Grasping Evil - Chapter 128(1)

Three Black Demon Guards > Three Black Demon Armies 

Three Black Demon Armies = Three Divine Armies 

Ning City, after more than half a year of change, it was no longer what it was before.

When the city was first built, it was just rows of wooden houses, but now, it was filled with richly decorated jade palaces and residences in systematic order. Within a hundred miles, cultivators come and go in unending streams.

Light began to appear in the sky. The Immortal Cloud descended. When Ning Fan saw the huge change of Ning City, he sighed.

The city wall was 57 meters tall and was built by gold and jade that stretched for a hundred miles. It was sufficient to withstand the full force of a Harmonious Spirit expert. Furthermore, the sky above the city wall was protected by a Void Forbidding Formation to prevent the enemy from attacking the city from the sky.

Outside the tightly guarded Ning City, was patrolled by groups of devil cultivators, and their Qi wasn’t weak. They were all above Level Seven Vein Opening. They either wore black amour embroidered with the design of seven apricot, or silver armor embroidered with the image of seven swords, or the ice armor embroidered with the picture of seven ice. These three types of devil cultivators were the Three Black Demon Armies. They were namely Apricot Guards, Sword Guards and Ice Guards. Apart from these Three Divine Armies, there was also another army that was on patrol.

This kind army wore red amour embroidered with a huge ‘Ning’! These devil cultivators seemed vaguely familiar. Most of them were the Nan Lou Battle Guards. The rest of them were the devil cultivators who sought refuge in Ning City.

Due to the great reputation of Black Devil Ning, there had been constant flow of devil cultivators joining Ning City’s army. The Nan Lou Battle Guards had now expanded to 600 people; its overall strength was no longer weaker than the Three Divine Armies. 

These four armies of Ning City were spread all over Yue Country. For more than half a year, Nangong often led the Three Divine Armies to lay siege to the bandits outside of Ning City. Not only did it honed the combat strength of the Three Divine Armies, but also secure the four sides of Ning City.

This was also the reason why Ning Fan had only managed to attract dozens of bandits in one night.

The name of ‘The Judge of Heaven’s Fate’, Nangong, and ‘The Frenzied Person’, Wei Chi, had resounded throughout Yue Country.

The latter’s cultivation base had improved by leaps and bounds, and was already at the late Harmonious Spirit realm due to his dual cultivation with the pig. As for the pig, it had advanced to the intermediate Harmonious Spirit realm. Under the joint force of these man and pig, they could fight even a half-step Gold Core expert!

As for Nangong…the pills that Ning Fan gifted him had healed his Lightning Vein, turning him into a double spirit cultivator of lightning and ice. His strength had recovered back to intermediate Gold Core realm. With his current means, he could fight a late Gold Core old monster!

His name would fill even those old monsters of first-class sects with dread.

The only one who lost his reputation was the commander of the Sword Guards, Si Tu.

After he obtained the broken sword gifted by Ning Fan, he left Ning City…as though he had gone travelling, his whereabouts unknown!

“Brother Fan, look at how much Ning City has changed. It’s all because of the pills you have brought to them…” Zhi He’s pure smile seemed somewhat complacent. In fact, it was her Brother Fan’s extraordinary capability that made her feel complacent.

“The pill is only one of the reasons…the wisdom and resourcefulness of Nangong is the most important…he too, has recovered his cultivation base except for Si Tu…I have a feeling that Si Tu’s day of return won’t be far away, however. Come, let’s go home…”

Home…Ning City was the home he had built in Yue Country.

When the ranks of patrolling devil cultivators saw Ning Fan and the others coming forward, they were immediately on high alert, but after seeing Nan Wei and Zhi He, their vigilance faded.

As their eyes shifted back to Ning Fan, they gasped.

The Young Master had returned!

Only the Three Divine Armies knew about the Black Devil Ning of Ning City, as Black Devil Ning had never shown himself. Their Young Master, Ning Fan, on the other hand was a true existence, and his fame today was even greater than the Old Monster.

Revered Ning of Sinister Sparrow Sect! Also known as the ruthless man that defeated an intermediate Gold Core expert! 

“Welcome back to Ning City, Young Master!”

The devil cultivators voice was loud and clear as they clasped their fists to welcome Ning Fan. Their sonorous voice made the experts who lived within the city show a look of surprise.

“What! Revered Ning has returned! That’s great! Although I have yet to see Master Black Devil, I never thought that I would be able to see Revered Ning!”

As soon as Ning Fan returned, he summoned Nangong to inform him about the ultimate war three months later.

Nangong was incredibly shocked, but within his shock, a trace of excitement could also be found. First, it was because he had a chance to fight the Extreme Yin Gate and Heavenly Dao Sect in a war. Second, according to Young Master’s plan, their chance of success wasn’t small.

They hadn’t told this to the Three Divine Armies yet to avoid endless discussions amongst them and make the situation complicated.

Immediately after the private discussion with Nangong, Ning Fan wrapped himself with a black cloak, veiled his face, and used the Sense Falsifying Art to fully conceal his cultivation base.

With the half-step Nascent Soul spirit sense and the use of Sense Falsifying Art, he instantly disguised himself as an old monster with a half-step Nascent Soul realm cultivation base.

This scene intrigued Zhi He very much, but for Si Wuxie, more doubts and bewilderment flashed past her beautiful eyes…

“Why did he want to destroy my sect…?” She seemed to remember some fragments of the incident in Heaven Separation Sect, but they weren’t complete!

Then, a sensational news spread across Ning City.

Ever since the hundreds of sects had come pleading for pills, the long secluded Black Devil Ning had finally come out of his seclusion!

He was covered in a black cloak and had a veiled appearance. As he walked in Ning City, he radiated a horrifying Qi of a half-step Nascent Soul realm that wasn’t the slightest bit weaker to an old-ancestor-grade figure of Yue Country. 

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