Grasping Evil - Chapter 305.2

Mu Nan’s body suddenly disappeared. In a stream of smoke which Feng Han found difficult to notice clearly, Mu Nan immediately emerged in front of him and reached out his large hand, clutching his head.

This strike was a strike that contained Mu Nan’s rage. As such, its destructive power was of course not something that should be underestimated.

That speed of his hand was too fast, making Feng Han who had already suffered grievous injuries unable to avoid it at all.

“I’ll die!”

Feng Han’s eyes displayed a hint of regret. No. He was not afraid of dying. He just detested that as a demon general, he was not able to die in a battlefield but in the hands of a weak underling instead.

However, before his hand could even touch Feng Han’s head, his movement came to a sudden pause and his face was filled with shock.

Somewhere far away in the north, a ray of golden line with a long golden-fiery trail was dashing straight towards them.

The golden ray had caused the sea water beneath it to boil and churn. However, what was strange about it was that the continuous flow of purple cold qi being emitted by the chariot froze the sea water after it boiled.

In that bizarre scene where the sea water boiled and froze at the same time, the Golden Flame Chariot rushed towards the city.

Mu Nan and the other three Mid Divine Transformation Realm experts were astonished while noticing the abnormal phenomenon and immediately uttered with a cold menacing tone.

“You! Stop right there!”

However, that golden chariot was too dazzling. Its momentum was too domineering. It showed no signs of stopping at all.

The only response they got was a blood-curdling voice which echoed out from the chariot.

“Anyone who blocks my path shall die!”

As if a ray of golden light, like a scorching sun that had exploded, the Golden Flame Chariot literally crashed against the demon troops. However, any sea beasts which stood before the chariot were all trampled and turned into minced meat!

The force of the collision from the chariot alone was already not any weaker than a Mid Divine Transformation Realm expert’s strike!

“Stop that damn chariot!”

Mu Nan commanded. The other two Mid Divine Transformation Realm experts instantly took off and displayed their respective means to attack the golden chariot.

However, Feng Han and the other four captured generals did not initiate any attacks at the golden chariot. Instead, each of them hurriedly drove their respective chariots away and avoided it.

They knew who the person riding on the chariot was!

They knew Mid Divine Transformation Realm experts did not have the qualifications to block that chariot at all!

“Three Talents Sword Formation!”

Mu Nan and his two other comrades opened their mouths and disgorged a bone sword which emanated an extremely threatening qi.

Just as three rays of refined sword lights hit the golden chariot, they formed a formation diagram which was constructed with twelve layers of sword qi. Each layer was stacked together, creating a wall of formation light within the sea. After consecutively crashing through nine layers of them, only then did the golden chariot’s momentum diminish. However, Mu Nan and his comrades did not feel good as all of them suffered a heavy resistance force which caused their five internal organs to feel excruciating pain.

Three of their eyes widened with amazement. The momentum of the Golden Flame Chariot was incredibly ferocious. Twelve layers of sword formations were already enough to parry a Late Divine Transformation Realm expert’s strike. But this Golden Flame Chariot was able to break nine of them relying on just its momentum. In other words, if there was only one of them to block this chariot, he would definitely be put in a grievous state by it!

At this moment, they finally saw clearly the full appearance of the chariot.

They finally saw clearly the white-robed young man who emanated a tremendous Violent Qi with red light revolving around his body standing at the head of the chariot.

“He’s Lu Bei? Hmm? Why is the vice city lord, Qing Xuan, also on this chariot…”

While Mu Nan’s group was in the midst of hesitating, Qing Xuan had already turned into a green beam and rushed at one of them, piercing through his dantian without any hesitation.

The group of three were completely defenseless. They had never expected that Qing Xuan, who was their vice city lord would attack them. Although the person who was assaulted by Qing Xuan did not die immediately upon receiving the attack, his dantian was destroyed by that strike, causing his cultivation level to regress by a lot. In a flurry, he retreated and his eyes were filled with anger.

“Qing Xuan! You’ve betrayed the city lord! You traitor!”

“I don’t want to die! This time, it’s the city lord’s fault. He should not have offended Lu Bei. He should not have given the order to seize his Evil Cold Worm!” Qing Xuan’s eyes were determined and ferocious. He had decided to follow Ning Fan till the end. The only thing he regretted was that he did not manage to kill that person to show his loyalty to Ning Fan.

“A traitor shall be killed with no exception!” Mu Nan was greatly enraged. But at this moment, a stream of purple smoke flashed by. It was none other than Ning Fan. Instantaneously, he appeared before Mu Nan and placed his finger on his head.

The strength of his finger immediately caused the sea and mountains to collapse. The power he exerted was comparable to that of an expert who had Third Level of the Jade Life Body Refining Realm. Violently, he pressed against Mu Nan’s head, directly shattering the latter’s protective shield.

With just a finger, the mountains within the area of ten thousand li* (500m per li) crumbled. There was even a trace of void power encircling the tip of his finger which easily penetrated through Mu Nan’s body, breaking into his Sea of Consciousness.

“This power…is so strong…” At this very moment, Mu Nan finally recalled Feng Han’s words.

“You can kill him? Impossible! He won’t even need a single finger to kill you!”

Feng Han did not lie to him. This Lu Bei might be an Early Divine Transformation Realm cultivator, but his body’s strength was already more than enough to rival that of a Late Divine Transformation Realm expert’s!

“It’s no wonder Qing Xuan would choose betrayal… If I have the chance to beg for my life, I will also yield to…”

Before he could finish his words, he was already killed by Ning Fan, turning his physical body into blood mist.

