Conquest - Chapter 134p2

Shaar understood it now.

Although he was still part of the Cavalry, his power was actually greater than it sounds! It was like he was given a pair of wings!

From the looks of it, the second reward was far better than the first one!

As a hereditary Baron, he could only get a small town but as the Commanding Officer, the Emperor practically gave him the whole county, only for military affairs.

Ruhr smiled at his elated expression and his next words shocked Shaar once again.

“But if we were to compare, I think the third one is the most valuable one!”

“…ah?” Shaar was dumbstruck!

What can be greater than the military power of a county?

Shaar was puzzled.

This was because the third reward was really simple as if it was there to make the scroll look more complete.

Shaar Thunder was granted the title of ‘Court Warrior’.

“The keyword is on the word ‘Court’,” Ruhr sighed and furrowed his brows, “Kid, heed my advice, you really need to learn about the systems in the Empire. This is more than a title — as a matter of fact, nobility cares a lot about titles. If you have a title in court, you’ll be valued by other noblemen even if you’re not a nobleman. With this title, you can have a privilege and others cared about this the most!”

“Privilege? What privilege?”

“The privilege to meet His Majesty!” Shaar almost thought he was joking if he hadn’t sounded so serious.

Meet the Emperor…what kind of privilege was this?

“Those who are close to the Emperor are closer to getting power. To gain His Majesty’s attention, you’d have to always appear around him but think about it, there are so many people in this empire, just the noblemen themselves can go up to ten thousand…if they all wished to meet His Majesty, he wouldn’t be able to meet all of them even if he stopped eating and sleeping.”

Ruhr smiled, “So, it’s a privilege to be able to meet His Majesty! Other than the general of the Nightfall Guardians and Head Servant, other people have to be summoned by the Emperor to meet His Majesty but you have to be a government official or a nobleman.”

While saying so, Ruhr pointed at himself, “Even me, a Viscount and a General, have no rights to request a meeting with His Majesty unless he summons me. Do you understand now?”

“But things are different with this title, you can request to meet His Majesty.”

Shaar was disdainful about it, “Hmph, I can only request for a meeting but it doesn’t mean I can surely meet him. There’s no point if His Majesty refuses to meet me, so what kind of a privilege is this?”

Ruhr smiled, “You’re smart but you’re too young and unfamiliar with the system. I think you need to learn from a good teacher,” Ruhr commented before explaining to him, “You’re right, even if you requested for a meeting, His Majesty can still choose to reject your request! But being able to make a request means that you have the right to meet him whenever you want! So you're one of his loyal subjects! Do you get it? This is the true meaning of a court title! With this title, people will view you as His Majesty’s loyal subject!”

Shaar lowered his head and sighed.

“The life of nobility is so complicated. I don’t know how you guys live. Why did you guys come up with such complicated matters, it really baffles me…isn’t it tiring to live like this?”

Ruhr shook his head and lowered his voice, “Kid, I’m shocked because each reward is more valuable than the previous one...His Majesty values you and trusts you and that is really rare. I’m worried that it won’t be an easy task. He probably wants to test you by giving you military power and if he’s satisfied with your performance, you would have a brighter future than me! But if you don’t perform well, you’ll probably be stripped of the title.” 

Shaar stopped grinning and pondered with a serious expression on his face. Suddenly, he looked up and chuckled, “There’s nothing to be afraid of! I had nothing in my possession from the beginning so if I fail, I’ll just be a hunter again. No, I’d still be a Baron and a land. If the worst comes to the worst, I’ll just be a lord and do nothing.”  

Ruhr looked at Shaar but Shaar wasn’t hiding anything as his gaze was crystal-clear. 

<i> This weird kid, is he truly that peaceful or he’s just not ambitious? Anyone else would’ve been motivated to perform well if they were recognised by His Majesty. </i>

They continued to talk in the room until the sky had darkened without them knowing.

Ruhr regained his composure and explained to Shaar about the duties of a Commanding Officer. He barely started when he heard a peal of laughter coming from the front yard, “You fat rabbit! You said we should have dinner tonight and I’ve been looking for you! Ruhr, where did you go? Come out!”

Ruhr’s guards brought someone and they both looked up to see Green.

Green was surprised to see them sitting inside and he chided, “Ruhr! You said we should drink tonight and I’ve been waiting for you at the academy and you didn’t show up. I went to your place and your guards said you came here and they gave me this address. I came all the way here for you!!”  

Ruhr slapped his forehead and chuckled, “Ah! I almost forgot about this! Haha, sorry sorry. This kid got lucky and I’m giving him guidance that I’ve forgotten about tonight.”

Green and Shaar already met two days ago so they knew each other. Green greeted Shaar with a nod and grabbed a chair to sit down, “Oh? What is it?”

Shaar had a good impression of Green, so he smiled back at Green. He was impressed with the story Ruhr had told him. It was about the time when Mad Dog General guarded a small town for a month with 2000 injured soldiers.

Ruhr thought highly of Green and he thought that Green had the potential to be a famous general but unfortunately he was unlucky.

Ruhr smiled mysteriously and tossed the scroll to Green.

Green opened it and sucked in a breath, “Eh? His Majesty’s writing!”  

He took a glance at the writing and his eyes widened in shock as he stared at the hillbilly, “You…you…you…”

Ruhr chuckled, “I was the same as you when I read the scroll.” Ruhr patted Green to snap him out of it.

Green couldn’t stop his mouth, “You…are you His Majesty’s illegitimate son?”

The hillbilly was puzzled, why was he saying the same thing as Rabbit General?

F*ck, did he look like an illegitimate child?!

Green stared at Shaar for a while and his eyes suddenly sparkled as he jumped to grab Shaar’s arm, “Ah! You’re in charge of the military affairs of a county…awesome! It’s marvellous!! Hmm, it’s not a big cavalry…it’s also not that good but it’s better than nothing! Hahahaha! It’s awesome! Awesome!!”

Shaar was weirded out but Ruhr could already guess Green’s mind, “Hmph, you mad dog, are you thinking of finding a job for your students?”

Green guffawed and looked at him weirdly, “My students…rabbit, didn’t you promise to take ten of my students? That’s enough. As for Shaar, if he’s willing to take my students in, I have some good recommendations. They are all excellent officers! My efforts would be wasted if they can’t get a good job and end up rotting in someplace. They could also be brainwashed by the military cliques! Since Shaar will be in charge of the military affairs of a county, it wouldn’t be a bad post even though the soldiers are lacking. But since Ruhr acknowledges you, I’m sure you will fare well! I believe in him! My students will definitely do well under his people.”

Ruhr contemplated and nodded, “That’s true, it’s hard to enter into the Central Army and the military cliques despise people from the Military Academy. With them in control of the military affairs, they wouldn’t let the students work in the army. But if they were to go somewhere else, they would care less about it and it might work…”

Green was delighted and he kept checking Shaar out. 

“Uh…I have an idea.” Green said as he looked at Shaar with a weird gaze, “Commanding Officer Shaar…I wonder if you’ll need a Vice Centurion? With the power in your hand, you’ll need an assistant who’s familiar with military affairs to aid you!”

Ruhr slapped his thigh, “Oh yeah! I almost forgot about this. The kid is pretty good but he’s inexperienced. He needs an experienced helper to help him manage such great power,” Ruhr looked at Green, “Do you have another suitable candidate? Let me think about it…do you have some other graduates who are cast aside? Are you planning on transferring them over? Or is it some old friend of yours?”

Green chuckled and pointed at himself, “Look, what do you think about me?

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