Grasping Evil - Chapter 356.3

“Elder Feng, we earnestly and sincerely want to offer marriage proposals to Suqiu Xianzi1. It will be a joyful matter no matter which one of us you betroth to her. However, why do you have to reveal such an awkward expression?!”

The two young men thought that the reason why the old woman would put on a ghastly expression was certainly because she did not agree with Yin Suqiu’s marriage to either one of them.

If this old woman was just an ordinary person, the two of them might not have behaved so courteously.

But this old woman was no ordinary person as she was the Divine Transformation Realm old ancestor of Bi Yao Sect - Elder Feng.

Even if she refused to betroth Yin Suqiu to any of them, both of them would never dare to hold a grudge against her.

After obtaining the inheritance of the deceased Divine Transformation Realm old ancestor of Bi Yao Sect, the current Yin Suqiu had already attained the Half-Step Divine Transformation Realm. The day for her to break through to the Divine Transformation Realm would not be far away.

Anyone with a discerning eye could see that Yin Suqiu’s future would be a smooth journey. If any genius from whichever sect manages to marry her, it will definitely be equivalent to bringing back a Divine Transformation Realm expert.

Even though there were rumors saying that Yin Suqiu was Zhou Ming’s woman, no one had witnessed this matter with their own eyes before. Besides, Yin Suqiu’s virginity was still intact. As such, the rumors were squashed themselves.

If Yin Suqiu were Zhou Ming’s woman, wouldn’t he pluck her based on how lustful he was?

“Don’t worry, you two. The reason why I put on such a bad look on my face is not because I oppose Suqiu’s marriage. It’s just because of some other incident … Fine. I will think about that matter later. I don’t believe the person will be dead…”

Elder Feng shook her head. Her gaze fell on Su Yao and Yin Suqiu and her eyes turned serious.

“Suqiu, you have to understand that as a cultivator of the righteous path, everything you do must be for the interest of everyone. Both Young Master Lu and Young Master Liu are excellent talented cultivators of the External Endless Sea. Even though their current cultivation bases are not as good as yours, it won’t be difficult for them to attain the Divine Transformation Realm after a thousand years with their talent. If you marry any one of them, it will be something to be praised far and wide.”

“If you marry Liu Zong, our Bi Yao Sect will be united with the Ice Spirit Sect as one. If you marry Lu An, our Bi Yao Sect will then combine with the Green Cloud Sword Sect. Either of them will deepen our Bi Yao Sect’s foundation. Elder Xue’s death has made our Bi Yao Sect’s status unstable. Many devil cultivators are beginning to prey on our sect and intend to abduct our members.”

“If you marry either of them, the status of Bi Yao Sect will be strengthened and no one will dare to sneak a glance at our disciples. Suqiu, for the safety of all female cultivators of the sect, would you please marry one of them?”

A sense of struggle surfaced in Suqiu’s eyes. If it was in the past, she might obey and be willing to do so.

She was willing to uphold the path of righteousness. However, at some point, a figure occupied her whole heart. This figure was more important than her Dao of Cultivation.

She made a gentle step forward, closed her beautiful eyes and made a rueful smile.

“No, I won’t…”

It was still the same tone she used in the past - the determined tone she used to reject Yun Kuang in the land of Great Jin. 

She was not willing to and she meant it.

If Yin Suqiu were to be given a choice, she would only be willing to marry one person. That person did not mind her being a troublemaker. That person did not care about his own life and broke into a group of ten thousand human sharks amidst the sea of blood to rescue her and protect her from certain death.

“Suqiu! How can you be so willful? You really disappoint me!” Elder Feng’s eyes narrowed coldly. Meanwhile, an Early Nascent Soul Realm young lady standing behind her sneered mockingly.

“If you’re unwilling to marry, then hand over the magic power inheritance from Elder Xue!” That young girl was Elder Feng’s descendant, Feng Zhen.

She was the one who spread the rumor claiming that Suqiu was Zhou Ming’s woman, making Suqiu not dare to step out of the sect rashly.

She was the one who was covetously eyeing the magic power inheritance that Suqiu obtained from Elder Xue.

“Yin Suqiu, there are only two choices for you. To abandon your cultivation base and strength and give up the inheritance or… marry either Liu Zong or Lu An!”

Feng Zhen’s words made Su Yao’s face seethe with rage.

“Sister Suqiu has made countless contributions to our Bi Yao Sect over these years. How could you force her to abandon her cultivation base! If she gives up her cultivation base, she has at least 90% chances of dying due to the uniqueness of the inheritance she obtained! Feng Zhen, what intentions do you have? How could you be so presumptuous!”

“Humph! Would you like to have a choice too? Very well. Since we have two young masters and only one of them can marry Suqiu, the remaining one will marry you. Does it sound great to you?! Then, our Bi Yao Sect can establish diplomatic relations with the Ice Spirit Sect and the Green Cloud Sword Sect at the same time!”