Qing Xuan was stunned. He knew that the protective shield of Mu Nan’s body was not weak at all. At least, among the Mid Divine Transformation Realm experts, no one was able to destroy it as easily as this. If Ning Fan was able to finish Mu Nan off with just a finger, didn’t that mean that the power of his finger was comparable to that of a Late Divine Transformation Realm expert’s?

Upon seeing that scene, Feng Han revealed a look of exhilaration. The man he was looking at was the Lu Bei from Luo Yun, the person whom he had driven the chariot for!

“Spare no one!”

As Ning Fan uttered that command, Stone Warrior and the other spiritual puppets as well as the refined corpse spread into all directions in light beams and commenced a large-scale bloodshed. When the black dragon exposed its Half-Step Void Refinement Realm aura force, the remaining two Mid Divine Transformation Realm experts could not help but feel respectful and fearful towards him.

“Please have mercy on us, my Lord. I, Wu Ya (Wu Yun), am willing to follow your battle chariot to attack the Dragon City! I will never dare to betray you for the rest of my life!”

At this moment, the two of them did not even possess the courage to flee. Before this, they hated and even condemned Qing Xuan for his treacherous act. But when it was their turn to face it, only then did they realize how much courage one would require to face their death.

None of them was able to behave as heroic as Feng Han. None of them was brave enough to give up their lives for their honor as a demon general.

With a wave of his hand, Ning Fan planted two mental seals onto the generals. Afterwards, he pointed at the demon troops and ordered them with a commanding tone.

“Lead the way! Annihilate the Dragon City!”

In the Void Realm, Wei Xuan was establishing multiple layers of confusing formations, trying to delay the arrival of the outstanding beings from the Northern Heaven.

The matter in regards to the Star Palace had been reported by another deacon. As such, he had no choice but to resort to this method in order to slow them down. Luckily, the formation he established was just a maze of the Immortal Grade, not a formation for killing others.

Anyone who entered the maze by accident would not die. They would at most be temporarily trapped within the Void Realm.

“Ning Fan… This is the only thing that I can do for you…”

The formation was extremely complex. Usually, it was more than enough to entrap someone for six months.

However, what Wei Xuan had never expected was the appearance of three rainbow-colored rays which were travelling across the Void Realm in a hurry. Their speed was incredibly terrifying. Upon sensing their presence, Wei Xuan’s eyes widened with shock.

“A True Immortal at the ‘Shedding Void Stage’?! Why would such expert come to this place? Don’t tell me that that person is also after the Star of the Celestial Emperor! Besides, there are something that’s following her from behind. Don’t tell me… they are Realm Beasts?! It’s bad. I must hide. If I am seen placing formations here to plot against the outstanding beings from the Northern Heaven, I will definitely be in grave danger…I must flee!”

Wei Xuan took out a purple golden compass which helped one to traverse the Void Realm. In a flash, he directly teleported millions of li* (500m per li) away.

He might have run away, but the three shadows did not also remain.

The person in front was an angelic woman clad in a palace outfit. Her waist was extremely slim and she was well-endowed with ample bosom. Her face was shrouded with a veil, concealing her appearance. She wore a phoenix corona and a rainbow belt. Nothing on her body was not precious and rare. Every action she made was the complete representation of beauty, arousing amorous feelings within everyone who saw her. By looking at her presence, one would be able to tell that she must not have a lowly identity in the Four Heavens.

Her cultivation level was a little terrifying.

There were two ferocious beasts following behind her. Each of them was one hundred thousand zhang* big!

A ferocious beast with such strength would be sufficient to wipe out the nine worlds with ease!

“Detestable. I just want to sneak into the mortal world. Why would I be spotted by the Realm Beasts… Whatever. If I can obtain the Star of the Celestial Emperor, perhaps it would not be difficult to help Man Er to sever the scarlet dragon1 of her Gui Vein. She must have found it hard to deal with it all these years… Hmmph! If it isn’t because I have to seal my own cultivation level to conceal anyone from sensing my presence, I won’t have to be afraid of these beasts. Fine. The Star Palace should not be far from here. All it takes is just another teleportation… Ahhh!”

The beautiful woman suddenly let out a moan. Unprepared, she fell into the maze placed by Wei Xuan. All of a sudden, her countenance turned pale.

Just at this moment, the two Realm Beasts behind her let out howls together. Under the vibration of their howls, the woman’s cultivation level regressed in a shocking speed and her internal organs experienced a sharp pain.

“Detestable. How dare you mere Realm Beasts seal my cultivation level… You are courting death!”

“Speaking of which, who the hell established a maze here to trick others, causing me to suffer injuries. If I discover who it is, I will definitely use all the forces of my Lost World Palace which consists of hundreds of millions of cultivators to hunt down that person!”

Although that woman was cursing and complaining with her mouth, her eyes were filled with seriousness.

It was unknown whether she could have the chance to take revenge on that person who established the formations.

It was because being trapped in a maze and attacked by two Realm Beasts at the same time in her current condition was rather fraught with grim possibilities…


Translated by Tommy, edited by Roel


  1.   Scarlet dragon in the cultivation terms refers to a woman’s menses. From the physical aspect, one of the main differences between women and men is that the female’s essence comes from blood. Having menses will hinder the female cultivators to attain higher level in cultivation. Therefore, the first, important step for the female cultivators is to cut off their menses which is also known as “severing the scarlet dragon”. Because the color of the menses is red, the “scarlet dragon” is used to represent it.

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