Conquest - Chapter 133

“Mmh, you said that you’ve never learned any combat skills formally and nor have you learned any military tactics,” the Emperor pondered. 

“Yes,” Shaar was honest about it, “My combat kills were obtained from hunting and woodcutting. It looks intimidating because of my height and strength. I’m basically just fighting with my life in battles.”  

“Hmph, it's rare enough for someone to go that far,” The Emperor piped in and sighed, “You would be a good addition to the Rhodelia Cavalry Army.”

Shaar lit up. He’d be very willing to stay at the Rhodelia Cavalry Army.

“But...I’ve got something else arranged for you.” The Emperor dropped Shaar’s hope onto the ground. 

Kontos took a sip of his wine while pondering.

Initially, he didn’t really care about this kid as he was just using this opportunity to land a blow on the military cliques. If he were to summon Shaar to the castle, it would be telling the military that he cared about their actions.

After some words of compliment, if Shaar turned out to be a capable person, he would toss him to the military unit led by General Eagles but if he wasn’t, he would toss him to the army for them to express their anger. Sacrificing him to defuse the tense situation with the army would be beneficial.  

However, upon meeting Shaar...he piqued Kontos’ interest.

Someone who had never learned combat skill and military tactics actually excelled in battle and even made a meritorious achievement. Besides, he seemed pretty simple and honest and his bravery was right in the Emperor’s alley.

Furthermore, he also punished Sir Bonfret, the person who had been troubling him for years…

The original arrangement didn’t seem appropriate now. He was a potential talent and he didn’t have a strong background. It’d be easy to sculpt him into his loyal subject.

But the only challenge in this was that his useless son must loathe Shaar the most.

At the thought of this, Kontos sneered on purpose, “Shaar, you killed Sir Bonfret and he’s my son’s subject…his loyal subject. Aren’t you afraid that he’ll seek revenge on you?”

He stared at Shaar with a stern gaze.

Shaar scoffed internally and thought to himself, what the heck, you really think of me as a fool? You were laughing so happy when I told you how I treated that old man. I’m not a fool, I can tell that my actions pleased you!

Shaar had a plan in mind and he shook his head to defend himself, “Your Majesty, I didn’t kill Bonfret! You can’t accuse me of this. Bonfret was killed by Hastings. He wanted meritorious achievements but he ended up being Hastings target. That has nothing to do with me! Even if the Prince wants to hold a grudge, he should hold directed it towards Hastings.”

“Hah, but you humiliated Bonfret. You can’t deny this. The Prince isn’t pleased with you. Don’t you regret it?”

“Uh…” Shaar hesitated but he didn’t choose to conceal his true feelings, “I was surrounded by the army of the Odin Empire and Bonfret acted frantically when he’s supposed to be the general! This useless man almost ruined all of our lives! Once the mentality of the army collapses, everyone would die! I might not be in the Rhodelia Cavalry Army for a long time but everyone was brave! I was furious whenever I saw him! I beat him up once but it wasn’t enough! Even if we could go back in time and start all over again, I would still beat him up, break his legs and shatter all his teeth! A useless person like him deserves it!”

Emperor Kontos was grinning eye to eye.

Good! Marvellous!!

The Emperor already made up his mind before Shaar spoke, if this kid dared to say nonsense things like proclaiming his loyalty to the Empire and him, Kontos would’ve chased him out!

However, Emperor Kontos ended up being impressed with Shaar. He had spent most of his years battling alongside the army and that was how he gained the title as the Lancet Lord! The Lancet Lord had always taken a liking towards soldiers who were loyal and straightforward!

Shaar managed to soothe his temper with his words.

At the same time, Emperor Kontos complimented the hillbilly once again, an upright person!!

(Tatara and Ruhr continue to punch the wall…)

Emperor Kontos scanned Shaar for some time which made the hair at the back of Shaar’s neck rise. 

F*ck! His son likes men, is his father the same too?! Sh*t, I’ll do everything I can to kill him if he dares to do anything to me!

Finally, Emperor Kontos smiled and looked away. A calm and majestic expression reappeared on his face, “Alright, you may leave now.”

“…uh…ah?” Shaar was startled.

That was it?

What about the rewards? And the upcoming nomination…the Emperor didn’t say anything about it?

Shaar came all the way here to tell the Emperor a story and even made him laugh and that was it?!

