Conquest - Chapter 135p1

“Look at me, what do you think?”

Green pointed at his own nose and asked with a smile. Shaar did not say anything but the Rabbit General was completely stunned.

After a moment, Ruhr jumped up and shrieked, “You? Damn you! How dare you! You wanted to go with this guy?!”


The fats on his face trembled, his eyes widened as his eyeballs jutted out. “Come help me instead! Damn you! I’ll let you be general! I’ll give you armoured soldiers! I’ll give you priority when it comes to supplies procurement! A seat in the council of intelligence, the power to make war plans! I’ll give you anything you want!”


Ruhr was so emotional, so close to physically restraining Green himself.


Green looked calm though. He looked flatly at the fat man. “My old friend, it’s not that I’m unwilling to work with you but… Do you think the army would agree to letting me work under you?”


The fat man shut up immediately, the emotion fading. Finally, he stomped in frustration and grumbled.


Shaar finally had the opportunity to speak. He looked at Green in disbelief, “Uh. General Green…”


“I haven’t been General in a very long time.” Green smiled lightly, cutting him off.


“Alright, Sir Green.” Shaar took a deep breath. “Although I don’t really know you well, I heard him talk about how impressive you are. Very impressive. Why do you want me? You used to be a soldier from the central cavalry. If you go with me to some obscure place as an insignificant soldier, and to have your position get demoted to a mere soldier…”


Green huffed and looked at Shaar, then the unwilling Ruhr. The defeated General sighed.


“I don’t want to wait anymore.” There was a chill in his voice, also a hint of the weariness of old age.


“So what if it’s just a mere random soldier’s position. Give me three years and I will give you a trained army in return! As for camp officer…” Green had a hint of mockery in his voice. “I am General now but what does that even mean? I was tossed to an academy to teach. All these years, when I wake up occasionally in the middle of the night, I can physically feel myself rusting slowly, rotting slowly! I seem to have forgotten the joy of riding a horse into battle! The life of a battle-worn soldier! The time when arrows rained down like a storm! The battle horns, the roar of soldiers… I seem to have forgotten it all!”


Ruhr fell silent with a sour expression and finally sighed. “These military imbeciles… the maggots of the empire!”


Green’s eyes reddened and patted Ruhr hard, biting his lip. “My old friend… I, I am unwilling to go like this!”


He suddenly clutched his own clothing and said something that moved Shaar.


“I haven’t… gotten wounded in many years.”


This seemingly insignificant sentence had so much hopelessness behind it.


(Right, perhaps one would even think it is a funny thing to say. But to Green, fighting in battle, getting injured in battle—that was living!)


Ruhr’s eyes reddened too. He patted Green’s back and chuckled nervously. “You mad dog. Why would you say something so depressing! Haha! Alright, no matter what, if you were really transferred out, those imbeciles will be shocked! Everyone had been jealous of you, so many people wanted you dead. If it wasn’t for those imbeciles, you would not be forced to teach freshies in the academy.”


Then, Ruhr suddenly glared at Shaar and yelled, “Kid, you’d better treat Green well if he works for you. You don’t know how many people will envy you having the mad dog as your subordinate!”


Shaar did not crack any jokes either. He nodded seriously.


Then, all three of them looked at each other. Ruhr slammed the table. “How can we have no wine at a conversation like this? Let’s go! Let’s go drink!”


Green laughed heartily and grabbed Ruhr. “My treat tonight! My pay at the academy isn’t low, you know. Let’s spend it all tonight! I’ll be a soldier again soon!”


Ruhr was stunned for a moment, looking at him, finally nodding hard.


Before he left, Shaar heard the fat man mumble to himself, “Sigh… let’s hope this won’t end in disappointment.”


“Uh? What?” Shaar whispered.


Ruhr looked at him. “This isn’t his first time applying for a transfer. He was always this excited, and then it all ended in disappointment. The people above would never agree to his transfer easily.”


After some thought, Ruhr said, “But perhaps his application to become a camp officer will get approved this time. Damn it, from general to camp officer. I can’t believe he got demoted this many ranks.”


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