Grasping Evil - Chapter 349.2

“You mean.... ‘Revered Ming’- Zhou Ming!” Yun Niansu’s eyes widened but he then shook his head and chuckled. 

“According to rumors, Zhou Ming was able to eliminate a Divine Transformation Realm expert when he was still a Nascent Soul Realm cultivator. Now, he came back with a Divine Transformation Realm cultivation base, making his notoriety even more intense… However, in my eyes, his innate talent is just barely passable. He may be stronger than that Zhou Qing, but he does not deserve my attention…”

Yun Niansu did not take it seriously. However, just as his voice fell, his eyes were suddenly filled with surprise and he looked up into the sky.

He saw the Spirit Separation Grand Formation that blocked away the spiritual qi within this city’s heaven and earth nearly shatter by a trace of aura force unleashed from an expert who had just attained a breakthrough in his state of mind!

Before he recovered from the feeling of shock, a horse-drawn carriage slowly passed by the street. Yun Niansu’s eyes froze and his gaze fell on a young man dressed in white robes and draped with a black-feathered cloak in the carriage.

This aura force that nearly destroyed the Spirit Separation Grand Formation was doubtlessly released by that young man in that carriage!

“Who is that person?! I can’t see through his cultivation base! His state of mind is on the verge of achieving the Void Refinement Realm!”

“He is Zhou Ming!”

Wang Yun’s eyes widened with great surprise. The feeling of shock within him was not any weaker than Yun Niansu’s. In fact, he felt even more astonished than the latter!

Wang Yun had never thought that he would meet Ning Fan in Gusu City where cultivators usually come to restrain their hearts and comprehend a mortal’s life. Moreover, he had never even thought that Ning Fan’s aura could almost break his Heart of Dao even though his carriage just brushed past him!

“He’s countless times stronger than he was back then!” Wang Yun’s face wore a complicated expression. In the past, Ning Fan gave him a feeling that he was undefeatable. The current Ning Fan, however, made him feel that he did not even have the qualifications to stand beside him.

A moment ago, Yun Niansu was still showing an arrogant expression.

At this moment, however, even his breathing became chaotic.

He could not see through this Zhou Ming at all… As an expert whose innate talent was ranked second among the young generations of the Rain Palace, how could he be weaker than Ning Fan?!

Yun Niansu gradually calmed himself down and his eyes began to flash with a hint of battle intent.

“So he is Zhou Ming… I’ve never expected that there is such a person in the Endless Sea!”

In the carriage, Ning Fan’s state of mind slowly settled down but his eyes seemed like he had something in mind.

There seemed to be a familiar face on the street that this carriage passed by… It’s probably an illusion.

He did not use his spirit sense. In this mortal kingdom, he also did not want to achieve a breakthrough for his state of mind. 

Despite the fact that this was a golden opportunity to improve his state of mind and further stabilize his cultivation base which improved drastically in the past.

“Where are we going?” He asked but his arm was suddenly pulled by Xu Qiuling. After paying the coachman, they got down from the carriage and ran towards the place where the lights were the brightest and the night view was the most magnificent.

Along the way, they had lots of fun and they spent all the silver taels Wang Si gave. Even so, Xu Qiuling still remained in high spirit.

“Look! That is the Ruiyun Tower. All the fireworks are set off in front of that tower…”

Xu Qiuling pointed at a golden tower. There were many stalls under the tower and lots of traders were hawking a variety of fireworks.

After visiting several stalls, Xu Qiuling’s expression started to reveal a hint of disappointment.

“What’s wrong?” Ning Fan asked with concern.

“There were no seven-colored fireworks among those we saw just now…” Xu Qiuling seemed to be extremely fond of the seven-colored fireworks.

Just as her voice fell, a grey-haired old man at the most crowded stall purposely yelled as if he had heard her complaint. 

“Come and have a look! Under this Ruiyun Tower, anyone that plays a chess game with me will get a seven-colored firework as a prize for each game he or she wins… That little brother over there, do you want to play a game with me?”

The old man’s gaze landed on Ning Fan. At first glance, his instinct told him that Ning Fan was a terrifying person.

However, the old man was not afraid at all because he was a Late Nascent Soul Realm expert and he was proficient in the Dao of Chess and Formations.

“I will get a seven-colored firework by winning a single game?” Ning Fan smirked and walked towards the crowd with Xu Qiuling’s hand in his. He did not use any magic power, but he had an aura force that made the onlookers unconsciously make way for him.

“Don’t play chess with him! He’s Uncle Qi who is obsessed with chess. His chess skills are extremely profound and people can rarely beat him…

Xu Qiuling sounded a little worried. After speaking those words, she raised herself by tiptoeing and whispered to Ning Fan, “Uncle Qi is an expert with Middle Grade Divine Transformation Realm formation techniques… Dao of Formations and chess skills are interlinked. Thus, he is indeed very skillful in chess.”

“Really?” Ning Fan sounded as if it did not matter to him. He flicked his sleeve and sat on the verdant stone bench, looking squarely at the old man across the stone board.

“This old man is Qi Shu. My nickname is Chess Madman. This junior is rather unfamiliar. I haven’t seen you before. Playing chess for the sake of a beauty... You sure are a romantic man. However, let me make the rules clear beforehand. If you lose one match, you need to pay me 5 silver taels. If we end with a tie, you don’t have to pay anything. If you win one game, I will give you a bunch of fireworks… I wonder if this junior has enough money?”

Old Man Qi rubbed his hands with a smirk, believing that he could surely beat Ning Fan and treated him only as a fat sheep that was waiting to be butchered.