All sorts of thoughts appeared in Shaar’s mind but he didn’t show it on his face. He nodded and saluted him with his hand balled up into a fist across his chest.

Just when he was about to leave, Emperor Kontos called him, “Wait.”

Shaar looked back and saw Emperor Kontos smiling while tossing the giant gold candle holder to him, “I said this is for you. Go get a new set of clothes! Haha! You have the shabbiest attire from all the people I’ve summoned. Are you that poor?”

Shaar caught the candle holder in his arms and the weight surprised him. It was so dense and it should be heavier than a few kilograms!!

Once Shaar stepped out of the dining hall, the messenger was shocked to see that Shaar had taken the gold candle holder from the Emperor’s dining table.

“You…you…this…” He stuttered.

Shaar grinned at him, “His Majesty gave me this as a reward.”

The messenger gulped. He rolled his eyes and the arrogant expression on his face disappeared as he tried to suck up to Shaar, “I see! General Shaar, it seems like His Majesty really values you! You’ll definitely have a bright future…”

Sigh, he thought this country bumpkin was just lucky but he never expected the Emperor to take a liking to him. This person might end up having a bright future, he might even become a general…he was mean to him earlier and he’d better make it up to him.

General Shaar? The hillbilly was delighted to hear this.

As they made their way out of the castle, the messenger tried to strike up a conversation, “General Shaar, did His Majesty nominate you? I’ve been in the castle for a long time and I’ve never seen His Majesty rewarding someone like this. Are you being transferred into the army?”

Shaar didn’t hide anything from him, “No, His Majesty asked me some questions and I answered him so he rewarded me with this. As for the nomination and other rewards, he didn’t mention anything.”

The messenger pondered and his respect for Shaar grew.

He had been in the castle for years and he was familiar with the Lancet Lord’s temperament. Judging by how he was willing to reward Shaar, he surely acknowledged Shaar! But he didn’t mention anything about the rewards and nomination which meant that he valued Shaar a lot and he had to consider these things carefully! The rewards surely wouldn’t be something simple once he made a decision!

The messenger sent Shaar out of the castle and once they arrived at the gate, Shaar jumped onto his horse. When the messenger tried to invite him onto the carriage, Shaar smiled and rejected his invitation, “Thanks for your kind gesture but as the famous general, Duke Minas once said, soldiers, do not ride carriages!”

The messenger was impressed by him.

Shaar rode his horse back and as soon as the messenger returned to the castle, he was summoned by the Lancet Lord. The Emperor asked if Shaar said anything before he left but the messenger didn’t understand him so he told the Emperor about Shaar’s last sentence.

Emperor Kontos turned silent after hearing the sentence. Suddenly, he chuckled and gestured to the messenger to leave.

Soldiers do not ride carriages?

This kid was pretty charismatic. Hmph, soldiers should train hard and those nobles from military cliques acted nothing like soldiers! The life of debauchery would’ve softened them!!

This kid…was truly interesting.

But the hardest part was his background…it also wouldn’t be easy for the Senate to entice him.

At the thought of the Senate, the Emperor was reminded of the group of people in the military academy who were constantly talking to the Senate about diplomacy and suppressing the monarchy. They must have lost their minds from studying too much and it infuriated him.

This kid…he never studied so he wouldn’t understand the Senates. Perfect!

At the thought of this, Emperor Kontos turned around to look at the man that had been standing in the corner silently.

“What do you think about this guy?”

His question wasn’t answered as the man shook his head and pointed at his mouth.

“Ah…silly me, I shouldn’t ask you this.” Emperor Kontos chuckled and he looked quite relaxed.

He contemplated for a moment and he suddenly burst into laughter. His gaze was firm as he muttered, “Hmph, I’ve been indecisive for so many years. I shouldn’t hesitate any longer! Calve Hill was right, I should stop hesitating and just do it!”

While saying so, the Emperor picked up a nib pen and wrote a sentence on a piece of paper. He poured ink onto the paper and sealed the letter before summoning a servant. 

Ruhr was already waiting for him when Shaar arrived back at their residence. This chubby Rabbit General must have arrived an hour before him. Ruhr quickly pulled Shaar into the room and before Shaar could even sit down, Ruhr started firing questions to him, “His Majesty summoned you? How was it? What did he say to you?”

