Grasping Evil - Chapter 315.3

Ning Fan’s eyes flashed with seriousness. Outwardly, Zi Chuan might seem to have detonated himself and died in order to insert his blood and qi into the sword. However, to him, it seemed to have a hidden plan behind his action.

What Zi Chuan had planned was that once the sword was parried by Ning Fan, the blood and qi on it would then disperse, allowing Ning Fan to completely subdue this sword qi.

He does not seem to be truly sacrificing his life to display this final attack. Instead, it looks more like he is giving this sword qi to me as a present…

“I might have witnessed Zi Chuan’s death with my own eyes. However, judging from the words he uttered before his death and the way he presented the sword qi to me, perhaps this man hasn’t died yet. I’m afraid he has used some kind of means which is beyond my knowledge and escaped… However, he has eliminated all of his hostility within this final attack. What’s left within it is just a reciprocal battle intent. This is a challenge! If he really isn’t dead, then it would be an invitation from him to a duel once I ascend to the Four Heavens!”

Ning Fan frowned. He did not like keeping the roots while weeding. Currently, however, he was not able to do anything else other than parrying the incoming Mid Void Refinement Realm sword qi first.

“Inlaid Star Compass, appear!”

Placing his finger on his glabella, he produced a starlight compass. Within seconds, an abstruse diagram of a star formation spread out beneath his legs and thirty thousand star lamps emerged.

“Light up!”

All of his magic power was poured into the Inlaid Star Compass, kindling 5000 star lamps. That number of star lamps was enough to withstand a Half-Step Void Refinement Realm attack. Despite that, it was not enough!

“Soul Extraction!”

Ning Fan’s five fingers clawed at the star sea, displaying the technique of Soul Extraction.

The group of demons who had known that he was a cultivator who comprehended that technique were not surprised by him.

However, Yuan Yao was not one of them. Hence, she felt shocked once again.

This Divine Transformation Realm cultivator whom she still slightly underestimated had actually mastered the technique of Soul Extraction.

There is barely anyone who could compare with him with his exceptional talent!

After displaying that technique, Ning Fan’s magic power increased to the Late Divine Transformation Realm, causing 9999 of star lamps to light up.

With his teeth gritted, he suddenly performed a hand seal, making ten thousand star lamps to light up. Now, the star formation of the Inlaid Star Compass was sufficient to fend off a true Early Void Refinement Realm expert’s attack.

“Not enough! It’s still not enough!”

“In order to block this Mid Void Refinement Realm sword light, I must light up all thirty thousand star lamps!”

“If I can’t light up all of them with my magic power, then I shall borrow the power from crushing treasures to light them up!”

During the bloodsheds and massacres of the Star Sea, Ning Fan had obtained quite a number of treasures. Each and every one of the demon treasures were taken out and crushed.

One thousand pieces. Ten thousand pieces. One hundred thousand pieces. One million pieces…

All kinds of treasures ranging from Dan Realm to the Spirit Realm appeared but none of them remained intact!

As each of the remaining star lamps ignited, the power of the star formation rose gradually.

After destroying one million demon treasures, all of the thirty thousand star lamps lit up!

Thirty thousand lamps shining with silvery flames turned into countless layers of silver light barriers.

When the Mid Void Refinement Realm sword qi struck the star barriers, each of them crumbled with ease, making the star formation shook unsteadily.

However, for every one layer that was broken, the power of the sword qi would diminish slightly. As for Ning Fan, he was already in a state where he nearly completely exhausted his magic power.

Looking at the sword qi which had lost ninety percent of its power, Ning Fan turned his five fingers into a claw and clutched the sword light.

“Now, disintegrate!”

The sword light then dispersed. Afterwards, it congealed into a piece of sword crystal!

At this moment, the star island was filled with dead silence. At this moment, each of the sea beasts revealed a look of utter disbelief.

“The star lord has parried the Mid Void Refinement Realm sword qi! What is that treasure? Its defensive power is absolutely heaven-defying!”

Only Yuan Yao let out a gentle sigh, feeling relieved inwardly after that nerve-wracking scene.

Not only did she feel fortunate that Ning Fan managed to parry the sword light but also relieved that Zi Chuan did not die during the battle.

“Zi Chuan is an outcast of ‘that race’… Lu Bei, no matter how many outstanding beings you have killed in the Star Palace, I will have ways to help you conceal it However, only Zi Chuan’s death can’t be covered up if he were to die just now. However, you don’t have to worry. Even if you really kill Zi Chuan, there is still my Lost World Palace…”

Yuan Yao bitterly smiled.

“That’s all I can do for you… For the moment, let’s just consider it as my repayment to you for your generosity in protecting me.”

Within the Void Realm outside the Star Palace, innumerable experts were finding and trying every possible means they had to break free from the maze. Some of them had even attempted to destroy the Void Realm. Unfortunately, their actions were in vain in the end.

“F**k! Who is so wicked and immoral to set up a maze outside the Star Palace?! Shameless!” Someone was scolding incessantly. Naturally, no one knew Wei Xuan was the person behind this.

“F**k! Why are the members of the Purple Robe Palace so lucky? They got to the broken part of the maze just right and managed to tear the hollow space apart to enter the Star Palace… Hai… The people of the Purple Robe Palace really are lucky…”

“Eh? Look! What’s that purple light?!”

