Grasping Evil - Chapter 285 (1)


A day later, Yue Lingkong woke up. The moment she opened her eyes, she realized she was snuggling in Ning Fan’s arms with an extremely indecent pose. When she regained her senses, she felt a sharp pain from the part where she had been penetrated.

She endured every trial and hardship that came her way… No one would ever know that the tyrannical ruler Yue Lingkong would engage in such things in this desolate area of the Treasure of the Cosmos.

Currently, Ning Fan was refining the power of Primordial Yin that he plucked from her.

That old virgin Yue Lingkong had been keeping her chastity for four thousand years. Other than the terrifying magic power that was sealed within her Sea of Consciousness, he had obtained at least 700 units magic power after plucking her.

Taking out the Heavenly Measuring Ruler, he found that the current magic power he possess had exceeded 4200 units.

There was still a small amount of Primordial Yin that he had yet to refine completely. If the last bit of it were to be completely assimilated, he should be able to attain 4210 units of magic power.

“Oh, you’re awake?” Ning Fan was in a good mood. Although it was a painful process, the amount of magic power he received was not a trivial amount.

“Let go of me! Tsk…”

As she recalled that she was compelled to be taken advantage of by that young brat Ning Fan, she felt a repressed anger within her heart. Discourteously, she pushed him away and pulled out that hot ‘cucumber’, feeling slightly irritated at the moment. However, after she took a quick look at herself, she noticed that her cultivation level had actually recovered to the Late Divine Transformation Realm. Only then did she calm down a bit.

But when she thought more carefully, she immediately felt weird about it.

After the sealed magic power within my Sea of Consciousness was unleashed, even if I was fully conscious during the whole process, I would at most recover to the Mid Divine Transformation Realm, let alone in the unconscious state. The chances of recovering to the Late Divine Transformation Realm would be very slim.

Moreover, when I fainted during that time, I was unable to resist nor refine my own magic power, let alone the ability to refine my Moon Consciousness and recover my cultivation level. In other words, when I was unconscious, someone had helped me drain the excess magic power and recover my cultivation level to the Late Divine Transformation Realm?

There are only me and Ning Fan in this place. Don’t tell me that it’s this little brat that lent me a hand?

“Are you the one who helped direct my immortal veins and recover my cultivation level to the Late Divine Transformation Realm?” Yue Lingkong’s tone had softened a little. Despite the agonizing pain from her private part, she still stubbornly stood on her feet. Any common woman who experienced such a severe defloration would definitely find it difficult to get down from the bed. Yue Lingkong, however, had a very indomitable character. Thus, she was not afraid of such a degree of pain.


“Why did you help me? You could have actually taken more out of me, then you would have obtained more benefits for yourself.”

“Actually, I didn’t plan to give you the chance of attaining the Late Divine Transformation Realm once more. However, during that time, you have reached your limit and could no longer endure any more pain from my penetration while you were unconscious. You were on the verge of dying due to pain… If I thrust a few more times absorbing a little more Primordial Yin, you would have turned into a corpse by now.”

Ning Fan could not do anything about it. Yue Lingkong’s body was too young and undeveloped. She was a seven or eight years old little girl who had fainted due to the unbearable pain while he was a young man who became as strong as a dragon after cultivating the Yin Yang Transformation. Every time he plunged his ‘rod’ inside of her, it would make her feel so much pain that she wanted to end her own life.

After continuing the process of sexual intercourse for half a day, Ning Fan noticed that Yue Lingkong’s lips were already deathly pale. He knew that she would certainly die if he kept on plucking her.

Therefore, he stopped and helped her to direct her immortal veins and absorbed her excess magic power, allowing her to regain her Late Divine Transformation Realm cultivation level in the end.

It was not because Ning Fan had suddenly become a benevolent man. As the saying goes, going beyond the limit is as bad as falling short. If he forcibly continued to pluck her, the only outcome for her would be death. If that happened, he would not be able to pluck a single unit of magic power.

On the other hand, by keeping her alive, he could use her help in guiding him to the Divine Space Island. Furthermore, since he had planted the Demon Seal within her, she might become an excellent fighter for him once she regains her power.

After considering these factors, only then did Ning Fan decided to save her.

Yue Lingkong knitted her brows together, feeling that she could not entirely see through Ning Fan’s personality.

Although she knew the reason Ning Fan saved her was because he had his own interest in mind, she still owed Ning Fan a favor at the end of the day since saving her was not part of the agreement.

When she looked at her robes which were torn into pieces and the fingerprints and love bites on her tender skin, she was filled with a slight annoyance.