Feng Zhen looked pleased with herself. Right from the beginning, she also included Su Yao in her plot.

After getting rid of Su Yao and Yin Suqiu and seizing the inheritance of magic power from the latter, she would certainly be the next sect master of Bi Yao Sect. Moreover, she would have the hope of attaining the Divine Transformation Realm in her current life!

Unexpectedly, Elder Feng seemed to have been tempted by her words. Elder Feng inwardly thought that what Feng Zhen said really made sense.

We might as well let Su Yao marry too. Then, we can establish relationships with two great sects at the same time. It’s indeed a wonderful thing!

“Y-You!” Su Yao was so infuriated that she could not think of anything to say.

She suddenly thought that claiming herself to be a righteous cultivator and giving her best to her sect was just a foolish act.

Once a conflict of interest arose, the sect actually sold her without a second thought… 

“Sister Su Yao, you may step back… This matter occured because of me. You shouldn’t get involved in this…”

Yin Suqiu darted a cold glance at Feng Zhen. She was not going to allow her to scheme against her sister.

A hint of disappointment flashed across her eyes.

Righteousness and justice… If there is no justice to uphold, what’s the point of claiming oneself to be a cultivator of the righteous Dao…?

Is there any justice in this Bi Yao Sect?

“Yin Suqiu, what is your choice?!” Feng Zhen asked with a smirk, feeling extremely pleased with herself.

“I am willing to… abandon my cultivation base!”

As soon as she spoke, everyone in the hall lost their composure.

“Inheritance? I don’t mind. Cultivation base? I don’t care about it either. If the Dao of Righteousness does not exist, what’s the point of protecting it? The Righteous Dao in my heart has already left with him, hasn’t it…?”

“I won’t marry. Even if I have to abandon my cultivation base, I won’t betray him!”

Elder Feng was surprised since she never expected that Yin Suqiu would say such words.

Forcing Yin Suqiu to abandon her cultivation base was not her original intention!

“Suqiu! Why don’t you marry?! Don’t tell me that you’re really Devil Lord Zhou Ming’s woman!” Elder Feng asked in a doubtful tone.

On the other hand, Feng Zhen was inwardly pleased. Every move that Suqiu made was within her plan.

Yin Suqiu lifted her palm and slowly rested it on her forehead, revealing a sorrowful smile.

She still did not admit her relationship with Ning Fan even in the end.

Perhaps with the influence of Ning Fan’s prestigious reputation, even Elder Feng might not dare to compel her to make such a choice.

But Yin Suqiu did not want to owe Ning Fan anymore. She owed him too many favors and was unable to pay back all of them… 

“I’m not Zhou Ming’s woman because a woman like me is not qualified to be his woman at all…”

“I will only trouble him and make him suffer… If it wasn’t not for me, he would not have offended the Demon Sealing Sect and neither would he be pursued by others who purposely set up an alliance to kill him…”

“I’m sorry for him…”

Yin Suqiu fought back her tears. Once she presses her palm, her cultivation base will be taken away with a ninety percent chance of dying.

However, she was not afraid of dying or losing her cultivation base.

She was only afraid that she could not see that person again… 

A picture vaguely appeared before her eyes. On that day, Ning Fan had just come out of the Demon Sinister Forest and he was the most prominent Harmonious Spirit Realm cultivator of the Sparrow Sinister Sect.

During that time, she was still a high and lofty old ancestor of the Yue Country. Whenever she looked at Ning Fan, she could not help but make a pleasant smile.

During that time, she had never expected that a Harmonious Spirit Realm junior would become the most important person in her life one day…

“Ning Fan…”

She muttered to herself, speaking a person’s name which no one at the hall knew about.

Then, she pressed her palm against her forehead!

Right at this moment, the land and mountains began to shake outside of the Bi Yao Sect!

A few panic-stricken Gold Core Realm female cultivators ran into the hall in a hurry and reported the incident.

“El-Elder Feng! Something terrible is happening! T-There is a giant carrying an island on his shoulder coming towards our island! He also has an enormous sea snake under his control!”

“If this subordinate did not see wrongly, the Wild Beast is the terrifying beast of the Profound Virtue Sect – Sea Suppressing Hades!”


Elder Feng slammed her hand onto the tables beside her, breaking them in an instant. Her face changed drastically.

“What?! The Sea Suppressing Hades?!”

“Don’t tell me Liu Xuan has really died! Could this giant be the one who killed him?!”

“Stop him! We must activate the grand formation and not definitely let him enter within ten thousand li* of the island!”

Yin Suqiu’s heart jolted with surprise.

She could feel that an aura that she had been longing day and night was coming towards the Bi Yao Sect.

It’s him!


Translated by Tommy, edited by Roel


  1. Just a reminder for the name.
    Suqiu Xianzi a.k.a Yin Suqiu.
    The word ‘Xianzi’ (仙子) is actually means fairy or a female celestial being.

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