Conquest - Chapter 131p2

“Oh, is that what happened?”

A tired sounding voice was heard.

In a brightly lit house, Carveslyver was seen lying on a chair with a thick blanket around him. It was as though winter was a torturous experience for him. Next to the chair stood a young lady with freckles. She was testing the temperature of a hand warmer before putting it in Carveslyver‘s hands.

Three people were kneeling in front of him.

Shaar would’ve gasped in shock if he saw them.

Two of them were the mother and son he had met in the market whereas the other person was the lady he had saved from the thugs.

The three of them kneeled respectfully, quiet from fear. Even though they were looking at the floor, their faces were filled with revere.

“You guys may leave.” Carveslyver said gently and the three of them stood up hurriedly to bow before leaving.

The old wiseman sat on the chair with his arms around his knees. He spaced out for a while and a smile appeared on his face.

“Mmh, he’s an interesting guy…I guess the disciple chosen by my old friend isn’t too disappointing.” The mysterious wiseman glanced at the girl next to
him, “Que’er, tell me about your comments.”

Que’er replied in a respectful manner, “Yes, Teacher.” She pondered for a while before saying, “Mmh, punishing a young thief shows his dignity. Helping the sick and weak mother shows his kindness. Saving a helpless girl shows his courage and refusing a girl’s seduction shows his nobility…”

“Hmm, dignity, kindness, courage and nobility…” The smile on Carveslyver’s face grew bigger which made him seem quite child-like, “Haha, it’s so interesting. Say, someone like him with great qualities, if he had extraordinary abilities, then…it’d be impossible to not succeed.”

Que’er was confused, “Teacher…does it mean that you acknowledge this guy called Shaar…but when I saw him that day, he didn’t look any special…”

“You don’t understand,” Carveslyver showed a faint smile and shook his head, “Skills can be learned but inner qualities are the hardest. Personality determines a person’s fate and this guy’s personality is very interesting.”

Que’er looked at her teacher with an astonished expression. She was so shaken by his words!

Very interesting? Was this his comment towards that guy?

These words might seem simple but these were extremely rare praises, especially coming from someone of his status!

The youngest son of Duke Minas was extremely talented. He was a fine scholar and soldier and he was crowned as the greatest hope of the empire but Carveslyver’s comment for him was only ‘not bad!

If her teacher’s words had gone out to the streets, that guy would be famous instantaneously!

Shaar obviously knew nothing about the comment from the top wiseman of the Royal Capital - dignified, kind, courageous and noble. If Tatara, the four heavenly masters, Hastings or the Rabbit General were to hear this, they would have laughed their asses off.

Fine, but you could imagine it. Our hillbilly may be dignified, he may be kind and courageous but noble…

Honestly, he was able to push the seductive girl away in a cool-headed manner because…cough cough…

(The old man could still rest in peace…)

Shaar finally felt more at ease once he got back to their residence. His underwear was drenched with sweat and the oppression from the mysterious warrior reminded him of the time when he first faced Hastings.

“That guy…”

Shaar immediately called Tatara over when he got back to the residence, “That Nigal, what is his background?”

Tatara knew about this, “Nigal, I think he’s the nephew of a general in the Central Guards unit. Apparently the general only has a daughter so Nigal may be the first heir in line.”

Nephew of a general? That was not an ordinary background!

He must be trusted by the royal family, being able to lead the Guards unit. Nigal sure had a strong background.

“Then…there was someone with hedgehog-like hair standing next to Nigal today…uh, do you recognise him?”

Tatara was startled but he quickly shook his head, “No…the general has an important post so he surely has elites in his army. These elites hardly interact with ordinary warriors so a lot of them are strong yet not known to others.”

Shaar furrowed his brows while pondering.

That guy, he said something else, what did he say…

Ah, yes!

He fought with Hastings before! This guy fought with Hastings and he didn’t die. So it meant that he was really strong.

An elite in the army…fought with Hastings before…

Somehow, the chilly feeling that seeped into his bones made Shaar feel uneasy. Besides, even though he didn’t do anything to Shaar, something was bugging him.

This man is extremely dangerous! He’s a dangerous existence to me!!

“Nevermind, I’ll find a chance to ask Ruhr tomorrow.” Shaar sighed.

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