Then, when she recalled that she was planted with a Demon Seal by Ning Fan which she could not break free unless she breaks through to the Void Refinement Realm, her heart was filled with more unhappiness.

All in all, the feelings that the current Yue Lingkong had for Ning Fan was extremely complicated. Even though she did not have any favorable feelings towards him, her killing intent had diminished a lot.

Originally, she planned on killing this stinky cucumber that tarnished her purity after advancing to the Void Refinement Realm.

But now, she slightly changed her mind.

After breaking free from the Demon Seal, I think I’ll just let this brat live and lock him up for the rest of his life. Hmm. I suppose I shall just lock him up in the Divine Space Island and it’ll be good enough.

“You might have helped me now, but when the day I break free from your Demon Seal comes, you will regret it…”

Yue Lingkong coldly uttered and immediately increased the distance between her and Ning Fan for a few zhang*. She sat in a meditative pose on a grass field by herself and began to stabilize the cultivation level which she had regained.

As for Ning Fan, he could feel that Yue Lingkong’s killing intent had eased from her tone..

“I did not help you for nothing. It’s because I don’t think you are able to break free from my control. In my eyes, you are just an excellent fighter. Therefore, it’s beneficial to me for you to recover your power. Mm. As a fighter, you are outstanding. As a cauldron, there isn’t any fun at all when practicing dual-cultivation with you…”


Yue Lingkong’s face was filled with anger and embarrassment. In the past, her appearance and figure were considered to be among the greatest in the entire Internal Endless Sea. Countless experts who tried to seek pleasure from her had been chased off disdainfully by her.

Now, she had fallen so low and became a girl who did not have buttocks or breasts. However, the worst part was that after being taken advantage of by Ning Fan from the dual-cultivation they had, she was given a bad assessment by the latter. It truly made her feel extremely awful about herself.

“Just wait until the day when I regain my body and power. When that day comes, I will surely imprison you in the Divine Space Island. If I have nothing to do, then I’ll f**k you until you can’t no more! I’ll let you see whether practicing dual-cultivation with me is really that boring or not!”

After his magic power completely stabilized at 4210 units, Ning Fan gave Yue Lingkong a storage pouch. It contained some garments for women, pills and magical treasures.

Yue Lingkong would of course keep every single thing she was given without any protest. Immediately, she changed into a yellow traditional chinese female attire which was made of silk. After dressing up herself up, her outward appearance became as delicate as a doll.

Ning Fan offered to help her massage her bottom part in order to invigorate the circulation of blood. However, she rejected his offer without any hesitation. The reason was because she no longer wanted her bottom parts to be touched by Ning Fan again.

As such, Ning Fan continued to cultivate in the Yuan Yao World with a relaxed mood. With the control of his Demon Seal and the guarantee of his power, he was not afraid that Yue Lingkong would betray him.

Firstly, I shall deal with the loot I got from the fight.

The Freesia Ice which was ranked 8th among the twelve Heavenly Cold Qi, the Extreme Eastern Wind which was ranked 6th among the twelve Heavenly Cold Qi and the Imperial Dark Snow which was ranked 4th among the twelve Heavenly Cold Qi. There were a total of three types of Heavenly Cold Qi currently in his possession. Among the Fifth Grade Cold Qi, they could be regarded as rare items. The Demon Generals from the Upper World had powerful influences and backgrounds. Therefore, it would not be difficult for them to obtain such rare items. If Ning Fan had to search and gather them all by himself, it would probably be rather hard.

When Yue Lingkong caught sight of the three types of cold qi which were taken out in a row, she felt great surprise.

“You have three types of Heavenly Cold Qi?! Even I have only managed to gather two types… Now, they all belong to my second primordial spirit.”

“Oh? Really…” Ning Fan’s eyes flashed with interest.

So it meant that there might be an extra reward of two types of cold qi by heading to the Divine Space Island?

With his current cultivation level, he was already able to completely absorb the tremendous demon power contained within the Fifth Grade cold qi after refining them. Yes, it was not a mistake. It was demon power.

After being possessed by Wang Xiao and Zou Teng for a long period of time, these three types of cold qi would of course containing demon power and not magic power.

One month later, Ning Fan had fully assimilated the three types of cold qi, improving his demon power to 18450 units.

Adding up the Bone Prison Qi and the Pine Cold Essence, he now had five types of cold qi in his hands. However, he only possessed three types of Earth Flames. Hence, the Yin Yang Flames which constituted ice and flames within his body had gone slightly off balance.

After keeping track of the loot he obtained, what he was going to do next was to consume the Profound Liquid of Mother Earth.

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