Shaar chuckled and opened the cloth bag on the table.

Ruhr's expression changed when he saw the item within the bag, “Eh? Why does this candle holder look so familiar?”

Ruhr took a few more glances and he gasped, “Oh my God! This is the one on the Emperor’s dining table! I’ve seen it a few times!”

Ruhr stared at Shaar with a horrified expression, “You…you daring bastard! How can you steal from the castle?!”

Shaar was furious, “Nonsense! I didn’t steal it! The Old Emperor gave it to me.”

Ruhr’s jaw dropped in shock.

It wasn’t a rare scene for emperors to reward their subjects but they would only do it to their loyal subjects but this hillbilly…who was he to deserve such treatment?

Shaar guffawed, delighted to see his shocked expression. After that, he told Ruhr about his meeting with the Emperor which surprised Ruhr even further. The Lancet Lord was impressed by this kid?

“That’s it, but he didn’t give me other rewards or a nomination…” Shaar was puzzled by this too, “F*ck, did I really come this far to tell him a story and all he gave me was a gold candle holder?” Shaar snorted.

“But at least I can melt it for money, it’s enough to cover the expenses for my trip.”

Ruhr pondered for some time and he suddenly guffawed and punched Shaar, “Kid, congratulations! You’re goddamn lucky! From what I know about His Majesty, he didn’t reward you immediately because he had initially come up with an arrangement for you and he would’ve told you when he met you. But when he met you, he changed his mind and he had to think about it before making the final decision. Besides, from what you told me, His Majesty seems to like you a lot which meant that his new arrangement would be better than before.”

Ruhr shook his head, “I don’t get it, what’s so good about you?” 

He glanced at the gold candle holder and smirked, “Be honest with me, did you steal it? You should run as soon as possible if you really stole it!”

“Bull crap!” Shaar laughed and glared at Ruhr, “Damn you, Rabbit General! How dare you say that about me?!”

The two of them joked around. Ruhr was relieved that Shaar’s greatest threat was settled, “I went to the Military Academy in the morning to have a look at the mad dog. He’s bored as hell and I invited him out for drinks tonight, join me.”

Having said so, Ruhr eyed Shaar a few times and smirked, “From the looks of it, you must still be a virgin! I’ll introduce you to the wonderful night of Osgiliath, hahahaha!”

Shaar blushed. Ruhr had touched a sore spot, he had always been embarrassed by his virginity. The hillbilly would’ve been able to refute him if it was something else but there was nothing he could say about this virginity.

They continued to chat and just when they were about to leave the room, they heard a voice coming from outside.

“General Shaar! General Shaar, please come out and receive your order!”

They walked out of the door and Shaar was surprised to see the same messenger that brought him into the castle. He had just returned from the castle so why was he here again?

The messenger was smiling so brightly that the powder was falling off his face. He quickly bowed to Shaar when he saw him, “General Shaar, I’ve brought the order written by His Majesty personally. Please take it.”

While saying so, he passed an exquisite looking scroll to Shaar. Shaar hadn't even opened it when Ruhr gasped from aside, “So soon?!”

Ruhr snatched the scroll and pushed Shaar which puzzled him. At the sight of his silly expression, Ruhr sighed and pulled a golden coin from his waist and pushed it into the messenger’s hands, “Alright, thanks for sending this over.”

The messenger recognised Ruhr and he quickly accepted it with a bow. While leaving, the messenger thought to himself, damn, so this country bumpkin is with Ruhr. Is he part of the Minami family? Looks like I’ve made the right choice for being courteous to him. With Duke Minas beside him, surely the country bumpkin will have a bright future.

Once the messenger was out of sight, Shaar looked at Ruhr with a frown, “Why did you take it? Give it to me quickly.”

Ruhr glared back at him and sneered, “Can you read it? You’re ignorant. His Majesty wouldn’t use ordinary Byzantine language to write this order. He would use royal terms which would look slightly different from our everyday writing. Only nobles can understand it. Would you understand the content if I gave it to you? Let me read it to you!”

Although Ruhr was mentally prepared for the Emperor to reward Shaar heavily, he still took a deep breath when he read the sentence. With a gasp, he looked at Shaar with a weird expression.

“You…you, I’m still suspicious of your identity. Are you the Emperor’s illegitimate son?”

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