All of a sudden, a faint trace of purple-colored primordial spirit emerged within the maze. At the place where he appeared, there was a purple-colored straw man hiding within the Void Realm. As the trace of purple smoke appeared, the straw man immediately trembled and self-immolated even though there were not any flames.

Then, the purple primordial spirit gradually grew taller and stronger amidst the purple flames. Eventually, it grew into a purple-robed young man. That person was none other than Zi Chuan.

Just like what Ning Fan had expected, this man was still alive!

“Isn’t this man the Young Master Zi Chuan from the Purple Robe Palace? Didn’t he enter the Star Palace? Why has he come out now? Besides, why did he have such grievous injuries?!”

“It can’t be wrong! It’s the ‘Purple Grass’! Rumor has it that the strongest secret technique of the Purple Robe Palace is creating purple-robed straw men. They only need to attach a trace of their primordial spirits on the straw men and the straw men could substitute their real bodies when dying… It’s really unexpected that in the current generation, there is still someone in the Purple Robe Palace who knows how to create a purple-robed straw man!”

“Don’t tell me that the members of the Purple Robe Palace were wiped out after entering the Star Palace for just two hours! It can’t be! Apparently, there is only Zi Chuan who managed to escape alive.”

Each of the outstanding beings from the Four Heavens exclaimed in great surprise. Some of them began to feel fearful towards the mysterious Star Palace while some of them began to put up their guards. Of course, some of them took advantage of this opportunity to tease Zi Chuan.

Lin Su, from the White Devil Sect was one of the people who was joyfully teasing Zi Chuan.

This person had already attained the Late Divine Transformation Realm. After seeing that Zi Chuan had met with a crushing defeat, he immediately harbored the intention to assassinate him.

The current Zi Chuan seemed to be rather different than usual.

He no longer had that air of arrogance. Instead, he was filled with a great ambition to attain improvements more rapid quickly.

“Hehe. A mere Mid Divine Transformation Realm expert also dared to look for opportunities in the Star Palace? How was it? Apparently, everyone whom you have brought along with you has all died. So it doesn’t make any difference if one got into the Star Palace first. There’s nothing worth being proud of.” Lin Su jeered.

“Hmmph! If you and your members of the White Devil Sect enter the Star Sea and meet that person, all of you will only end up dead. Furthermore, you might not have a technique like mine which could allow you to save your life from that man. That person is the strongest person among all the proud sons of heaven I have ever met! You, Lin Su, only achieved the Late Divine Transformation Realm at the age of 1200 years old. In the White Devil Sect, you are just considered as a cultivator with average talent. However, in front of that person, you won’t even be able to put up a fight!”

“Hmmph! You sure know how to talk big! I actually am quite interested to know who the person who annihilate your entire group is.”

“His name is Lu Bei. However, you won’t look forward to meet him… He is strong, extremely strong. The strength I meant isn’t about his cultivation level but his Dao. His Dao contains a type of crazy stubbornness. For example, even if this man is just a mortal, he would even be daring enough to defy an Immortal Emperor… I could feel it from him!”

“A mortal defying an Immortal Emperor? Zi Chuan, don’t tell me that your brain has turned to mush after you have died just now. Is an Immortal Emperor someone a mortal can defy?”

“Hmmph! Lin Su! I won’t talk much with you. Let’s just fight and determine who is the victorious one during the inter-sect match between the Purple Robe Palace and the White Devil Sect in the future. However, I don’t think you will be able to stay alive until that day… It’s impossible that the White Devil Sect will stay above the Purple Robe Palace forever. If your White Devil Sect continues to act willfully and arbitrarily, someone would find out about the matter of the Black Devil Sect and seek revenge for it one day. When that day comes, perhaps it would be the day when the White Devil Sect is annihilated! Mark my words!”

Zi Chuan snorted and disappeared into the distance. As for the Star of the Celestial Emperor, he did not covet it any longer.

He knew that he had overly been dependent on external items and weapons. Before he officially faces Ning Fan in the next fight, he wanted to get rid of every external item by enhancing his own power and constantly perfecting his own skills!

“Lu Bei, I won’t lose to you next time!”

After Zi Chuan had left, Lin Su’s eyes flashed with cold light and resentfully complained towards the two Half-Step Void Refinement Realm experts beside him.

“My senior brothers, why didn’t they both of you seize the opportunity and kill that person?!”

“Zi Chuan can’t be killed!”

The two experts who were addressed as senior brothers were not at the same age group with Lin Su. The two of them had white hair with white whiskers. Their bone age had already exceeded four thousand years old.

“Why didn’t the both of you do it?! Give me a reason!”

“Rumor has it that Zi Chuan is an outcast of ‘that race’. Even if he is an outcast, based on the domineering attitude of that race, they would never allow anyone from its race to be harmed.”

“What?! He actually is… Hmmph. It’s no wonder his innate potential is slightly stronger than mine. After all, isn’t he just trash who depends on bloodlines?!”

Lin Su scornfully uttered. After that, his lips curved into a cold evil smile.

“The person who made Zi Chuan suffer a crushing defeat is an expert called Lu Bei… Lu Bei. I believe this person only knows about bullying weaklings like Zi Chuan. If he were to meet me, even if he is considered a proud son of heaven, he will also be trampled under my foot!”


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