed themselves above all races and they lived in the most northern part of the land. As for the goblins, hah, who would care about green rats who could only growl?

However, mockingly enough, humans must have done something unforgivable for the friendly and peace-loving elves to hate them.

Legends said that the elves were extremely stubborn. In fact, there was a popular saying about the elves, ‘If an elf hates you, they will hate you forever. But if an elf loves you, they will love you even if you were to stab them in the chest.’

It might sound exaggerated, but it did reflect the elves’ stubbornness to some extent.

The hatred towards humans seemed to have originated from the Great Ancient times where humans betrayed them. This caused them great suffering and from then onwards, the relationship between humans and elves had been tense. The elves never forgot about the grudge even after millennials. In other words, it had become their tradition to hate humans and they didn’t have the habit of changing their traditions.

We had been hating humans for years, so even if we couldn’t understand it, we would still hate you because it was our tradition. It was a stupid reason but elves weren’t fools, there were other reasons for their hostility towards humans.

The fact that humans ruined nature by logging and hunting beasts and other races, peace-loving elves viewed these acts as crimes.

The worst act of all was the slave trade!

Elves were born with archery, art and magical talents…but amongst these traits, there was a striking feature - elves were natural-born beauties!

Beauty was a sin committed by the elves.

The nobles, especially the corrupted ones, were constantly after beauty. Elves were soft, beautiful and exotic which caused them to become well-loved collectibles of the nobles. 

Yes, your eyes didn’t pull a trick on you. They were ‘collectibles’!

Regardless of gender, elves were born beautiful. Legends said that all elves were musically talented, nurtured with the aura of nature. Therefore, an elf slave would be highly sought after by the nobles. Once female elves were captured by humans, they would be bid off at an unimaginable price. As human’s slave, they would be toyed and humiliated by the corrupted nobles. Worse yet, they would be passed around different nobles and be toyed for life. If they ended up giving birth to a child, the half-elf would also have the same faith as their mother, being the nobles’ plaything for life because of their beauty.

Because of this, a new race appeared - the half-elves.

Elves were prohibited from marrying other races so the appearance of half-elves was solid proof of the crimes committed by humans.

Worse yet, plenty of the nobles had fetishes, thus male elves were unable to escape the devastating destiny as the female elves. Once male elves were captured, they would be treated as slaves to fulfil the nobles’ sexual desire. 

The population of elves are small. They were strong but their fertility was low, second after the dragons. Therefore, elves were priceless in the slave trade. This drove the merchants to capture more elves and over the years, lots of elves were captured from the wilderness of the Chaos Land and the Forest Sea. Countless elves were sacrificed for the merchants’ lust for money.

Historically, this slave trade reached a peak a few centuries ago. Byzantine Empire and Odin Empire allied once to tackle the Forest Sea, the habitat of the elves. More than ten thousand soldiers participated in the war, including Odin’s Berserker, Beast Spirit Warriors and Byzantine’s elite cavalry scouts.

The war ended with human’s defeat whereby less than ten per cent of the soldiers survived out of the Forest Sea. Most of the soldiers were defeated by the elves in the Forest Sea, some died under the elves’ arrows and magic. However, the humans also brought back hundreds of elves as captives. Apparently, one of the female elves with goddess-like beauty was taken by the Byzantine Emperor and she was loved by the Emperor because of her beauty. It was rumoured that she even gave birth to a royal child but the child was not acknowledged because of the impure bloodline. The child was drowned in a well at a young age under the Emperor’s order!

Ever since that incident, the enraged elves voiced out. Humans were the least welcomed race at their territory! Those who dared to enter the Forest Sea would be banished by the elves.

Seeing how the gentle elves were pushed to this state, it was obvious that humans had offended the elves greatly.

However, compared to the traditional elves, the Dark Elves were the odd ones.

The Dark Elves were also known as the Fallen Night Elves. It was rumoured that these elves had abandoned the beliefs of elves. They were no longer kind, gentle, peace and nature-loving. The Dark Elves were sly, cruel, greedy and ruthless. Because they had abandoned the beliefs, the Dark Elves were banished by the God of Elves. Their skin turned black but they still retained the talents and beauty of an elf. Although they lived apart from the traditional elves, they liked to stay hidden deep in the forest, attacking all races that passed by their territories, even the elves.

Traditional elves claimed that they would banish humans that entered the Forest Sea but the Dark Elves were far more extreme, claiming that they would kill all humans that trespassed into the Forest Sea!

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