Grasping Evil - Chapter 325.1

Wu Yan and Xi Ran had taken away all the medicinal ashes at the garden. Since the medicine had turned into ashes, they had of course run out of medicinal effect. Other than being useful for the Spirit King, they were basically useless items for other cultivators.

Ning Fan would without a doubt not seize the medicinal ashes. What he had set his eyes upon was the medicinal garden.

The spiritual soil of this place was enough to cultivate one million years old emperor’s medicine! In Ning Fan’s eyes, this spiritual soil was indeed a priceless treasure!



The female corpse pulled Ning Fan to a corner and waved her bare hands with a pleading look.

She wanted Ning Fan to take that green stone away because it stored the most beautiful memories she had in her previous life.

After her spiritual intelligence slightly improved, she understood that in order to ask Ning Fan to do something for her, she needed to give him something in return.

After hesitating and repeatedly pondering for a while, she eventually mustered her courage and stretched her legs, gently planting a kiss on Ning Fan’s face.


Feeling the ice-cold lips which came into contact on the skin of his face, Ning Fan did not know whether to laugh or cry.

“Silly girl. Fine. I will take this rock with us. I will also take this medicinal garden away too. In the future, you can sit on the green rock every day and do your embroidery of a pair of colorful butterflies. Will that be okay to you?”

“En…En…” The female corpse nodded her head repeatedly with a cheerful expression. The current her looked just like a five to six years old child.

Well, good or bad, her spiritual intelligence had improved to a level similar to that of a five to six years old child, wasn’t that great?

“So this is what they called ‘pampering’, huh…” Yuan Yao’s eyes flashed with contemplation.

Perhaps, to the female corpse, she could die without regrets for being able to find a man who would be willing to dote on her and protect her.

Ning Fan slapped his storage pouch and swept the entire area with the realm power. The dilapidated medicinal garden immediately disappeared and was kept into his Yuan Yao Jade.

He did not directly take out the Yuan Yao Jade in order to avoid being noticed by Yuan Yao which might cause more troubles to him.

Even so, Yuan Yao who had a keen eyesight still managed to realize that it was the realm power. With an astonished tone, she asked, “Realm power? Is that a treasure of the cosmos which has opened up a chiliocosm? It’s rather unexpected that you, a cultivator of the mortal world, would possess such a treasure. However, why do I feel that this realm power is rather familiar? Is it a misconception?”

Yuan Yao looked at Ning Fan as if she was seeking an answer. She had a feeling that the realm power of the treasure of the cosmos which Ning Fan possessed resembled that of the Yuan Yao Jade which she made herself.

“Mm. It’s indeed a misconception!”

Ning Fan gave her an innocent and harmless look. Well, of course, he was not going to display that Yuan Yao Jade in front of Yuan Yao.

He did not want to expose the grudges and the complicated relationship he had with Bei Xiaoman right before her sister.

About that matter, Yuan Yao was not going to get to the bottom of it as there were innumerable treasures of the cosmos in the world. It was not strange to occasionally find some treasures which shared a similar realm power.

“Originally, I was prepared to give you my Yuan Yao Jade to help you store the spiritual soil of this medicinal garden. Now, my intention seems to be unnecessary since you already have a treasure of the cosmos…” Yuan Yao let out a faint sigh and spoke.

“Oh really… I think it’s better that you keep your Yuan Yao Jade for the person you love.”

Ning Fan simply replied to her.

The Yuan Yao Jade which he seized from Bei Xiaoman was just an accidental trophy. However, if he takes the jade off from Yuan Yao’s finger, it would certainly be a token of attachment.

After all, the Yuan Yao Jade was a token of love for the four mistresses of the Lost World Palace to be given to the man whom they fell for. Ning Fan could tell that Yuan Yao was unwilling to have any ties with him. Therefore, he was not planning to take Yuan Yao’s love token just like that.

“The person I love? I don’t have any lover. I have none of them in the past and neither could I have any in the future…” Yuan Yao’s eyes looked calm and composed on the surface. However, under that veil that shrouded her face, she was nervously biting her lips.

It’s not that I am unable to love anyone… It’s just that… I can’t…

Silence gradually fell upon the area. After two hours, the quiet atmosphere was broken by a flash of silver moonlight which travelled straight at where they were residing.

Just as the light receded, a female girl who had the appearance of a seven to eight years old child emerged. Her face was delicate and pretty. Her eyes appeared to be rather cold and arrogant. She was none other than Yue Lingkong.

“Yue Er, you have returned? How was it? Did you encounter any danger? Have you managed to find out how many ways to get out of this ancient forest?”

“Pah! Stinky Cucumber! Who allowed you to call me ‘Yue Er’?!”

Yue Lingkong impatiently talked back to Ning Fan. However, after seeing that Ning Fan was concerned about her, her facial expression became slightly gentler.

“What kind of danger will I experience in this place? At most, there are just a few Wild Beasts which may pop out of nowhere. However, with my power and capabilities, I can beat them up until they are too scared to see me with just a few moves… As for the routes, based on my discovery, other than the path that we took to enter the forest, there are at least three more routes that could lead us out of this place… Of course, one of the three paths has traces of fighting. I suppose they were left by the three unlucky generals from the Thunder Water Tribe while they were fleeing for their lives. So which one should we take?”

Yue Lingkong passed a sketchy map of the ancient forest to Ning Fan with one of her hands while using the other to hold a light blue pearl. It was this pearl which helped her from being deluded by the illusion formation of this place.

The pearl gave out a thick, enshrouding light and it had the unique effect of warding off illusion formations. It was named the ‘Blue Spirit Bead’. Originally, it was a treasure bestowed upon Imperial Concubine Zi by the Spirit King. However, since it now belonged to Ning Fan, it was temporarily given to Yue Lingkong for her own use.

During the time when Wu Yan and Xi Ran were gathering the medicinal ashes, Yue Lingkong brought the bead along with her while exploring the possible paths in the forest.

“Three paths? Which one should we take? If we want to follow the wolf demon and obtain the key, we should take the path which the three generals had taken earlier.” Yuan Yao indifferently suggested.

“Sister Bei Yao is right. Besides, the nine Honorable Demon Generals are also on that path. If we join forces, it’s very likely that we would be able to seize that key!” Wu Yan continued.

“Brother Lu Bei, no matter which path you choose, I will certainly follow you. However, y-you must protect me and keep me away from being harmed…” Xi Ran sounded hesitant, as if she lacked the courage to follow through.

As soon as the words which the women uttered entered Ning Fan’s ears, they turned into contemplation.

Since the Key of the Star Palace had already turned into a chess piece of star power that fell into his hands, it was no longer necessary for him to confront Tan Lang for the key at all.

Well, the women were not aware of that matter. As such, all of them were contemplating which route to take and their target was to obtain the key. As for Ning Fan’s target, he was looking for the center of the Star Palace, the location where Lu Wu’s remnant soul was trapped.

Taking out the jade slip given by Lu Daochen, he pressed it against his glabella. All of a sudden, he furrowed his brows.

By looking at the map, in order to arrive at the place where Lu Wu’s remnant soul was sealed, there are no other options but to pass through the domain where Tan Lang is guarding.

“Fine. It seems like I am only left with one option…”

Ning Fan no longer spoke any words. With a slap on his storage pouch, he summoned the Golden Flame Chariot.

With a flick of his sleeve, he carried the women to the chariot. After performing a hand seal, the golden-fiery crystal chariot which was pulled by a black dragon turned into a ray of golden light and vanished into the dense forest in an instant.

Half a month later.


Translated by Tommy, edited by Roel


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