He was clearly a greedy old man without any proper demeanor of a Nascent Soul Realm expert.

“Do you have enough fireworks?” Ning Fan gave him a smile in return.


The onlookers were all in an uproar. They were mortals and they definitely could not see through how powerful Ning Fan was. They only knew that Old Man Qi had great chess skills and he could be considered as the best chess player in Gusu City. Now, an arrogant young man who appeared from nowhere was actually not afraid of Old Man Qi. To them, he was really a fearless young man, just like the sayings which goes: a newborn calf does not fear tigers.

No one there thought that Ning Fan would be able to win the game.

But an hour later, everyone widened their eyes so big that their eyeballs nearly fell to the ground.

Within just an hour, Ning Fan had twelve consecutive games with Old Man Qi and he won all twelve of them!

After taking away twelve bamboo tubes of fireworks, Ning Fan held Xu Qiuling’s hand and indifferently walked out of the crowd.

Beating a cultivator with mere Mid-Grade Divine Transformation Realm formation techniques was just a trivial matter to Ning Fan.

“Young Master Zhou, I never knew you were so good at chess. You really are good at concealing your potential…”

Xu Qiuling opened her mouth slightly. The Ning Fan she knew was only profound in pill refinement techniques and had a high cultivation base. However, she had never expected that he also had an extraordinary talent in formation techniques. Otherwise, there was no way for him to beat Old Man Qi with ease.

“Where do you want to go next?”

“No, it’s already enough… Let’s go set off these fireworks then…”

Xu Qiuling’s face suddenly flushed.

She bought some red candles and wine.

She set the sail of her brightly-painted boat and lit up some red candles. They placed twelve bundles of fireworks on the riverbank while she sat on the boat with Ning Fan, slowly drifting through the river of the city.

She took a light sip on the wine and played her qin in intoxication. She was trying to relieve Ning Fan from his tiredness that was accumulated from countless killings using the melody of her qin.

“On the 7th of July in the Eternal Life Palace, during the midnight where no one whispers… Young Master Zhou, a good night is bitterly short. With me by your side, you can put down your guard and take a good rest…”

The words which Xu Qiuling said were also uttered by Lu Wan’er in the past.

“Are you going to sleep with me?” Ning Fan said jokingly while drinking a jug of wine

“If you dare… then I won’t cower! Umph!”

This time, Xu Qiuling directly fell into Ning Fan’s arms and pressed her lips against Ning Fan’s.

“I really dare…”

Her eyes seemed to be telling Ning Fan her intentions.

Their ears were filled with the murmuring of the river and the ringing of the bells from the Chilly Mountain Temple from time to time.

Below them was the swaying boat. They sailed across the Su River, out of the island and towards the vast sea. Under the camouflage effect of the Treasure of Immortal’s Abode, no one was able to discover the presence of the boat.

“Umph… umph…”

The kiss was deliberately offered by Xu Qiuling. But when she wanted to withdraw her fragrant lips, it was already too late because she had successfully aroused Ning Fan’s flames of lust.

Even Xu Qiuling admired her own courage as this was her first kiss. Her face was filled with shock and shyness when their lips met. She felt like her entire body had softened, as if it was going to melt in Ning Fan’s embrace.

Her soft bosom could not stop moving up and down as she breathed heavily. A tingling sensation rose within her and spread throughout her body.

She was gradually out of breath and wanted to leave Ning Fan’s lips to gasp for air. However, Ning Fan hugged her even tighter in his arms, greedily savoring the fragrance of her lips.

All mortals have seven emotions and six sensory pleasures. Since he had a chance to live like a mortal now, Ning Fan would definitely not suppress his desire with his Yin Yang Transformation anymore.

“How could you-… Mmm…”

Xu Qiuling’s vision was gradually becoming blurry. Even though she was bold, she had never imagined that her tongue would be gracelessly fondled by a man like this.

She gently placed her bare hands on Ning Fan’s chest, gently pushing him away. However, she was still unable to stop him and she then slowly gave in, allowing Ning Fan to take pleasure in her tongue while giving her a wonderful experience with her first kiss.

From time to time, Xu Qiuling’s little cute nose would let out a soft moan which would make one blush in embarrassment. When she felt that the buttons on her thin robes were crudely unbuttoned, her gasps started to be filled with a hint of nervousness.

“No, Young Master Zhou, you can’t… Ahh…”

Xu Qiuling immediately felt a large palm undoing the buttons and slid beneath her thin shirt, rubbing her across the tube top.

Her ample bosoms were soft and flexible. The wonderful feeling that one would feel by touching them cannot be described with words.

Xu Qiuling closed her moist bright eyes in shyness, surrendering herself completely to Ning Fan.

This Gusu City was the place where she and Ning Fan got married.

This brightly-painted boat was their bridal chamber which was normally decorated with colorful candles and red veils.

Ning Fan looked at Xu Qiuling with his half-drunken eyes. They were filled with love and affection.

All of a sudden, he saw Xu Qiuling transform into an orchid flower, a jet-black orchid flower which he had seen before.

It was too fragrant. Every part of her skin emanated a scent that ordinary virgins could not compare.

Suppress her! Possess her!

His palms glided through every part of her body. His tongue licked through every inch of her body.

When that hot rod penetrated her insides, a holy and pure red fluid drenched her robe, refreshing the night of Gusu.

Tears of pain welled up in her eyes as she placed her arms around Ning Fan, tightly hugging him.

She was willing to give her everything as long as she could keep this butterfly in her current life…

As Ning Fan thrust quicker and quicker inside her, her tender moans became even more mesmerizing.


Translated by Tommy, edited by Roel


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